Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Oct 2011 Cody Trosko Guys and Girls, dont be stupid you are young, there is more to life then having parents upset/dissapointed in you or having broken relationship, Live a long happy life, dont end it, live life, its a heaven, dont give in, email me at and i will help you!
30 Sep 2011 kristy I feel so bad for those of you who wish to kill yourself! Do you honestly think life will be better without you? Keep in mind that there are kids and people who are dying of diseases, and people who are homeless and have nothing! As for the girl who is over weight, please email me
28 Sep 2011 Sophie Seriously non of you should even think of committing suicide...if you want someone to talk to add me on Facebook or send me an email and I will listen to you and just be there....
24 Sep 2011 yfthcygfytyt Need help?
in the U.S, call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
12 Aug 2011 Jonas come and try talking to me
12 Aug 2011 Jonas Try talking to me maybe i can help you to feel a lil better. We can become friends.
27 Jul 2011 Terehua Pene If Anyone Needs Help? Im on Facebook and will give advice to Anyone! Believe me i know Alot about Suicide! and if your heading in that direction! the best thing to do is to Ask for help!
13 Jul 2011 Adi God is the only one that can help you...without him you feel like you are worthless, you will find yourself in spots very dificult...God puts tests in your life but its only to help your faith and God wants to see you grow not commit suicide...suicide is like a straight passage way to you think the earth is hot? imagine rather life my life to the Lord Jesus than Die because of sudden pain...There is always someone you loves you no matter what you did or how you feel or whats going on in your life and that someone is God!! give your life to him..i did, im only 15 & my life is getting better daily..if you need to talk to someone,im here.. just email me..God bless you
26 Jun 2011 Jill Please email me if you need advice, or you just need to unload on someone.
15 May 2011 Anna i will like to help or talk to anyone that needs it if you want someone to listen contact me at
14 May 2011 Jordin there isnt a best way to kill yourself.
talk to people. there is always help. im always up for a chat. talk to me on
06 May 2011 333 if u want me on
26 Apr 2011 Sione My suggestion is this. Get some accomplishment. Spend a week learning survival techniques, really, really learning and then at the end of that week run away. Run away to the mountains and walk as far out as you can. Then just try to survive. If you live you live, if you die you die. But maybe while you are out there trying to survive you will gain a new appreciation of life and if you make it through the ordeal you will want to live and live life fully. This is what I plan to do anyhow. I hope this helps
02 Apr 2011 Troy hey if anyone needs someone to talk to or just a friend, email me or add me on msn :P
28 Mar 2011 JustMax. My name is Max, i know what all of you are going through so if you need to talk, im here. Just email me or text me at or 815-601-7195
16 Mar 2011 gaga you dont kill your self.. because you wont go far by doing that... you have to learn how to solve your problems!!! and you are 13.. mature enough to understand life is precious.. and you better make most of it.. there are soooooooo many things out there that you should get to see and try out... such as going to paris.. going scuba diving.. and many more.. dont let anyone get to you.. learn from it.. and make the most out of it.. one day you will be glad u didnt.. the day you will have your own children.. dont do it.. only quitters and weak people take the easy way out.. and im positive you are not one of those... find a way to be independant and enjoy your life.. theres still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to learn
15 Mar 2011   Hi, my name is David Wincott. Here is my too cents ill be putting in. I am 15 my life is bad worst than most of you. Funny thing is im better than most of you. stop self pittying yourself and be poor me my lifes fucked up. If you really want to commit suicide do it then actually kill yourself jump of a builiding and no not one story maybe more lik 23 so when you fall you actually die. Funny i read some things here i found it humurous at pathetic attempts of suicide instead kill yourself if thats what you want. if you need help to get over your self pitty or eliminate suicdal thoughts email me or text me. or 623 340 8546. *note that i am not responsible for any actions taken place by a person if the choose to commit suicide
09 Mar 2011 caimacd-at-gmail btw, if you do want to talk my email is below in the name section.
i mean... about fucking anything.
17 Feb 2011 M. I KNOW THIS IS REALLY LONG BUT PLEASE READ THIS!! My name is Maxine and this is my story and i hope it helps. I just turned 13 and i have tried to kill myself 9 times. Im not going to tell you what i did but i still ask that you read this. I know what its like when no one cares. I spend most of my time writing alone in my room. Im not saying that things get better or that finding "god" works and im not saying that its wrong to feel what you feel. I am in no position to judge someone, i have my own problems to deal with. I live with a disfunctional family. I dont considor them my family anymore cause they have already proved that they dont care. Once i tried overdosing and all they did was drop me off at the hospital. They wouldnt care if died. To them it would just be one less mouth to feed.
I know what its like to feel a huge gaping hole in place of a heart. Or to not feel loved or even cared about. I know that people have a lot worse lives than me but that still doesnt discredit what I feel. I dont think of myself as a selfish person for feeling the way i do. Or even trying to care about myself when no one else does.
I know i dont know who ever is going to read this but if you are looking at this site your probley in a really dark place in your life but just remember that you are worth something, if you can make it through this time then you could be the inspiration for someone that is feeling the way you are right now. Maybe this wasnt as long as i thought it was going to be but if it helped someone it was all worth it. -Peace and love from your fellow broken butterfly. P.s. if you want to talk i am always here for you. Email me at and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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