Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Aug 2004 crackerjack Jesus... you should be a Philosiper. Good work, luv :)
Anyways, I already said sorry once.
13 Aug 2004 Phil PS - It's a glorious day today - Friday 13th. Lots of bad things are going to happen to people because they are waiting for them to happen. If they bothered to pay attention though, they might see that every single day is the same.
08 Aug 2004 crackerjack I feel i should apologise. Phil, I'm truly sorry for calling you a fucking gay fag with his hand shoved firmly up his rectum.
I never realised....
Nah, just kiddin', but seriously, no offense I didn't mean to be quite that rude. I hope you find a nice southern boyfriend soon.
07 Aug 2004 Phil Hey, there is nothing wrong with depressed/suicidal fag hags. We have feelings too!!
05 Aug 2004 crackerjack Phil, you talk like you have one hand firmly crammed up your rectum!!!
And you know that's fine, if you do. Just don't talk like you do, ok?
05 Aug 2004 crackerjack What is with the gay fucks Felicity and Phil who post on this site??? They like talk to each other like two flirting fags!!! not that i'm homophobic or anything, but there's a time and fucking place for everything... you have totally the wrong place guys....
26 Jul 2004 Flamer Hello, I'd just like to say that some fuck face name Anarchy is a stupid ass. Look what he wrote,

"these "don't do it" posts make me mad because who the hell are you <random person> to say what one should/n't do?? if you want out, well, it's up to you. in this apathetic world, you should just learn to live with your emotions and deal with them."

You say the "don't do it posts" make you mad, yet you also say that the world is apathetic. If the world was apathetic, there wouldn't be people who give a rats ass enough to try to talk people out of suicide..... so FUCK YOU!!!! The "don't do it" posters aren't trying to control every aspect of a person's life you fuckin moron, they're just trying to express their general concern for humanity in the only way they know how, so get a brain in your fuckin head, penis breath. Oh, and by the way, how the fuck do you suggest that people "just learn to live with your emotions and deal with them"?? Your philosophy goes NOWHERE and says NOTHING!!! because that's what you are, NOTHING you pathetic son a bitch!!! You think anarchy is cool??? Oh well, too bad loser, it's NEVER going to happen...... EVER!! MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!
16 Apr 2004 Pink Boy Phil No no no Mouchette, dont you start sending me links to rogue webpages again. Last time that happened, I was treated to a picture of an emourmous arse. What could it possibly be this time...? An enormous poosy perhaps? Sorry, but I will never, EVER be a straight poosy lover.

I am pure Pink Boy.
01 Feb 2004 tdcj~ well now. . . 2004 can bring hope for anyone who has blood in there veins. It is hope that keeps that blood moving don't you think? I am an Amerikan. I want Howard Dean for president! I want to be a DJ in a town that needs organized choas on the local feaks. I want a pro philanthrophy buisness to help my friends that in projects. I want my investors to invest in my INDEPENDENT HUMANITARIAN DREAM! I want to live in an UTOPIAN world but when I look around I can't feel that or taste that I just see pain and suffering. I guess that is the way it goes. Last night I sat in a really KOOL hottub with some "millionairs" in amerika and the lights in tub changes colors and Norah Jones was being piped out to bose speakers. There are capitalist humanitarians who want change for the world. BUT, everyone always wants their piece of the pie. MY PIE exists in my head that I can suck up into "that utopian dream" I love it I have hope in it. Sometimes when my mind magnutes me to the "mental hospital" I see truth in energy of people souls that try SO HARD to be something. But I think we are all human and I think as well that if we try too hard to answer the fact that humans are not "questions" we are something outside that. DO YOU GET THAT! I have hard time reading. Sometimes I just ask people I love to read to me so I can hear. I am trying to focus on change for the better but sometimes I see a circle that humans will never get off of like a hamster wheel. There will always be war unless people accept that democracy is the key to diversity or diversity is the key to democracy. I wish on every star that heart loose those terms and just feel that way~ meet half way~ learn and grow into a better species. Hope nobody thinks I am dumb because I can't always spell right and I make up words. WHAT IS ESPERANTO? I think we already have it! It is here among a sea of words capped with pain and under toes of suffering. Keep the faith in what ever keeps you alive and find something that you can invest in to GIVE YOU HOPE> now forget all these words and what are you left with? ANSWER: (for me) it is a feeling. . .
18 Jan 2004 Felicia born in the year of the Monkey I missed you Phil! I thought you were gone. But you didn't appear in my dreams, so I assumed you were still alive. As one of my all time favourite posts posters please feel free to email me. I'm laying on the bed wallowing on my back, gazing at my protruding tummy.

