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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Oct 2022 the wind blows where it will Here is a catholic prayer they are now teaching in catholic schools:

Lord, may my enemies and oppressors have extremely bad gas in hell. Gas so bad the large intestine swells 7 times its normal size. And the gas should be highly flamable, burning even the inside of the blow hole. The large intestine refilling in seconds only to forcefully blast flames out their bum, leaving them howling in pain. Every 10,000 years let the farts blast even hotter. And faster. May they burn all in their bottom, up inside their intestines with hell fire and habaneros. Burning inside out. Right out their bum bum. And wet farts will be molten lava.
06 Oct 2022 ͯ i have committed multiple vehicular manslaughter in several reisdences and im proud of doing it
05 Oct 2022 Henry Cool, professional leech & waste of space. . Ok, first, and this is waz up waz up, you gotsta join the cool kids club. Its easy. I am actually the founder, and owner of the club. The original cool kid. Heres how you join, and how I started this club. So its late evening. Not quite bed time yet. The fams in the den kick a relaxed laid back vibe. You already have on your comfy attire. No socks. You reach down a pick under your pinky toe nail, so you can really lift up and back... And lets pause here. Having done this a few times, lift up, and back. And do so quickly. It hurts less, and do not stop. Rip that pinky toe nail right off. Its surprizingly not as painful as it sounds. But, it does still hurt enough for you to go ahh ! And everyone knows something is wrong. In about two seconds maybe as much as twelve, blood will begin to stream out. Its ok. But urgently request a napkin, or towel or gauze, and say, i ripped out my toe nail and i will bleed all over the house. Help help. Eventually someone will enquire about, and you smile and say i wanted to join the cool kids club, you can join too! We can even video it and post all over the worldwidewebs. And listen i do not endorse suicide, but before you do if you are going to join the cool kids club! I do endorse janking pinky toe nails. But once you join, you may not want to kill yourself. Many people find the one ness with all other members out there, and they have an entirely new view of life. Now, as a member, you can wait around for your toe nails to grow back. If thats not a good enough reason to live ... Then wtf you want? Stop watching fairy tales and tv. Just get a real life. With real blood flowing out your pinky toe nail bed.

03 Oct 2022 Jeffrey L. Dahmer firts of all u start murdering people and eating them and then u let one escape and then he tells the cops (btw be gay and go to gay bars) bnext u get arreatsted and then u go to jail and get 900 years and then all of a sudden u get hit in the back of a head with a metal rod👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 (btw stikc ur penis into a beehive)
03 Sep 2022 shinver Masturbate as much as you can, untill ur dick or pussy bleed all over your bed
30 Aug 2022 asdiojasdoijasd if you suck too much dick you die
22 Aug 2022 Selma Prayer 2 be 2 much of a bad cunty ass bitchhhh
22 Aug 2022 3 8 billion people in the world today. Average time a human goes pee pee is 6-8 but 10-12 is not unheard of. With the average number being 2000, as in 2000ml per pee pee. Do the math. This is enough piss to have a river. And this does not include all the animals, this is just humans. So, in 365 days, some people refer to this as a year, that is daily a river of piss. Just going into our lakes and rivers, seeping in to the eart5hs crust.
17 Aug 2022 Nipson Hard In last weeks episode, it was my birthday and they baked me a carrot cake with some icing that was lifechanging. They comically forgot to inform me that they put habaneros in the batter. So my fourth bite in and the uncontrollable tears pour, snot bubbles bubbling, and a chemical war being waged in my mouth. The episode ended late that evening with me being burned the second time... While on the toilet before bed.
This weeks episode will explore the dangers of arse hair, and spontaneous combustion. And remember, only you can prevent wildfire, and the last thing we need is a flaming ass, poping off farts so big. Be like a stanky flame thrower.
10 Aug 2022 truth It should be fairly easy to get a wu-flu "vax-EEns"
After that just wait for heart inflamation, heart go boom. Or it will give you cancer. Or the prions will give you dementia and turn your brain into banana pudding.
And lets not forget. They said it was 95% effective. They never said what it was 95% effective at. Its obviously not you wont get sick. Like every other vaxEENs. Really its 95% effective at killing 95% of the people who took it. For science and shit. Welcome to the new age of biological warfare. Genocide. Next up, ww3? Just may very well be. But for sure get ready to be hungry, because they want to starve the world into submission.
So no need to kill yourself. The party is about to begin.
09 Aug 2022 #dontbeafag All the fudge packers are coming out the closet since Putin released monkeypox on the world. And when they do come out the closet with all those bumps, bleeding, oozing infectious nastiness... Lets just break their knees with a tire iron. Every time you hit those knees and crush bone yell loudly, monkey pox. Whamo, monkey pox.
04 Aug 2022 imnotracist to be robbed by a black man
02 Aug 2022 improv comedy night w/popcorn Call around to hardware stores, auto part stores, plumbing supply stores. Ask if they have long zip-ties. Get zipties to your room. Loop them and put around your neck, and cinch it down super tight, so you cant breathe. Then go running around in the living room and watch the panic once they realize you have zip-ties on your neck. And do it when your siblings friends are over. Post tramatize stress their kids out too. They all get to see you turn red, blue, pale, and struggle for air. They will cry a river of tears in your memory. A memory of only a short moment, but the echos of the screams will last a lifetime. However short that may be.
01 Aug 2022 lox get stick at your ass
25 Jul 2022 ⁴⁷t⁶⁶ The best way will depend on the individual. For example, someone who likes sushi, they would fly to Tokyo, eat the finest sushi that can be found worldwide, and very possibly get drunk on some rice wine. Then jam some chop sicks thru your eyes and into your brain. But not everyone like sushi. Some are repulsed. So maybe you like a blended/puree fruit drink all the ignorant ass yuppies call "smoothies". Smh, a global generation of pansy asses who think they are so smart compared to everyone else to ever walk the earth. Yeah, so the best way for someone who likes puree fruit drinks is to get run over by a log truck loaded down and Get turned into a "smoothie".
22 Jul 2022 Noah Take your friend on a walk to the bridge or waterfall damp, once their distracted go over the railing with a huge rock you left there last night, once they see you over the railing, you jump off
05 Jul 2022 k3damon0 cut your nails short until it bleeds and let the infection make its way into your brain
28 Jun 2022 play stupid games, win stupid prizes How to play slit poker. Everyone gets a razor. Now play poker. When you loose a hand you have to make one slit in your wrists. Last one still playing, and pumping blood to their brain wins. Or looses. Depending on players goals.
26 Jun 2022 inmate 978623-01 Watch a few you toobz on starting and driving a motorcycle. Steal a motorcycle. Pop a wheelie right in front of a policeman. When they turn on the siren so you can pull over, flip them the bird, and see how fast the bike will go, right before you cross over into the other lane, into oncoming traffic, right infront of you is a log truck. Loaded down. You will splat like a bug on a windshield. Or you could crash into your local police department.
14 Jun 2022 the big dawg masterbate more than 63 times and you will die from exhaution

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