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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Mar 2023 вы пидоры хватит портить психику людям пидоры банные
25 Mar 2023 sofia 4 packs of xanax and BOOM! you are dead.
24 Mar 2023 елка я я думаю типа просто эм съешь говно,ты его съешь и желудок ахуетт что типа говно в желудке а не в унитази потомучто гавно это еда туалета а не человека...просто съешь гавно..................................
18 Mar 2023 a jar of pickled pig pussies and fingers. I recently read a book. Its called around the labia in 80 days. Every day you pierce your labia, and at the end there are 80 piercings. Just dont keep a ring in it so in 80 days the piercing heals, and you can pierce it over and over. Everyday. For the rest of your life.
16 Mar 2023 i never had a name before. Oh woe is me. For i have stumped my little toe. 98.9% sure its broken. Oh yeah, all doubt gone now it is broken. I can barely walk it hurts so bad. You are going to have to carry me everywhere or kiss it and make it better. I do have a busy schedule too. I probably would need assistance getting in and out of the shower also. I could slip and fall and break my neck or my forearm bones but they poke out and plunge into my vital organs. Shower slips can be very bad. And if you took advantage of me during shower time, that would be ok.
09 Mar 2023 MateraNn Я ебу стул
07 Mar 2023 sam walt eat ur mommmas pussy fat boy
01 Mar 2023 билл гейтс сначала берем железное ведро, надеваем его себе на голову. потом берем молоток и очень много раз бьем по ведру. РЕЗУЛЬТАТ ШОКИРУЕТ
27 Feb 2023 хуеплет 441 1.скачать доту
2.послать мать нахуй
3.получить пизды
4.пикнуть сфа так как жизнь говно
5.закрыть доту
6.сесть дрочить на еву элфи
7.умереть от передоза от ростишки с печенками
26 Feb 2023 swollen seminal applicator. Watch a fat girl shoving chocolate cake in and all over her face, and in between sobs she says do i look good now? After you see this you will never look at cake the same. You try to unsee it, and forget it but it never happens. Thats why i decied to make the worlds first sperm bank for plus sized women. Now you can have babies without a worthless sperm donor.
22 Feb 2023 лера выйди в поле летом в полнолуние,найди акконит или подобную ядовитую хуйню.съешь столько сколько в тебя влезет, потом смотри на солнце и иди вперед.смотри на солнце пока не ослепнешь ,не упадешь на колени и не начнешь умирать от жажды и яда.у людей нашедших твой труп будет масса вопросов
12 Feb 2023 professional bird watcher. My friend was videoing out the window of a jet when they were going on a family trip. I spoke to my friend on the phone when they were at the airport. 2 days later I was contacted by the coroners office of their destination. They wanted me to come and identify the bodies. So Got on a plane. Upon arrival they told me the plane malfunctioned during take off they crashed and died. It was my friend and his family. Since they were all dead they released their stuff to me. I just dumped it in my carry on bag and had to hurry to make my flight. Once I was seated I looked in my bag to see what I had. I found my friends cell phone. I checked it out. The plane began taking off. I found the last video. It showed the plane taking off. And these sea gulls flying right into the turbine jet engine. The video shows the crash and you can hear my friend screaming. And then it stops and the phone tumbles a little. And just then I look up and out the window. I see sea gulls flying right to the jet engine. This sucks.
08 Feb 2023 more earth shakes coming. I saw two policemen being chased by a bear that an animal rights activist released from the zoo. They shot it many times with their little nine mil popcap pistol but it just pissed the bear off and the intensity of chasing and eventually the mauling. The bear swatted the first policeman and shreds him badly. Once he was on the ground the bear repeatedly stomps his chest with both front paws. The result was a caved in chest cavity, squished vital organs as well as punctured by rib and sternum shards. The spine crushed. The other policeman had balls and jumped on the bears back. I doubt he had thoughts this thru. The bear ripped off his arm at the shoulder and bit his other hand off. Then it swatted his head and that part was a little gross. My stomach turned a little when I saw the head flatten and brains went everywhere. Then the bear ate them. I decided to go home and I remember thinking, what if the animals rights are more important than human lives guy let out a lion, or huge gorilla. They have all kinds of animals in the san diego zoo. I also decided to call the police dispatch and tell them pistols are not effective.
01 Feb 2023 happy ending massage and wax parlour There is simply nothing quite like a freshly waxed ass crack. So smooth. So soft. Totally frictionless as you walk or run. It feels so clean. So slick. Even when you fart it feels different. As the warm fart gas blasts you can feel the breeze slick right over the hairless valley. Total slick ass crack. Having said that ultimate best way is pour paint stripper down your freshly waxed ass crack rub a lot in each eye simultaneously. Then just drink the rest of the paint stripper. If you can swallow even one gulp that should kill you if you dont instantly vomit it all up, but I dont think you will vomit.
29 Jan 2023 ♥blowing ♥bloody♥ bubbles♥🧟 Prolly like eating a large jar of chili powder and when your tummy is all jacked up, the sheer force exerted upon the porcelain bowl, it shears into long jagged pieces and gravity pulls you down impaling you right in your bottom and privates up into your chili powder filled intestines. As you begin to loose conscious ness from blood loss the bowels errupt with chili diarrhea. Whoever finds you will have this sight and scent forever seared into their mind. They will have fears of going to the crapper. The trauma will warrant counseling and maybe medication. Every time they smell poop they will uncontrollably start crying and shaking. They may even develop wierder habits afterwards like pooping outside behind the shed. Fear of toilets. Running away screaming when some one farts.
29 Jan 2023 scout i dont want to be afraid anymore.
28 Jan 2023 лох нажрись таблеток нах и ебани сальтуху с крыши. Будет ахуенно
23 Jan 2023 inside your brain. 🧠👾😵 I was reading nooz artickles and what I read? A cargo fleet of space crafts were intercepted by a meteor shower while en route to deliver a 20 year supply of garlic bread sticks to a space station. The garlic bread sticks are tumbling thru space but caught in earths gravitational field. They will continue to orbit earth and sometime next month they will rain down, and the garlic breadstick shower should last about two days. The entire earth is going to get space man food raining down. Set out baskets once it starts and they will never touch dirt. We can even make it the first international holiday. We can call it sticks of bread day. This will be a day vampires and bakery shop owners will fear.
12 Jan 2023 wugs poo take a massive dump
11 Jan 2023 forgiver c I want marilyn manson so bad. i want any old dirtbag to stick me and give me something new. i want that pasty wife beater to be mine. i only want him. i NEED HIM!!! my first kiss will be covered in dark-nude lipstick with dead skin skills.

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