Hi Billy. My name is Felicia. "Lucy's" talked much of you because she has big boobies. To be quite honest, you are so funny! I had a blast reading about your overview on the "Mayan" civilization which involved crossed eyed babies with stones in the middle of their foreheads. I laughed so hard on both you and Lucy's comments, I almost busted a stitch and my guts almost fell all over the floor.

Hi Elaine. You have a nice name. Please don't give up visiting this site because people still do care. If you need a woman to woman talk I am right here. But don't worry. I'm not lesbian. I'm strickly dickly. Ask Lucy about me and she'll give you a good word about me.


Please get started in writing your book which is a bit interesting. I don't know how you do it, but you write pretty long... and that's a talent that should be well spent on a good novel.


For dealing with me and deleting my gripes on loud cultural shock music and my bouts with shock therapy. Yes, I am coming of age. And yes, I am born in the "Year of the Monkey" which begins January 22nd 2004.
26 Oct 2003 pierre La mort, cette dernière inconnue que veulent découvrir tout les hommes, le grand mystère de l'après que veulent élucider bien avant l'heure tout ceux qui ont fait le choix de se suicider.

En effet, le suicide est le plus grand, le plus responsable et quoique que les gens bien pensant veuillent bien dire, le plus libre des actes qu’un homme puisse envisager. C'est d'ailleurs pourquoi j'ai choisit de faire l'apologie de cette manière de finir sa vie.
Pour commencer nous pouvons remarquer que le suicide repose sur le jugement négatif que l'on porte sur une situation, sur des problèmes qui nous dépassent et que l'on sait ne jamais devoir se terminer un jour, c'est donc en toute connaissance de cause, après avoir envisagé la portée de son acte et les conséquences que cela peut avoir sur sa famille que celui qui décide de se suicider passe à l'acte. C'est donc une certaine forme de choix, ce qui revient à dire que c'est une forme de liberté, un geste par lequel on se rend libre de refuser une vie que l'on a pas réclamée, c'est pourquoi, ceux qui veulent se suicider et qui mettent fin à leur jour n'agissent jamais sous la contrainte mais plutot après avoir choisi librement de mourir.

D'autre part, nous pouvons également dire que le suicide peut se placer en une sorte de philosophie. En effet, qu'est ce qu'une philosophie sinon un choix délibéré de pouvoir mener sa vie comme bon nous semble, de pouvoir placer librement ses règles, ses droits et ses devoirs. Le suicide peut se placer dans cette optique là, en effet celui qui veut se suicider s'arroge le droit de mourir et se donne comme devoir de faire changer une situation qu'il juge assez intolérable pour mettre fin à ses jours.

Pourtant de nos jours, cette philosophie est contestée et le suicide reste dans la plupart des société un sujet tabou. Pourquoi? Tout simplement parce que la société dans laquelle nous vivons refuse que certaines personnes décident pleinement de leur existence, aussi bien de leur vie que de leur mort. L'Etat cherche à controler l'individu, à forger une société ou même s'il existe des communautés, il y toujours le fardeau des lois qui fait ployer les hommes et les forcent à courber le dos. La liberté n'est pas cela, la liberté, c'est de pouvoir choisir ce que l'on veut faire, de pouvoir juger de nos actes, de notre existence et, lorsqu'elle devient un fardeau pour nous ou pour les autres, de pouvoir la supprimer sans avoir de compte à rendre à une quelconque morale

C'est pourquoi, si certaines personnes, certain jeunes hésitent à passer à l'acte à cause de certaine valeurs, il n'ont qu'à les oublier, à les dénigrer et ainsi se tuer librement.

23 Oct 2003 ronwelthy I went to a shop where they sell Magic articles and T-shirt of heavy metal and rap singer with my friend. He wanted to get information for a friend who was exactly like me: he wants to know what real happiness is and wants to escape the hypocrisy of life. He has gone throught difficulties. So we started to talk whith the salesman and he told us that when you believe that something could give you what you want, for example that a stone can give you love, it will, most of the time work and you'll find yourself talking to the girl of your dreams, or it can help you to face other difficulties.

But I won't bother you with magic stuff. If I write, it is just because I would like to tell you that I would like to be a gothic.
_Ha what a weird man, he must be crazy!
No, i think i am not, but I think gothic philosophy suits me well, in fact gothic people believe that life is kind of an ordeal, and so you have to stay stoic in order to resist, it means you have to resign, to tell yourself that some people have to cry while other dance and laugh. That's hard, i know, but then you will see death as a delivrance the perfect happiness. Yes, a moment where you don't have to bother about anything, where you float peacefully without any worries in your mind.
21 Oct 2003 Lucy/Phil Lucy/Phil will be dead by the end of next week :)
Yay for me!!!
21 Oct 2003 Steve Just checking in. I'm not dead yet, but I probably will be soon. I probably would have killed myself over this past weekend, but when I was faced with the prospect of going through with slitting my wrist, I literally started shivering with fear. I hate my life, but the thought of death still scares me. However, I don't think fear will stop me for long, as one of these days I'll probably feel terrible enough to go through with it.

