Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Sep 2009 Felicia the don't feel so Great I stand dumbfounded and perplexed, again weeping alongside Billy the Freak. My plastic face becomes immortalized. I sit at the Bar of Mouchette, to get pounced away once more with the joke of Tiffany diamonds promised to me and finding that they were nothing but a fake.
A screaming of blasphemy yells behind me. I am haunted everyday. I wake up every morning and see the sun rise piercing my eyes. I run for life and I don’t turn back. I wreath in hate and disparity for the rest of the days of my life as I was scorned away by the depths of uncertainty.
I cannot erase my words, but they are not carved in stone. I might as well finish it off by dying of old age. I don’t own Mouchette, never had, never will. I miss you Billy the weeping Freak. I miss you Lucy Cortina. My personality keeps changing. I am not the same. But I’m not going to die, if I am, I’m already dead inside.
We walk amoungts the living dead. We make our own lives. We babble until we can’t babble enough. But I know for certain we have much in common. We all bleed in our own little way.
06 May 2008   what happened to Felicia the Great?? I miss reading her entries. Where are you Felicia??
23 Apr 2007   felicia the great:

did you finnally get your tiffany diamonds?
21 Apr 2007 Felicia The Great It's Felicia the Great again!
I guess it's safe to come back here. Some idiot was posing as and it didn't really phase me.

Where have Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak gone? Nobody knows.
08 Feb 2007 FROM ROAD TO HELL AND BACK Hey Sicko!

I used to go out with Felicia The Great and you know what, She's much smarter than you think.

15 Nov 2006   hoplessness.
that is what i have observed from your writings.
felicia actually thinks she has hope. you should tell her she is terribly mistaken. she is engaged now. i dont know. now that she has someone in life maybe she wont kill herself after all. hope it lasts.
14 Nov 2006 a pic of an ass in my inbox. dont kill yourself over some spam kids. it isnt worth it. it is just a pic of an ass in your inbox. mouchette wont quit sending it to people when they post here.

according to what felicia said everyone that comes here is getting thier inboxes filled with spam.
so i wont put my email addie down.

dont kill yourself over some spam kids. it isnt worth it.
27 Jun 2006 Felicia on Lisa Frito Boob Envy Dear Lisa Frito,

Why kill yourself over the salami sandwich I ate from the break room?

It was 2 weeks old! I was a charity case.

It was left there for days.

And by the way, Lucy Cortina heard rumor about your silicon implants. She is rather disturbed. You have the real ones. I said,!!! You have tomatoes that will stay pert for years.

Mine will sag someday. One day, I will go shopping and will have to look for a support bra and mistakenly buy a double jock strap returned by some hermaphrodite down on her/his luck because they were turned down by Hugh Hefner's video audition.

Then I will arrive home, use it for a week and get boob rash from jock itch.

Lucy!!! Help me on this one!!!
24 Apr 2006 Felicia The Great To the people inclined to hate me!

So yes you may say that I post stupid posts on this website but...

...That's what I do. And do you know why? (Not involving Lucy Cortina or Billy the Weeping Freak. But to the KNOWN CRITIC who promises a freaking rose garden to me, a diamond, and LATER gives me lip and calls me a cunt because I refused to bone him!)

All because my boobs are bigger than all the girls that he HE-WHORE’s with and he is just freakin jealous. The only time he masturbates is with bread and later he calls it his ham sandwich. I could tell him to eat me, but he can eat himself.

In the long run, he might enjoy it. But if he is flexible enough, he can do an encore by leaving a suicide note, sticking his nose up his ass, and farting his way to Jamaica.
25 Mar 2006 Felicia The Great The majority of people who want to commit suicide is over an ex or rejection, young or old.

I want to make this clear to you, "Why are you killing yourself over this person?"

--You may cut and paste my comment--

Ask yourself this at least a thousand times. As you become used to saying this, give your ex or whoever rejected you a call or email and reply, "Listen, I know everyday you see yourself in the mirror and poop and pee like everybody else. I know you pick your nose, scratch your ass, pick your teeth, fart, masturbate, and do no-no's when nobody else is looking. So don't deny yourself. In three hundred years, it's not going to matter even in the afterlife or whatever). Then say to this person "I Love You!" and if they reply negatively or without response, then you made your point clearly.

And you only need to do it ONCE!

--Now don't you forget to cut and paste!--
08 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great It's amazing how people out there can be so cruel and talk to you like your some complete idiot and they don't even know you. Just remember this one phrase... Respect yourself.

And to the guy who is rich and thinks he can have all the gorgeous women in the world because he has MONEY... and he calls them whores. But never offers me that Tiffany ring as promised... Remember Gaucho Amigo...

"If you lick a rich woman and she is enjoying it, then many riches to you for she'll probably offer you a genuine rolex watch."

