Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Oct 2000 Candice Since one of 13 is still in school, one way is soak yourself with water with the emergency shower in the science room or just the tap located in that same room, find a high voltage socket, which can be found in science rooms, stick copper wires into it and bam! you are now an amazing conductor of electricity and now, consequently, fried to death. There are more clever ways however. Little kids like apples, and apple seeds contain cyanide. Why not spend your time attaining about 2 cups of apple seeds, ground them up, ingest them and wait until the sweet poision kills you? oh, I have many ideas.
08 Aug 2000 Crista Hang yourself from a swingset.
26 Jul 2000 MAurice Moudug s'empiffrer de bonbons, et de mourir la panse éclatée par des malabars qui sortent du bide !!
25 Jun 2000 collette Try to impale yourself on an object that was very dear to your parents. Say, a family heirloom. Especially if you have rich parents who happen to love the heirloom more than they ever loved you. If not, try something like a beloved family dog - goad it in to eating you. Your rich parents live in the penthouse suite? Throw yourself off their balcony. Get run over by their Mercedes. Always associate your death to something they treasured far more than you. Rich people are easy targets.

What? Your parents are loving, caring, supportive people? And you somehow still want to kill yourself? Then get yourself down to a high crime-rate area and within a few minutes your life will be over. Stray bullets, flying shrapnel, you know how it is. Or walk absentmindedly onto a freeway during rush hour.

Always, ALWAYS leave a suicide note. Blame it on your alcoholic/abusive/whatever parents. Or a school bully. Or society in general - you've seen that the world can only offer you a grim future, lost your innocence, your will to live.

Oh wait, this is supposed to be a game, right? Damn.
14 Jun 2000 Auryn hang oneself with an elaborately woven rope made of 100% pure Barbie hair
17 May 2000 rezmen the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is to go visit your uncle dahmer... 'course, there is always the pop rocks and pepsi approach... but that's not much of a "kit" is it?
05 May 2000 Zach I'd say that the best way is by overdosing on drugs while skydiving with an anvil instead of a parachute. That way you can pretend that you're Wild E. Coyote and that darn Roadrunner got you again.
20 Apr 2000 Ricky Cox Overdose on hopscotch
12 Apr 2000 Spider A plastic knife, washable red paint, liquid latex to make fake lacerations, a jar of candies labled poison with a skull and crossbones, a fake suicide note with blanks for you to fill in.
10 Apr 2000 Ryan "Magic Death Potion": in a box, and in plastic, have all these neat little bottles with cool names, like "bottle of passion" or "bottle of lust". Give instructions on how to mix the proper ones into a black can called "drink of death". Of course these are all poisonous chemicals like iodine and liquid toilet cleaner.
04 Apr 2000 swindlersfist Playground antics turn deadly when daddy's gun's brought to school.
28 Mar 2000 vesalius Speaking from personal experience, when I was 11 and I killed myself, I used razor blades. It's the only way to go darling. And don't just stop with the wrists... be lavish, slash everything, get your blood on as much as possible. You don't want people to forget you when you're gone and this is the last time they're going to see you. Wearing my mother's clothing for the process made her especially proud of me... Yes I still remember my first suicide fondly.
09 Mar 2000 bjorn bye The suicide-kit-box doesn`t need to contain anything. Climb into it, close the lid, and make sure no air flow in. Then, wait.
07 Mar 2000 mowglie Take a long-drink glass; fill it up with vanilla ice and mustard. Mix it.
Take another long-drink glass; fill it up with vanilla ice and mustard. Mix it.
Repeat doing this until you're dead. and remember; do not taste for it tastes bad.
19 Feb 2000 Jackie bite a barbie doll's head off and choke on the hair...
18 Feb 2000 zed When I was around 8 I put some red watercolor ink on the bath tub I was in. It had a pretty strong effect on my mom as she "found" me.
14 Feb 2000 Courtney I would suggest...hmmm...13...I would take all my Barbies and make nooses for them then hang them all over my room then hang myself. To protest that I am not a little girl no more and barbie is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 Feb 2000 Juniper 1. 1 pouch of Pop Rocks, preferably Cherry flavoured.
2. 1 can of Coca-Cola Classic.
08 Feb 2000 Celestina Hm...I will go back to that lovely age and mentally bundle together everything I tried, or thought of trying, into a neat little package, suitable for mass production.

The kit, of course, includes a nice knife - shiny, sharp, with a black handle. The edges have scalloped serration. This is good for those nights spent holding it to one's wrist and mentally calculating how long it would take for the blood to empty from one's whole body.

A pretty, glass-stoppered vial of pills marked "Sweet Dreams". The vial is cobalt blue, the pills are white and bitter.

An equally pretty vial containing a special fluid with which to wash down and activate the pills. This vial is clear and also stoppered, with delicate golden designs covering it. The fluid is also clear, and sweet, to help kill the taste of the bitter pills.

A shiny new icepick. When properly inserted between the ribs and quickly pushed in, it will stop your heart almost instantly. Instructions are included.

A small, but elegant collection of preprinted suicide notes, complete with envelopes. There are some generic, and some to address various reasons why one would commit suicide, and some that allow you to check off the reason(s) for your suicide. I always say, what's a suicide without a good note? At least you will die looking somewhat literate.

A black mourning veil to place over one's head while waiting for death to arrive after using one of the other kit elements. It creates a suitable atmosphere of darkness and drama for those who find you. (If you choose to use the icepick, you may want to don the veil beforehand, as this method of suicide leaves you no time to put it on properly before death.)

A very small, but unobtrusive, effective and easily hidden kit.
29 Dec 1999 mykel Drown in a bathtub of jello

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