I'll be slitting my wrist, and from what I heard it is an extremely painful process and can last a long time before you die. I plan to take a lot of prescription strength tylenol and numb my wrist with ice first to decrease the pain.

By the way, is Lucy/Phil dead?
23 Sep 2003 the gay sorry phil. awww man i still can't accept that lucy's dead, phil. i'm gonna go start a religion where people worship the ms. cortina, and people slit themselves, and the men get naked.. uggh there's this fat kid (no offence to anyone) who's just harrassing me and threatening me just because i was gay, and since he's black i'm supposed to be afraid of him (no offence to black people either. fuck, am i going on in a prejudiced rampage?).

he's all just like, "have you ever had a black guy fuck up your face," and i'm like, "leave me alone you asshole, stop eating chicken wings so you won't get fat," what an idiot.
20 Sep 2003 ronwelthy hey steve what a good philosophy. Thinking everything is planned and that because you think about something worse it will always happened. It's like what I think there are the happy people who can make choices and the other who always end doing things they don't want to or things they are obliged to do because there are no more solutions.
Well that's a good idea but please Steve tell me what exactly Tylenol is because it could be useful in my case too
20 Sep 2003 Phil Why am I still here Steve? Well, why is anyone still here, posting on the suicide kit?
I have my reasons for being alive still, and they are nothing to do with this website at all. I do have a life, even if it's not much of one. I have been suicidal for a while and soon, let's just say soon, I may be dead. I think it's ok for me to post here still in my days before my demise. Lucy Cortina is dead, at least in name. I have to go now cos Beyonce is on the TV, shaking
Yes Steve, I'm gay, but have some strange obsession with breasts. I don't actually understand the point of them - they're so soft and gooshy and just lie there, doing nothing.
And yes gay punk, I may have been posting as someone before, lets just say. My boyfriend has changed his name now though, so don't worry about that ;)
And Naomi, we do care, more than you could imagine.
19 Sep 2003 the gay punk hey, phil, are you PC me, coz the guy's name is phil too and he's gay (soooorry for being dumb).
19 Sep 2003 Steve I was curious, so I had to look up the word "pap" after reading your message. Another breast reference, how fitting. Thanks for the response though, if anything there's a slight comfort in knowing I'm not just talking to myself here.

Ok Phil, so was the part about you going off to commit suicide part of the story, because you're still here. I figure I don't have too much longer to go. Well, sometimes I'm not sure if I'll ever commit suicide at all, but my suicidal tendencies swing like a pendulum: I'll think I absolutely have to kill myself and then the urge will disappear for a while, and then it will come back with even more strength, and all the while, the space in between urges is getting less and less lengthy. Some day in the not-so-distant future (could be days, could be months, maybe even years) I'll probably finally become fully set on killing myself and go through with it right then and there. I'm feeling kind of scared and anxious right now, because after weeks of not having any strong urges, I feel as though I'm entering into a really suicidal state again and I may not make it through this time around.

It's unfortunate really. If I were speaking in my position a year ago, I'd have a great self-esteem, high hopes and no suicidal tendencies, but I feel completely different now. I feel as though my existence is a joke and I'm running out of reasons to continue. I'd love to go back to the mindset I had a year ago... perhaps I was ignorant... perhaps things were simply better... but I'm afraid I never can. Something in my mind clicked and ever since then I've been spiraling downward with no control.
18 Sep 2003 ronwelthy hey that's me again, the old ronwelthy, with his weird idea about the meaning of life, well to be true there is no meaning, you just have events who evolve in worst situation. It's like what we learn in philosophy about time, It began whith the Eden garden to finish with the detonations of bomb and the fire of hell. I just say this because I want to get recognition, and even if I am happy to be alive. My only problems is that I always live in my own dreams, imagining stories where I am a hero and I save an innocent girl called Aline, and you could not imagine how frustrated you are when you see her because you know she will never be lying on your side.
Well I know I am just writing about shit, and you don't care about the feelings of a poor little teenager lost in the big world. Well if you want to know more about me you will have to wait

I am almost at the bridge, gotta go now..
If you want to know what happened next just listen to the song Stan....

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