Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Feb 2022 ............ help help help
10 Jan 2022 piotr im 18 but i wanna die. i think cutting veins, jumping from the high floor or bathing with a toaster as they say lol. i want to try the last method
17 Dec 2021 ........... im all by myself no matter what . nobody really cares for me at all...
13 Dec 2021 Sonya Блин ну не знаю честн.... Ну, может таблеток там хлебнуть или чё не знаю короч
25 Nov 2021 Kai I am drowning lol I hope I die, I hope you die, Hell I hope everyone dies in a tragic accident. I have accomplished nothing and I have never felt happy. I hate everyone and everyone hates me. The end, fuck life.
21 Oct 2021 Sasha No i dont want ur die btw how u can die if u alive endlessly
20 Oct 2021 pro i want die
07 Oct 2021 c.a im back mouchette ive been pretty low latley. but since my lst attempt was just this september i cant do it again. because if i survive i have to go to a residential. which is not what i want. but i havent been okay. im back in that dark place. its scary. i hate school it makes me stressed but since im only 13 theres no way of getting out of going. i feel like dying is my only way out of all this pain. i miss who i used to be. i dont think i can stay longer but my fear is surviving. because then it'll be worse then it already is. im only 13 why do i have to feel so worthless.
06 Oct 2021 sauceycum I've actually tried to kill myself when I was 10-13 because I was a Edgy little bitch but now that I'm older (16) I'm actually considering it, I'm getting older and older and I genuinely feel like I am not ready, I'd kill myself at 30 but I'm scared man, I feel like everyone would hate me or miss me, I don't want to get old
03 Oct 2021 its a long one.. venting just turned 12 yesterday and guess what my mom was in the hospital with dad and dad has been sick for the past 2 years i cant still stop thinking about the time when i first saw him cry i was like am i dreaming but he was crying of the pain he was feeling i do want to die but if i died in my religion ill go to hell ive seen my mom cry alot of times having panic attacks because of my dads condition and now my mom is in another city in the hospital with dad and im here raising my brother and my grandma is also here with us but she doesnt help she have been saying "i thought your brother were annoying but it was you leda your such a difficult person" OH REALLY I AM? AFTER I CLEANED MY 7 YEAR OLD BROTHER CLOTHES FOLDED THEM AND DID MY COOKED FOOD FOR HIM AND BEING NICE AND PATIENT YOU, AND STILL PUT ME DOWN WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT IM SUFFERING THROUGH THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE I WAS 10 I BARELY COULD SLEEP AND GRANDMA YOUR WAKING ME UP AT THE MIDDLE OF NIGHTS SAYING "leda enter your brothers class" IVE ENTERED HIM AND SHOWED YOU MORE THAN 7 TIMES AND YOU STILL REFUSED TO SEE HAVING DEPRESSION AT 10 AND DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY AT 11 AND NOW CANT SLEEP AT ALL I DIDNT EVEN GET TO SLEEP FOR 2 HOURS STRAIGHT + MY BROTHER IS BEING REALLY RUDE THESE DAYS TO ME i wanna go back home i dont want to live here with my grandma
30 Sep 2021 otis ive been depressed since i was ten and i dont think i will ever get better. i plan on killing myself soon.
28 Sep 2021 me after months of emotional abuse from an uncle, and his f-cked up stepcnts, the best way is to just kill yourself any way u can think of before they damage you completely
27 Sep 2021 Gabriel ive struggled with suicidal urges and hurting myself for a long time even though im only 14. ive felt so low and so broken at times i didnt know what to do. i felt like there was something fundamentally wrong with me.. something i could not fix. a disease in my brain. thats the only thought that persists in making me want to take my life. sometimes i would drink in order to feel better but it became just drinking to feel *anything*. im recovering. i havent had a drink in 3 weeks as of now, and i locked up my razor blades and knives in a safe. i hope you lovely people can find help as well, if any of you need someone to talk to, message my phone (502-203-7140) or my discord jesus cent#3470
19 Sep 2021 xirui i am under 13 myself.
- a razor blade
- box cutter
- something to hide it in
I just want to kill myself.
19 Aug 2021 Erica...<3 i wanna kms but i dont wanna leave my girlfriend :(-
13 Aug 2021 Bye I have been nothing but nice to you. So why do me like that, and leave me in my time of need and ignore my texts, meaning I sent you 12, and called you twice yet no responses not to mention messaging you on here also??? I guess it is true all that I have is suicide. Good bye to this word, im done trying bye for you left me too, so much as to why I have not heard a peep out of you in 8 months. It is cool my death is near
22 Jul 2021 Aster tw/ i guess i've kinda accepted that i'm not gonna be here for much longer. nothing makes me happy anymore. my anxiety is taking over and i cant do this anymore. i honestly have no reason to stay. i've had 4 failed attempts but i wont fail this time. i have no fear left to stop me. anyways hanging yourself can be a good way but at least for me it wasnt very successful, slitting your wrists could also be good but its hard to get deep enough, overdose is good but ya might just throw it up before it hurts ya.i think the best way is probably a gun cuz its kinda hard to survive that. :)
17 Jul 2021 cindy I wish i hadn't felt like that
13 Jun 2021 please someone talk to me my best friend had a brain anorism and i cant stop crying i want to kms it so hard to hear her voice in a video without crying i just want to talk to her again i just miss her and i have seen her in 3+ months
17 May 2021 ragel i wanna die but not painfully just calm no fear no pain im 13 and just hate myself

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