Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Feb 2002 harry i want to die.... grades and parents are too much pressure... what home drug that i can swallow will kill me and will not let me live such as: let me live with brain problems... i just want to die... i can't get my dad's guncase open... i want to die... can u help me.... tell me what kind of drug will kill me but cause no cardiovascular disorders.... I just want to die... that's all
09 Feb 2002 emily A. i had a really good friend named ronnie, and since i was new at the school it was so nice to have a really good friend. we would have so much fun together. later, we started to hang out with a boy and all three of us had lots of fun together, i was so happy to have my two friends, it was so much easier. then they fell in love with each other, and when i hung out with them, all they did was make out and cuddle. i just kind of sat there, alone. i have been single and alone for so long, nobody loves me, so it made me feel jealous that they had each other to keep them from being depressed. so i would cry, and they got sick of me, and i tried to be happy, but they just got annoyed, so now i am alone again. i am crying again now. i just can't handle being alone anymore, i wish people liked me. but i've been at my new school for four months, and i'm alone more than ever. i am so sad, and i really believe i am cursed and good things just can't happen to me. i just have to be lonely for ever. so to end it now before i cost my dad more money, i am going to electrocute myself. i just will fill up my bathtub, then take a bath with my hair dryer. i just have nothing left. i can't do anything no matter how hard i try, wherever i go i am lonely, i'm easy to forget.
06 Feb 2002 Randall Flippin I'm up in age but not too old. Life sucks now and nothing matters anymore. Please help me end this painlessly.
04 Feb 2002 jo hill i think this is a great site. you are wonderful little fly. i love it. only close-minded assholes don't want to face up to reality- and suicide is really real, guys. swallow it. and i love lucy cortina's stories too. i've gotten some good info here, but not enough specifics, which makes sense because those who are sure of the details are gone. i'm not 13 or under, but like many here have spent most of my adult life depressed. i just turned 33, which incidentally was how old jesus was when he was crucified. if i could figure out how to pull that one off, that would be a peach. so for under 13's, i agree with the recent lad who suggested the car exhaust. as an adult, i have access to pharmaceuticals. one helpful guy suggested eating first, so as not to upset the stomach and puke it all up again. i think i may have also heard that you need to pace the intake, but i'm afraid i might pass out before i ingest a lethal dosage. so how fast can you really swallow lots of pills on a full stomach without wasting all your hard effort and puking them up? i'm talking pain and sleeping pills (vicodin, darvocet, ...) thanks to anyone who can provide some helpful info.
05 Dec 2001 Neil D'Souza Hi
I need to kill myself. I just want to know whether when slice ur wrist, ure supposed to cut horizontally or vertically.
04 Dec 2001 Failer_1981 I can't tell you that and if I knew I would find it hard to tell a 13 year old.
I've had enough myself the pain of letting my parents down all the time and loosing my friends 'cos of my unreliability is just too much. I've tried so hard to get on with life. I'm doing a degree but I am absent because I get this cripling depression and anxiety. My life is fucking damned. I know people have it a lot worse and maybe I'm just a wimp but I can't cope anymore - I've had enough.
The problem is my Gran committed suicide 3 years ago and I saw the devastation that it caused. But I'm causing more pain being here now.... I should have killed myself years ago. I'm 20 and am doomed to a life of failure after failure. Please someone tell me the best way I can do this without hurting my parents and brother more than I need to.
02 Dec 2001 JBCX Hi, i've been thinking about suicide on and off now for a number of years, my parents got divorced which hurt a lot, then i got bullied a shool, seemed like everyone did, i was left with very few friends after that. the ones i did have then are gone now. my life looked up when i got a girlfriend, last night she told me she doesn't ever want to be with me again, we had been going out for over two years and were engaged. this is it, the final thing that has told me for sure that this is something i HAVE to do!!!!!!!!!!! there's no way out, no hope of getting through it, none of that god loves you shit, we're all going to die, i'm just making sure its sooner then later. i don't want to live to see christmas, it would be hell! that's my deadline, three weeks to go, please help me do it, if you have any ideas how to do it painlessly let me know, that's the only thing that has stopped me in recent years, being scared of the pain. but this pain in my heart is too much now, i can't cope with these headaches from crying so much anymore! PLEASE HELP ME END IT!!!!!!!
