Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Apr 2024 An Angel Mouchette, you will never die. You are an artist. Your art will make you immortal.
31 Mar 2024 consuffiin kill your identity instead, be reborn and create a new one where you might be happier. You can always redo the process until you reach your desired result. Even then, i feel like being in pain is much better than spending eternity feeling nothing, because then at least your pain makes you human.
24 Mar 2024 леша Touch the page and find them.
23 Mar 2024 kat oh mouchette i know you do not live here anymore but i do not have any girl friends and you would think mouchette you are a girls girl so all girls must love me if i love you- but no mouchette. no matter how many times i say your name in the mirror, you are just an art project i share with as many men i can so they will think i am interesting enough to fuck. i still yearn for the mouchette we have all created, the mouchette you have brought to life. thank you for being my friend, although discreetly, i appreciate the onlookers. let them witness the suicide of a girl.
19 Mar 2024 necrotoxin уебище
14 Mar 2024 the catalyst killing yourself is easy. if you want to live, kill the part of you that fears.
01 Mar 2024 Mashundus19k Why do you want to kill yourself?
18 Feb 2024 леша я хачу управлять телекенезам вещен
18 Feb 2024 Johnny Melton Hey, Mouchette. Remember 2021?

Dammit, there's hope. More like a will to fight or run away, do ANYTHING instead of stay in one place and "take it" like I've done my whole life. If I run fast enough, I'll beat that damn ALS game. I'll mash buttons until I get that long-coveted happy ending.

"Happiness" implies contentment. I am not content, but I am hopeful. Trying is the least I can do.

You can be content but not happy. That is an office worker who hates his job and doesn't find any meaning. I'm the opposite. I'll run as fast as I can thru the thick forests of life. If I happen to scrape my skin on the jagged edges of the world, at least I'm bleeding eternal sunset.
18 Feb 2024 caitlin disconnecting from the matrix and releasing our world isnt real. Nothing is. Realise that and you'll be free
08 Feb 2024 Peekhan What is your secret to being able to stay 13 this entire time? Are our answers your eternal lifeblood?
07 Feb 2024 joe mama slit your neck
04 Feb 2024 lelya jump in front of a train
02 Feb 2024 Evy :3 I recently had a very strange dream, I woke up in a completely dark and empty room. when I got out of it and walked further and further, more and more blood began to appear. hands started coming out of the walls. As I walked further and further, I started seeing various monsters. when I walked through the entire corridor and rooms, I saw a door and I thought it led to the garden. then I wasn't wrong. when I opened the door I saw blood on the grass as if someone had just dragged some bodies there. these tracks led to the shed. when I approached it, I saw the bodies of my parents. there was blood and scattered organs everywhere. when I wanted to back out and escape from there, I felt someone breathing on my shoulder, when I looked I saw a monster covered in blood. he whispered something to me but it was in a different language and I didn't understand anything. I suddenly woke up and my mother was standing above me and told me that I was screaming in my sleep. I wish I had the rest of this dream so I could find out what this thing wanted from me.
30 Jan 2024 M23 Kill your identity when you're under 13. You'll have a new one. If you don't like the new-self, kill that identity also when you are 17.
29 Jan 2024 Mango Piranha The wheel of time has gone on turning long before we came into this world and will continue turning once we leave. Life is a farce. We are all insignificant specks of dust in the grand scheme of things
18 Jan 2024 мистер бебра использовать насмешку уравнителя
09 Jan 2024 apokjed does anyone know who created this site? I plan on making a mini-doc video for youtube and would love to know more
29 Dec 2023 日本在住の日本人 自分で死のうとしないで家族や学校、児童相談所、仲のいい大人、友達に相談してもう一度自分のことを考えることだと思う。ここにいる人たちに相談してもいいと思う。だから、生きろ!命ほど値段が高くて大切で貴重なものなんてない!あなたを誰かが傷つけようとしているなら助けようとする人も世界にはいる、あなたのことを嫌いな人がいるならあなたのことを好きな人もいる。だから、負けずに生きろ!がんばれ!応援してるよ!
29 Dec 2023 Asher (again?) A note to Mouchette, though I have already commented I am very happy I’ve found your website. It’s very easy to get lost in the internet. I know nothing about you, as “mouchette”, but I am sure you are my favorite person on my screen. I love the internet! -some 11 year old

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