Good luck in searching, by then you probably will win the lotto. But there is 1 in a million chances that you will get lucky. Sorry to note, I am not one of those chosen few.

Life is too short, so don't waste your precious time on some gal like me.
10 Nov 2005 The Dude dear mouchette
this suicide thing has turned to crap.all people do hear is make jokes nad have dumb ass fuckers saying u make me sick.U should bring back everbody like just a girl lucy felicia emily will the gay guy and everybody because i miss them and they havent posted in so long.And for all u other people suicide is no fuckin joke so dont fuckin joke about it.
10 Sep 2005 felicia George the best way is to not kill ursself at all and to suck it up b/c thats what being a teens about and if some1 is hurting u get help and don't wait no matter how much they say they'll hurt u get help now it can't be any worce then what u wanna do to ur self
10 Mar 2005 Felicia If you rly want to kill yourself, just over dose on extesicy. trust me it works, really good. its only about $7.50 a pill and all you need is pry 5. you get so creeped out that you forget about life and you die. so try that
11 Dec 2004 Felicia On Deductive Reasoning Violence And Christmas Shopping * Alert
Today I was walking in a shopping mall. At around 7 pm (Pacific Standard Time) a flurry of teenage boys stood kitty corner in front of a knife store and were exchanging hostile words. It was turning into a nasty fight. One of the girls by the cell phone booth yelled out "SECURITY!" The crowd witnessing the fight became curious and hung around. There I was trying to go through a standing crowd. I said to myself, "Why are these freaking idiots standing around looking at the fight? Get out and move on because someone may pull a knife or gun unexpectedly!" I became annoyed, moved quickly to avoid a brawling stampede, and continued to the nearest Bath & Body Works department store.

If you see a fight developing in a public place or happen to drive by an accident on a highway, keep moving.

In this crazy, crazy hostile world, use deductive reasoning.

For survival, watch for these common everyday high risk factors.

1.) Keep your eyes open in front and back of you. Don't use tunnel vision. Blinders are meant for horses going around on a whirly bird treadmill.

2.) Watch what you say in public. Bitter words stir up strife. If the person is continously picking on you, move on. If you are unable to avoid the situation, go to security or any person who can help you. Don't argue with the hostile nincompoop.

3.) Don't run with scissors.

4.) Tie your shoes to avoid tripping. Untied shoes are not in style anymore and it makes you look really foolish.

If you avoid hazards, then you are on your way to staying alive longer.

If it is the opposite, consider this your own suicide kit.
08 Dec 2004 Felicia The Great Garry,

You are so imaginative and creative with your beautiful persona of the moon. Send more of your writings because your creative thoughts bring much color to those who only see black and white.

Dear Girl with the A cup bra,

Lucy Cortina has a list of bras you can pick from. I asked her for the inflatable kind. That way you don't have to worry about painful silicone breast implants or pasting rubber boobies on your chest with rubber cement.

Dear Phil,

I know the men out there think I am another eccentric woman on the rampage for silicone-injected boobies. These men out there don't know that I going insane with their cantankerous accusations to keep my chest real and to let it all hang out with old age. They don't realize how bad it can be for my back. If my aging sagging knockers were any lower and I threw them over my shoulder, I would have to contact the designers of Versace or Louis Vitton and suggest they create the over the shoulder double "knocker" purse with piercing double brass buckles.
06 Dec 2004 joe lee i am chineese. please excuse mine english. please consider coming to china and be my sexual slave before you kill yourself. email me.
and felicia year of the monkey. you know in china we say in year of monkey woman must wrap feet. chineese custom.
28 Oct 2004 One Weird Ass Mother Fucker Thanks Felicia, that was pretty good advice. Unfortunately, my anger is feigned. I'm not really angry at stupid suicidal peeps, I just vent here for some odd reason. I don't know what I'm really angry at....... so unfortunately that anger probably won't be put to practical use. But thank you for realizing that I am superior. Yay.

So you're a Sailor Moon fan eh? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm WAMP!!!!!!!
25 Oct 2004 Phil Quite right Felicia! I speak from experience as I was the first contestant of the UK Big Brother to have gay sex on TV. It was in all the papers and I was denounced as a demon, so I drifted into a life of fantasy and boobies. It's a lot more interesting.
24 Aug 2004   Felicia my dear,
I must commend your arguments. You are right! I would never go down to East Palto Alto (excuse my spelling) and yell out "niggers!!"
But do you know why this is? It's because I'm white. And I'm rich. I would NEVER go down to East Palto Alto because I don't need to live in a stinking ghetto. Being shot in the face by an angry crack-whore isn't really an issue for me...
Sure, an uneducated person is about as normal as an educated person... they're just dumber. And they have to live in the streets.

Much more than this....
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