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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 May 2003 Felicia-Your health guru A cure for deep depression everybody, try it it works.

-Heat up a kettle of water.
-Make a cup of Genmai cha tea.
-Fill a tub up with green tea bath salts
-Soak and forget your worries and troubles of the world
-Do not listen to anything, just deep silence
-Light a candle by the tub, indulge the beauty of the flame and relax.

Do this for the next couple of weeks and find positive results. You will forget you ever wanted to kill yourself.

- Great for all ages.

03 May 2003 Felicia Want excercise? Get a wet doggie.

There I was, tired with frustration and observing the wet dog. “Clint!” I yelled out. The dog was trying out my patience again, running frantically in circles around the pool. It was as though he was a helpless child that dropped a prized toy in the bottom of the pool. Actually it was one of those red Kongs; a rubber-like ball the shape of a pyramid shaped “Devo” hat. I wondered, now where can I locate that pool net? I checked the sauna room, nothing; I checked the room that operated the Jacuzzi pump with heater and sauna jets, nothing. More impatient, my brain lost all sense of memory and then a light bulb appeared on my head. Check behind the Cabana, and alas! There it was! I went down the steps by the Cabana and dragged a long pole, about ten feet long to the edge of the pool. With determination I eyed the “kong” at the bottom of the pool, penetrating the net all the way down by the drain. Instantaneously, I tried to scoop the Kong with the net, but it fell over despite the great effort. Augh!! I grunted in exasperation. Running back and forth around the pool, flowers, Jacuzzi rocks, while stampeding over me, like a wet elephant, as I lay to get the Kong, Clint, jumped into the shallow part of the pool and got wet. It was as though a bear with wet fur was frolicking around the lake for its prey. Out of frustration Clint stopped and eyed the Kong, coming up with the net, from the bottom of the pool. I gently glided the Kong to the shallow part of the pool within Clint’s distance. There he began prodding his face into the pool from the ledge, and using paws trying to scoop the Kong up.
And for the third time it fell to the bottom of the pool again.
With the fourth attempt out of frustration I grabbed the Kong myself and threw it down the pebbled stairs. Forgetting to close the slide door as Clint ran into the house with wet and muddy paws on beige white carpet, I sighed temporary relief, then closed the gate on a cold chilly evening.

So much for previous carpet steam cleaning and wet dog.
28 Apr 2003 Felicia is a squeegie Madam Lucy. Please don't do away with yourself. You have much charming assets and why let them go to waste? Underneath the charming jewels is a bubbling beauty with full lips and a Marilyn Monroe figure. Just remember, you need to keep your diamond collection to a minimum. Don't go flashing them or you will attract "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves". It's the terrorists getting to you. Their sexist remarks are dampening our lifestyle. And as for Saddam Insane, never mind him. He's probably rummaging through his oats. Or was that wheat and barley?
03 Jan 2003 Lucy Cortina Ps - I thought Kylie Minogue wasn't very.. er... 'big' in America, Felicia?
I thought the Americans deemed her too sexy and so expelled her from your number? (much like myself, when my affair with Bush gets out, no doubt)

Mind you, America gave the world Britney Spears - Mrs Plastica Titties, of which I am the anti to.
What have we ever done that is so wrong to deserve such torture?

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