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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Aug 2002 billy this is a variation of a story my grandmother read to me as a child. i decided to make the story more interesting and detailed so that it may appeal to older people. this is going to be a little different. it is going to be a three part entry and i am actually going to capitalize for some reason.

The Bed by the Window PART I

Elsie, a middle aged nurse for Gails Manor Retirement Home was doing her morning rounds and vitals. (Check the pulse on the wrist, take thier pressure and put it on the list.) Elsie often came up with little rhymes for he own amusement. It was safe to say elsie loved her job. She only had one more room to do on her wing before she was off doing some lengthy task she really didn't mind doing. She opened the door to 25C. Mr. O'riley and Mr. O'leary were eating their breakfast of cornflakes, orange juice, and bran muffins. "Just here to get your pulse and blood pressure." Elsie said with a ring in her voice. O'leary welcomed her with a smile that was quite over sized due to the dentures he was wearing. O'riley just grunted and shoved a piece of bran muffin in his mouth. "Do you think you can take a break from that delectable muffin there Mr. O'leary so that i may get your vitals." O'leary laughed at Elsie because he knew the muffins were nowhere near delectable, but closer to detestable. The walk over to O'leary's bed was considerably long, past O'riley's bed, past certain life supporting machines, and around his bed to his right arm, which was his strong side due to the stroke he had on the left side of his brain. The morning light coming in through the huge plate glass window accented every feature and valley in his face. He looked beautiful to her. She worked quickly and gently so that O'leary could get back to his meal. She then moved over to O'riley's bed. O'riley immediately put up a fuss. "You're not coming over here to squeeze the hell out of my arm devil woman" he said in voice that was old and gruff. Elsie just smiled and said "Okay, have it your way i will just get the head nurse and be on with myself", then started for the door. O'rilley then said in a beseeching manner. "Come on, get it over with." Elsie knew that statement would work, it always did when he wanted to challenge her, because O'rilley knows the head nurse has an attitude to match his and then some. The confrontation didn't make Elsie want to do her job in any way less than par, even though the contrast in attitudes of the two patients made her feel kind of ill, elsie was a good nurse. She finished her job, bid them a good day and moved on.
24 Aug 2002 billy lucy honey, having you describe the bigness of your body parts makes me big in certain parts.
suicidalgirl, i am not a member of team death, what the hell is team death?, but thanks for asking.
23 Aug 2002 suicidalgirl Billy, I have a question for you. Are you a member of team death? I thought I saw something about you on their site.
22 Aug 2002 billy i glad you missed me, trust me i am glad to be back. my body was detained, yet... my mind was somehow set free. like sobriety is some new divine drug.
too bad there are no signs of addiction. too bad there are never any signs of me letting up. thank you. anticipate.
11 Aug 2002   Where is billy the freak? I want more entertaining stories!!!!!
19 Jul 2002 billy miss lola emailed me with the the following piece. i enjoyed it, and i am sure you will too.

17 Jul 2002 Billy you can call me MR.B i'm 13 and the best way to kill yourself by ODing (over Dose) on LSD so you have fun the last days of your life
13 Jul 2002 Lucy Billy, me too! I'm going on hols soon, not too far from Mouchette's very own land, although this place will not be serving me any frog legs or baguettes (poo!). However it has plenty of sausages to offer me - but, you know, Lucy Cortina always demands the biggest, juicyest and meatyest sausages.
See you all soon.
And Billy mate - ALWAYS wear a rain coat, if you get my drift.
13 Jul 2002 billy i am sorry, but due to tragic circumstances you will not be hearing from me for the next month or so, not forever. so don't worry your little heart, you can't get rid of billy that easy. i'm hooked.
13 Jul 2002 Suicidalgirl 420 Hello fellow suicidal ppl, its me again (although you probably dont remember me cause i havent posted for awhile, but ive been reading everyones elses posts) I just wanted to say that I agree with the ecstasy thing, its unbelievable how good that drug is. And i also wanted to say that Lucy and Billy you are both really funny. Just my drugs and your stories are enough to keep me alive for now, and ppl say this website causes suicides! I think of this website as a place to say your last words, join together with other suicidal ppl and to just let your anger out. Once again thanx Mouchette for making it possible!
Much love,
Shady 420 a.k.a. suicidal girl
11 Jul 2002 billy mitzy, his birth name is kurt donald cobain. any real nirvana fan would know that kurt was a photographer and a painter. you know that picture on the back of the nevermind cover, the one of chim chim with the explosives strapped to his head, and the raw meat in the back round. that was a portrait he used to describe his first sexual experience when the credits came for cover art he told them to spell it kurdt kobain so that there would be some mystery about his name.if you read the liner notes in the cds you see he spells it many different ways, any one is acceptable. he even went to the point of saying ''i hope they think it was somebody else" to quote the great one. he didn't really like the spot light, we all saw how he handled fame.

annette, it is time to get real, it is a dog eat dog world. so they have no respect for you. they treat you like shit, don't give them the satisfaction of pissing on your grave. rise above it become something better. sure you will always have that weird feeling inside, but soon it will be squashed with better feelings. you should be on a platform touching the stars, not one fathom deep.