14 Nov 2001 Tina I was feeling very suicidal tonight and was searching for someone, anyone to talk to, to try and talk me out of it. I lost the love of my life to suicide 10 months ago and I'm trying so hard to keep going on, it's the most difficult thing I've ever tried to do. I'm so miserable.
05 Nov 2001 Jenna Well, I am 14 and after several suicide attempts I fucking failed! I'm still looking for a way so any suggestions then e-mail me : Thanx!! I have one thing that you could try is : Getting the most deadly toxic household products such as: Rat poison, bleach, oven cleaner etc etc! Put all them in a small bottle until it is full! Then put some of your newly made "drink" into some vodka shot glasses and you just see how many you can down before you drop down dead. I have tryed slitting my wrists 2 times (deeper next time) Hanging myself, overdose. I guess I'm the unlucky one! One day I will be going to hell to burn but in the meantime: happy dying you lucky fucks. I have been on depressants for two months and sleeping pills for 8 months every time I take my daily dose of pills I down it with vodka and brandy I tell you that you spend the rest of the day in pain and to be honest I can't be fucked with that pain so I might as well end this fucking life coz it is the FUCKING SHIT. Anyway I will stop blabbing on coz most people have already gone on to the next msg coz this is so boring! If you are still here then you are very brave or you really have suicidal feelings like me! Anyway goodbye. Keep it dead and i'll see you in hell. Love Jenna
04 Nov 2001 Gloria I almost want to die but I feel like I can't. I'm 18 now, I've been addicted to heroin for a little over 2 years (and no, I don't live in the projects) and wish I could quit. I've tried to o.d. on it but all that happened (all 3 times) was I went out and woke up in the hospital. I'm sick of living like this!! I hate getting high, I hate the things I do to get drugs, I hate waking up sick every fucking day, my nose running, my legs twitching, my fucking eyeballs throbbing. It seriously has fucked up my entire life. I got kicked out of school, can't keep a job and have 2 warrants for my arrest plus 1 pending. I fucking hate my life. The worst part is when I wake up in the morning, because I open my eyes and think "shit, here it goes again". I feel so hopeless, I don't wanna be a junky but I can't stop! If anybody can help me please email me. I feel like the only way out is to kill myself but I don't wanna be dead. I just don't wanna live like this. I don't know who to talk to or where to go or what to do. Is there any hope or should I just kill myself?
03 Nov 2001 Brittni Jones I have written on this site before. I'm Brittni. If anyone would be willing to talk to me and is a self-mutilator, I would appreciate it. I just want to find someone like me before I die. Thankyou.
24 Oct 2001 Jo i can't get out. pain is my sanity. all i think about is death and that's all i want. i cut myself i like it and scares me. i haven't attempted anything yet, i'm too weak but that doesn't mean i won't. i don't cry, i dont grieve i seem normal. suicide seems a pleasant way out
23 Oct 2001 Consummate Cutter For all you out there that are "so disgusted by this website" well FUCK YOU! You can maybe in a small way understand, but it doesn't go away, no pills or anything makes it go away, it will always be there. And besides, most of the time it isn't just the mind, it's the fucking bastards that jeer at us, and that we can not escape. WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKERS: YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WORLD! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THOSE LOOKS, THOSE REMARKS, THOSE FUCKING CUNTS THAT ARE ONLY IN THIS WORLD TO GET UNDER YOUR SKIN AND RIP AT YOUR SOUL. So fuck you fuck you fuck you. Everybody has their own story, and you can't just step in and expect there to always be a way out, because most of the time there isn't. NO MATTER WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS THE FEELING IS THERE, AND THOSE PEOPLE ARE THERE. IT IS WHAT GOD HAS BURDENED US WITH SO THAT IN THE END, WHO EVER IS LEFT STANDING GETS THE REWARD. WELL SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU BUT WE'RE A LOT WEAKER THAN YOU COULD EVER COMPREHEND. SO JUST GET ON WITH YOUR PETITIONS AND CRUSADES, BUT YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. You can't change the world, you can't make them care, you just can't and leave us the fuck alone, just go away.
