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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Feb 2001 Lola Boeys The very best way, of course, is to eat and eat and eat and eat. You eat cakes and candies and french fries and weenies and nuts and candels and toenails and toast and chicken and spaghetti and dumplings! All that. And you just keep eating everything you like and everything you wonder about until
bite --
and then you eat another bite.
18 Jan 2001 Shamen OK, don't take any of the advice that has been posted so far, why? I'm not telling you that to keep you alive, just that how would any of these people know the best ways of killing themselves if they are still alive?
I tried several times to commit suicide, many a time I went to sleep after taking too many pills and never expected to wake up again, perhaps I didn't, I don't know anymore and I doubt I ever will.

So, my advice if you would like to hear it, search, enjoy, taste, explore, if you're 13 then you've got roughly 57 years to go, it's not long.

All good things to those who wait...
30 Dec 2000 JohnnyP Work your way backwards:
1) Go visit a cemetary.. figure out what you want on your grave: Here lies a loser who went to this website.
2) Go visit a childrens hospital to see children under 13 dying from cancer and ask them if they have ever seen this website.
3) Go to your computer and remove this website from your cached browser locations
4) Search for a website that challenges the mind instead of one that tries to waste it.
5) Get a life
26 Dec 2000 an artist in ohio wait, then wait some more... experience is all there is... sex; boyfriends, girlfriends (both); different places; different times; different people like stupid teens, old maids, widowers, preps, goths, strait-edges, stoners; be rich; be poor; feast, starve; just experience EVERYTHING.
choose how to die...
maybe, you will be old then and die anyway. or maybe the harsher experiences will kill you instead. just remember if you don't live and experience things, then you are already dead...
26 Dec 2000 Xen NGU Drink lots of water, not just lots but Gallons of it, and not just gallons I mean a whole hell of a lot of water.
And if that doesn't work I always find driving into the shallow end of a pool real nice.
23 Dec 2000 Voodoo Read all the dumb posts here, noting all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors: you'll die of old age before you have the cahnce to kill yourself.
25 Nov 2000 Hewhoshallnotbenamed Your blood was too arrogant to follow my instructions. Ask your mother.
25 Nov 2000 damborn Razors pain you and rivers are damp.
Acids stain you and drugs cause cramp.
Guns are unlawful,
nooses give,
gass smells awful,
You might as well live.
24 Nov 2000 david take off all your clothes and come with me kid
22 Nov 2000 Ezekial Garrockas Tell your dad you're going to turn him in for molesting you.
21 Nov 2000   If you dont enjoy life.
Change what you are doing.
Change what you are thinking.
Change who you hang around.

Follow your passion and you'll never want to think about suicide.

Earl Nightingale said "You become what you think about."
20 Nov 2000 J What an incredible site! I really think you should take 365 of the best entries and make a 'suicide suggestion' calendar. Oh, and for my suggestion, you could always publish the calendar on glossy laminated paper. Then lock yourself in a closet and burn a few boxes of them until you suffocate.
19 Nov 2000 Mark Murphy Do nothing. I absolutely, positively can guarantee you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will eventually die. In this universe of existential horror, with its unimaginable gulf of time and space, our lives are mayfly brief.
18 Nov 2000 big tim disrespect me
17 Nov 2000 kettle meaney The drug ketamine can be used to simulate a near death experience in all its earth-shattering majesty. Actual suicide, in any form, seems uninspired. There are plenty of references to be found online.
17 Nov 2000 toadprincess eat yer brussell sprouts
17 Nov 2000 righty listen to these people. listen to your parents, your teachers, anyone who claims to have any kind of authority, the media, law enforcement, psychiatrists, doctors, you local role models.
listen to them and you will find a passive suicide. you don't even have to actually do anything. they are more than willing to do the killing for you.
17 Nov 2000 Rich I don't know, I made it past there and so therefore can't help you. You really need the advice of someone who's already done it, but that probably wouldn't work 'cos they're dead.

Someone suggested hiring someone to do it. They said it was too expensive, duh! Pay them after the jobs done, dummy!

Anyway, seeing as your question is altogether a bit dumb one wonders whether you might be better placed debating whether you have the intellectual capacity to consider the question from all angles. I think the answer to this is probably no.

I wouldn't suggest it as a reasonable course of action anyway, your web skills are pretty damned good, so get a decent job and telework from Mauritius, then you might be happy.
17 Nov 2000 cacogen Before you die, you must ensure a proper reception.

A favorite pet will do. One that has passed on; recently, if possible.

Tell it to wait for you. The journey onward will be easier with company.

As for the manner of death, might I suggest an ill-advised lunge after an accidentally dropped bottle of sleeping pills at a tall building's edge?

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