ps-anyone with tips on wiping the ass email me.
10 Jul 2002 Mitzy Bitch Hey, um Billy, hun, just thought id mention, its kurdt kobain, not curt cobain..... thanx.. oh and hahahaha i hav a very rare and very illegal recording of them live in japan hahahaha..... RIP Kurdt RIP Roy Rivers, and Kelly and Dona, all four of these xcept roy (my m8s brother) killed themselves, he crashed his car in2 a friggin lorry.... i knew dona, i luved her, my boyf knew kelly, he broke her heart wen she died.... i kno loads of ppl say this kinda stuff on this site, but ive seen it from all angles, all im sayin is think b4 u do it, i mean, once ure gone, ure fukin gone, and u leave lonely ppl behind, i know, im suicidal 2, as bad as it gets, i mean panic attacks in the street, paranoia, self harm, alcohol and drugs (hence the name, mitzy pills), it nums the pain but it never takes it away, fucked up shit ye, and i know wat dona was goin thru especially.... she died on the 26th Febuary 2002. think about how much it hurt me wen i found out, ha funny thing is, she only did it cos her mom topped herself. c how much destruction suicide causes? i know wat thats like in a way, my mom was suicidal wen i was 8yrs old, after my dad left. ye lifes not fair and it fuckin hurts, but every1 deserves help, so wake up kids dont b naive, grow up a little and c it from other ppls eyes, the ppl who ure gonna hurt, sad thing about suicide is, it hurts all the ppl u dont want 2 hurt, i learnt that the hard way... i know its hard 2 talk 2 ppl, so the way i do it is ova the web, its easier.... so u know, if u wanna talk, or just rant, email me, its

peace out
***xxx cez xxx***
10 Jul 2002 odd_orange oh my billy, you have done it once again. u are hilarious! do u do it? anyway, i just had to say that, u crack me up so much it's not even funny. lucy, too. *my stomach feels sort of upset tonight, things aren't digesting as usual... that damned hot salsa i had. but i took heed of the early warnings of it being spicier than my usual medium. (i asked my mom why she got hot instead of medium, and she said she bougth it for future use in some recipe, she later told me after i had opened the jar.) i wish i was informed of that information before i had a last-minute decision to open a new jar of salsa. although she said it was ok that i used some of it, knowing that she would use it later might have deterred me just enough to the point of deciding not to open the jar, therefore preventing any stomach discomfort from eating the my-head-is-going-to-explode-into-an-ooy-goooy-mess-intensely-hot salsa... so i didn't finish the portion i poured myself in the bowl, too hot for me to handle... i put it back into the jar. no worries for the rest of the family though, i do not double-dip my chips.
09 Jul 2002 billy i am back !!! lucy, odd orange emailed me and told me she thought we were both funny. why don't you say something to her because you don't have an email address posted. you have a fan.

so let me tell you where i've been. i unfortunately have a dial up modem, anybody who knows anything about mp3s knows it takes forever for a song to download when you are on dial up. well anyway nirvana is my favorite band. i check the listings for what nirvana songs come on everyday. i get lucky sometimes and get a demo song or a rare live song and that only makes my nirvana collection more complete. happy happy happy. so of course when saw (NIRVANA: METALLICA ENTER SANDMAN COVER <<VERY FUCKING RARE!!!!!!>>) i got steamy in my loins. i attemped to download it. at first it kept saying user not on line. unhappy unhappy unhappy. i kept at it and finally it started to download. i did not move for the whole three hours it took to download. it excited me to think i would be listening to a song i never heard before by nirvana. at last it said download complete. i played the song, it wasn't a nirvana song at all. it was this song about guys having sex with other guys. i was so disgusted. i slammed my keyboard off my desk and broke it. i finally got a new keyboard. that was a rotten joke to play. that wasn't only disrespecting me, but disrespecting nirvana and curt cobain. i have anger problems.

RIP: curt cobain
06 Jul 2002 billy lucy!!!, to see you again makes my bowels move in an explosive way, great to see you. remember they are never too big. that's what the typical american male believes. wow, that puts me in such a great mood i will talk about something depressing.

a man can only take so much before he snaps... his fingers and wishes everything would go away, like some miracle granted from on high. to think people say rock bottom is the lowest you can go. i should get a job being a professional excavator.
28 Jun 2002 girl having violent thoughts hey, mouchette, you are actually writing and posting on your site, that's so cool!! its so neat to see you actually, i've never seen u on the site before, writing i mean. hey, i am just curious, if u read this, how old are u now? anyhow, i dont get this whole lucy and billy thing.
oh, and if anyone has a GUN, and wants to lend it, or sell it to me, please tell me, i will give money.
27 Jun 2002 Lucy Bloody hell.. I've been away, what, 2 days?
I have more important things to worry about, Billy. Plastic surgery is no stroll in the graden, you know.
Talk to you later-
27 Jun 2002 billy the freak hey, maybe lucy killed herself. lucy, say something say anything. where is your fighting spirit. if i were to admit that i had no idea where your writings came from. would you come back? lucy we need you, don't get a life now.
27 Jun 2002 billy the freak lucy, what's wrong? you find hard to be original. you don't have to write stories, just share thoughts or little humorus quips. anything lucy, i'll be waiting.

26 Jun 2002 billy the freak mouchette, are those pictures on this really you? no matter, i have my own image of you that floats in my head. that is enough for me. second, is it pronounced mew shay or moe shet? i must know that. i thought you website was promotion free. i just got hit up with all these traveling promotions , i guess i was wrong about that. sure, maybe i will travel out to amsterdam to see you love, take care all.

ps- which is better pepsi or coke?


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