20 Oct 2001   I cry looking at all of you, because I'm the same, and I thought i was the only one in this world that cries all the time, and has no friends, and boys reject me, i don't know why... I can't take it any more, i don't want anymore prozac, take it away, take me away from this place, please i want to be with all of you, i want to run away with you and hug you, and be with people who will look at my scars and tell me it's alright and quit bitching at me. I need to be with all of you, I can't take this life I'm living. help me. Find me and we'll run away from this fucked up shit, and show the world who we are, and that we don't want to be treated this way anymore, go to war with all those fucking bastards that keep kicking me in the head while they force me to lick there boots. They think that they're so smart and wonderful. Just kill them. goodbye.
28 Sep 2001 I Got Shit i wish someone would tell me the answer to that. Actually i am 18, and i'm not sure of the best way to do it. No access to a gun, no guts to jump, and i don't wanna do it slowly and painfully. I'm looking at possibly 10 years in the slammer because of a girl who was the only thing that ever meant anything to me and now is gone. I've dropped out of school and have absolutely nothing to look forward to. So i really wanna get this over with. I guess the pills and alcohol sounds like the best way.
26 Sep 2001 peter I hope that what i am about to say about myself will influence both me and others. For a few months now i have contemplated ending my life. One root cause of my feelings probably goes back 4 years ago or so. I am 18 now, and at the age of 13 or so I can remember being quite popular and happy but things certainly changed. I was cursed with a very spotty face shortly afterwards and what started as a few jokes turned into torment from my whole year that devastated my life. I lost my friends... and i mean all my friends, partly because my reactions to these comments always provoked further insult. I made two new friends with whom i spent the rest of my school years with... but never saw them out of school. They were as geeky as hell and I only hid myslef away with them at school to avoid the bullying. I finally got the spot situation sorted through many visits to the dermatologist. But I still left my school without any friends. When my complexion improved I began to notice that i started attracting some girls but hardly ever had the confidence to talk to them. In a strange kinda way I then got really self obsessed. In a recent car accident i became facially deformed and all hope that I had of finally becoming a popular person seemed completely gone... in fact there still remains no hope for me.
My parents do care for me and I have a loving family though. I can't bring myself to leave the house and reveal myself in public and if i could just switch myself off painlessly I wouldn't need a second to hesitate.
The only thing holding me back however is the fear of a painlful death and the fact that my family would not be able to cope for years. I still have no friends and have abondonned all hope of finding any. Of course anyone will look at you from the outside and think that suicide is the worst possible solution but their ignorance is shown by the fact that they feel they are in a position to judge. They clearly don't know how I feel. I smoke a lot of dope... about 3 or 4 joints a day but that doesn't add to my depression, neither does it make me happy. If it weren't for my family, who would be absolutely devasted if i committed suicide, I would go through with it. Damn... I am so undecided...why should I continue to suffer for their sake??
25 Sep 2001 Angela please, anyone, if u are like me (HATE school, have no life, no friends, future, and just really wanna talk to someone like me) please email me at: cuz i would like to talk 2 some like me. THANX a bunch--- :)
25 Sep 2001 Angela hi every1 who wants to kill themselves. i want to die, i would like to. does any1 out there feel just like me, really hates school, and just wants to talk to some one who thinks alike? if u r like me, and have no friends, has no life, and wants to talk 2 me then please do so, i would appreciate it. my email is: THANX alot!
23 Sep 2001 John I want to die. I can't take this world anymore. I want to escape. The only places I can go are Japan, or death. Should I take a whole lotta asprin? Should I jump off a building? I'm only 14, I don't have acces to guns. And I don't want to die painfully. I love Japan, I want to flea to Japan and kill myself there, in the quiet Nara countryside. Or maybe atop Tokyo Tower. Please, someone help me, I don't know what to do. Everything makes me cry, and I don't want to cry anymore. Fuck, the tears are rolling again. What should I do? Where do I get sleeping pills? oh god help me please. I don't want to go back to school. I want to kill myself before then. Or get away to Japan before Monday. HELP ME PLEASE. Please talk to me. please
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