Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jun 2002 billy the freak mouchette i don't believe i have answered your initial question. i will do it now: when childhood dies, the corpses are called adults. simply grow up. it has been said before, and it is true. i feel myself getting closer to death everyday. the moment you are born you begin to die from a mean illness called life. there is no cure for it, but there is plenty of drugs that will make the painful days easier. that is my best advice i can give to anyone.
23 Jun 2002 Mouchette Hi Lucy, Billy, and whoever thinks it's meaningful to be published in this section of my site. It's perfectly fine with me to use already existing texts as a source of inspiration. I am myself recycled from a french film of the 60's. That's where I got the suicide-before-13 thinggy and without it, you wouldn't even be here!.... Only the quality of the text matters, and not how it was made. So Lucy, Billy, do your best and don't be lazy: one of you must win!
23 Jun 2002 billy the freak wow, another morning i see the sun rise. oh no, i didn't get up for the beautiful miracle, certainly not. i just didn't get any sleep. i could give a fuck less if the sun comes up or not. it is always dark, no matter, your attempt to provide light is in vain, for i walk around with my eyes closed anyway. no longer will you char my pale flesh. i have a new sunscreen bitch, it's called fuck off sun. i don't like the moon much either. i would kill to be able to change myself one time, then this bitch does it all the time. you know the moon is a girl, right. she has her time of the month were she bloated (she likes to call it full, full moon not fat, bloated, gassy moon) then she wants to be a bitch and make all these werewolves and crazy people come out. then she gets deppressed because everyone says "blame it on the moon". she brings that shit on herself, and she is cocky about the whole deal. she will come out when the bastard sun is doing his hellish thing, because she knows he can't bust the scene when she's doing her biz. he is over there harrassing the crocodile hunter. (lewis carol, the walruss and the carpenter, excellent poem) but anyway if i had to invite one of them to a party, i would pick the moon, simply because he is an arrogant hot head that thinks the world revolves around him, go figure. i have been saving these pills for three days, i think i will sleep now. good night
22 Jun 2002 Lucy Cortina You knew where my writings come from? I smell bullshit again... so far I haven't heard anyone give an exact place where they come from, as you say.
Look at the music industry. These days they take an old classic song, change the lyrics for the better, add a new 'twist' and generally end up with a better song. That is simply what I have done. And as you will not have heard of it at all in the U.S, it has been nice to teach you it.
Now, lets all stop this nonsense and get on with forms of suicide.
You have made some funny contributions, Billy, and all of this fighting talk rather spoils it all. Lets stop it, eh?

Ps- Well done England in the World Cup!
10 Jun 2002 billy the freak hey i got a piece hate mail the today from someone who shall be nameless. mouchette, i bet that's a person who gets hate mail. my point is this web could or could not be the place to say your final words. as you can see, many people have found a creative outlet (excluding lucy cortina) to share their thoughts of death, perceptions of death, which in fact is a touchy subject to even talk about, let alone get something off their chest. not one time have i seen anyone say "goodbye cruel world" and type the last date of their lives. in fact you see many names return to the site to say something witty or give an update of what's going on with them. i personally feel that mouchette's web site gives children, adults and pretty much any age a place to say hey i'm having troubles right now. furthermore mouchette is a fully interactive web site so check the rest of it out, it is great! ***on a personal note*** every day when i get up from my bed i look at my wrists. i look at the scars of my past. what used to be gaping wounds of emotional agony, hate, and resentment, what is now nothing but healed over guilt. a mound of tissue reminding me i am selfish and sick. i am not saying i don't get depressed i am saying there is much better things, and many good narcotics.
04 Jun 2002 billy the freak (1)

so i jumped on a bus the other day, i felt ill to think of all the strange people i would sit next to on this long ride. i came to a man about seven seats back that smelled of gasoline and dirt. he had a sign around his neck that said our savior is coming. to think and i'm not ready! if would have known i would've got my cat to make some potato salad. i asked him if i could sit down or is this seat saved for jesus. he simply scoffed at me and focused his gaze on the world outside the bus. i sat in the seat behind him. the tint on the windows made the bright shiny people pale or was it the fact that i was finally leaving town? i grew up here. i learned all the important values here. to leave now would be different, it would be some type of evil. fuck no, i'm glad i'm leaving, this city makes me sick. the bus is pretty empty so i think i will take a nap and dream of something great.
06 Jan 2002 Billy Joe Jinkins I have never tried to kill myself before so I wouldn't know the best way to do it. I used to work with a girl that killed herself, she put a pistol to her mouth, so I guess that wouldn't be a bad way to kill yourself. But in exactly 2 weeks what I am gonna do to kill myself is once it gets dark and all my neighbors are alseep I am going to go up on my roof and right out in front of my house I am going to tangle our Christmas lights around my neck as much as I can and then just jump to my death, instant death.
18 Jun 2001 billy jones pill overdose with alcohol
20 Jan 2000 billy jo bob Put a rat in a straw and suck it through the straw eventually it will be caught in your windpipe and from there you will suffocate or be killed by the rat picking at your insides, hence killing yourself. :b
05 Nov 1999 Billy overdose with pills

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