Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 May 2022 Рогаточка лучший способ это не убивать себя и сходить к психологу:)
09 Jan 2022 mi no way is best to die, but medicine seen to me the not worse, ask you for not die may fell selfish because I don't know what you are going through, but, please, you have a lot to live in life, you deserve to experience the good things I did because I dont killed myself with 13, so hold a little long
27 Dec 2021 eggan dont do this to yourself, suicide doesnt take away the pain. it only passes it on to others. dont tell yourself no one cares about you because it isnt true. everyone has something. this life that you have isnt useless. in the grand scheme of everything you might think it is. but that isnt true, just going up to someone and telling them that you love them means something. giving someone a hug, or even just talking to someone. you can help people with the life that you have. that is what the true meaning of life is. helping others. that is what we are ment to do with our lives. so ask yourself. do you think you want to end everything. or try and help yourself. hell help someone else. and hey maybe you helping someone else is just what you need to keep going.
12 Dec 2021 to you you dont know how much i love you
16 Nov 2021 soup c.a if you come back here and see this i hope youre doing decent. being so young and feeling that way already is so unfair and im so sorry. this is probably annoying to hear but i hope you do stick around to find out the different directions your life takes and see your story to the end instead of leaving on a cliffhanger. (ok that was corny... bro i feel like a 60 yr old giving shitty "wisdom" but i hope what im trying to get at is being gotten lmao)

anyways this was kinda directionless and probably annoying when you just wanna come here to vent but basically, i hope youre having a good day today and doing well. stay safe and make sure to take breaks for yourself!

okay sorry if this all didnt make sense,, bye!
16 Nov 2021 meh Многие люди за свою жизнь подумывают о самоубийстве, и, думаю, если бы у каждого в организм была встроена кнопка, позволяющая безболезненно навечно отключить себя, в нашем мире осталось бы намного меньше живых людей.

Так или иначе, в реальности тебе скорее всего придётся столкнуться с ужасной физической болью - так главной проблемой для большинства становится страх и нерешительность, которые можно побороть только если психическая боль превосходит их.
Здесь тебе не будут вкалывать эвтаназию. Сброситься из окна, изрезаться кухонным ножом, утопиться в ванной, задушиться, умереть от переохлаждения - вполне рабочие бытовые варианты. Вопрос лишь в том, решишься ли ты?
Если есть хоть небольшое сомнение - забей на всё и просто ляжь спать сколько сможешь, пока тебя не прервут или не решишься встать, обычно помогает.
31 Oct 2021 Akshat Kumar To keep living, time will kill you on its own. Life is simply a prolonged suicide. I am 16 years old and the email listed below is my real email, feel free to contact me.
23 Oct 2021 no mody знаешь это не имеет смысла.
даже если ты очень подавлен чем-то все ровно, даже если у тебя смертельная болезнь и ты всё равно умрёш , не стоит. я понимаю что в жизни случается некотарое дерьмо но это не повод устраивать самовыпил. просто успокойся уже, забудь про страдания да и в прочем забей на все и делай себя счастливым. делай добро людям. темболее ты так молод. занюхни бебры и живи на чили. забудь про всех и "покоряй просторы космоса". суецид это глупо. есть люди у которых нет ничего но они живут счастливо. у тебя есть две руки, две ноги, оба глаза, все органы, так в чек проблема, у кого то нет ничего из этого но они не хотят умереть. Даже если у тебя психологические проблемы, борись с ними! не будь тряпкой!!!
08 Oct 2021 aspen you dont. im here to talk if you need. please. i love you.
19 Sep 2021 Kai The best way? Dont do it. There are plenty of online chats and numbers you can text. The universal call hotline is 1-800-273-8255. I know this is an art project but i hope this helps anyone reading. You deserve life.
28 Jul 2021 jane dear Aster,
uninstall social media, do EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to be abnormal, and you will feel better

dear the n-word 2.0,
there are plenty of nice people in the world! like me :)! just dont check your back for a knife, teehee! (there isnt a knife, but a letter from me taped onto the back of your favorite t-shirt. hopefully it hasnt gone through the washing machine before you hear this..)
10 Jun 2021 .......... please dont kill yourself
02 Apr 2021 George Busch Jr. Its sad when someone kills themselves. Family members devestated. Those who knew the self inflicted victim, bewildered and in a state of shock and disbelief.
And at 13 you are not even finished with puberty. Slow down on killing yourself because you havent lived long enough for all your pubes to grow in yet. You still got peach fuzz down there. Let that steel wool grow in first. Get you a jungle of love first. Grow it out. See how big your bush is full grown. Stand in front of a mirror and brush the bush after every bath. Do some mini braids even.
31 Mar 2021 Florre Please do not! Therapists can be very helpful, if you are browsing to figure out how, do not!! Some people will joke around. I promise its worth it random person!
20 Mar 2021 daria please dont do bad things i love you
you can write me sinshine
my inst: _dishooo
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14 Oct 2020 cookie monster Milk and cookies.
19 Jul 2020 Cecil The role you play in the world is an importance. Never kill yourself, you are a blessing.
30 Jun 2020 Oka please, add me as a friend on discord...

Oka Raavus#0004

there is a hope.
02 Jun 2020 Brooke I have attempted suicide a few times. I struggle with self harm and poor self image. Let me tell you, killing yourself doesnt end your pain. It passes your pain on to someone. You think ending it all will stop your problems but think about it, it just makes someone feel as bad as you did. Do you want that? Do you want someone to suffer as you did? Thats selfish of you to take your own life. "Suicide doesnt end your pain, it passes it on". Please remember you are loved, by your family, friends, by ME. If you are reading this, I love you and im glad you seeked help.

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