Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jan 2022 Sabine Drown in your tears
10 Dec 2021 seb just found out killing yourself actually makes you die. wtf bro
28 Nov 2021 Set free Found this when I was probably 20 years old. I'm 37 now. And I'm still carving and cutting into my skin. Places unseen. Reasons? People on this property. A self centered so called brother. An all about her fk what the situation is so called abandoning mother. Don't ask. I won't tell. But I hope you do. Just one person. To show that just one gives af about me.
28 Nov 2021 Lemon Kreem drown yourself. overdose on your parents medications. stick a fork in an outlet. take a bath with a toaster. run into traffic. hang yourself. all of these i attempted/thought of under 13, all plausible.
03 Nov 2021 c.a ive always wanted to sort of introduce myself to the crowd and tell me story so now im going to. hi im 13 and in the 8th grade. i have ocd, depression, generalized
anxiety, adhd, add, and bipolar. im pretty fucked. my depression really started to be there when i went into middle school. when you start being told how much u should weigh, or how to dress or how to look. ive had 2 suicide attempts. first one was june 6 2021 i had it planned for forever but before it hadn't gotten to that point i was scared to die. but at that time i wasn't and i still am not. i did it by taking 50 benerdryls with a arizona green tea. i woke up around 7 ( i took the pills that night) i woke up around 7 and felt an insane dizziness every movement felt like i had to use all my energy to do so. i was able to get to my living room and shout for help before i had a seizure. my stepdad was awake for work and found me , he started screaming which woke my mom up. he held me in his arms while my mom frantically called the police. i ended up in the icu because my heart was all over the place. i did an outpatient program and got diangnosed and put on several different medications. my second attempt was september 1st 2021. i took 28 bendryl this time. i texted my bsf her letter she texted me frantically and begged me to text my mom so i did. i sent a text saying "i took some pills please dont be mad¨ i had a massive headache but by the time i sent that text my mom was asleep. such a scary thing to wake up to. she woke me up witht he sound of her voice calling 911. she was scared and u could tell. my heart rate was at 180 and higher. once i got to the hospital they flushed me out. i got out into an inpatient program for 8 days. i met lovely people in there. and now im in an intensive out patient program. and thats my story as of now. idk that felt so good to say out loud lol i keep it a secret at my school as i will get builled if anybody were to find out.
20 Oct 2021 im so high im seeing god and i am 1. become corrupted, let it slowly rot you
2. remain broken and allow yourself to be defined
5. become one with bad thoughts always to remind you
(even when the past is far behind)
4. allow your evil to consume you
1. until you know youve lost your mind
04 Oct 2021 Saul Sullivan By having parents that are rarely every emotionally there for them. The will to jump off a building just to see how it feels grows faster that way.
02 Oct 2021 Araceli Be me
25 Jul 2021 amy how do you people keep finding this website

maybe the same way i did?
24 Jun 2021 Chebba You start doing more Math out of school. Quite painful and certainly not a fast mortem.
29 May 2021 a firey comet There was a guy i know. We did radio shows together. All sorts of educational topics. From raising chickys to chickens and all the way to the hot grease to diy mechanic help if you call in. On one of the programs i noticed he was not himself. He started talking about mushrooms. The magical ones. He spoke on a pineo gland in your brain and hiw it becomes calcified but the shrooms restore your brain and now you can dream again. The next show he said he was taken up in the stars and shown everything. He had met king david in the bible and told him he had been chosen for the upcoming war. Next show he was coming to terms that he was the chosen one and he had all the powers of Jesus. Later that week he was put into a mental institute for the criminally insane. Its part psych ward and part maximum security prison. Its not safe in there. Some people in there are x military. They tried to go home after the war but they keep flipping out and as soon as someone gets hurt they get shipped here. And they think they are a P. O. W. Always trying to escape. Always trying to kill everyone. Anyway, im not going to tell you what he did to get in there. But he cant even wipe his own ass now. They have him in a straight jacket. All this guy wanted to do was expand his mind, but he got seduced by devils giving him visions thru the mushrooms. They got him believing he was jesus. And now he is locked away where no one can really help him. Only pump him full of drugs to keep him calm. Slow motion calm. He wont ever get out. And he shouldnt as he is a danger to himself and others. He wants to be crucified. He cant do it by himself so he wants to find someone to help him.
29 May 2021 grugio A recent study claims people who suffer from chronic depression and masturbate frequently can find some relief from depression by sort of, self medicating. Another study concludes long term chronic masturbation leads to depression.
I know. Its a vicious cycle. And its got your head messed up, dont know if you are coming or going. You start taking extremely long showers. You stop socializing. You may even fake an illness to miss school or work. And before you know it you are down the road breaking in to the neighbors house and sniffing all the panties. Its at this point you are wreckless and careless.
18 May 2021 peeping tom fantasy #3 Outside my window. Constant rain crackeling and splashing. Rolling thunder. Gently rolling causing a soothing and relaxing vibration from the rumble. Lightning flashes so bright it lights up everything like day. And all of the sudden there is a man in a black hoodie looking in my window. Crawling in my window. Swinging a crow bar at my head. Sleep.
22 Apr 2021 lulu continue the natural course of life separated from the whole and never grow back into it my year of solitude and rest
03 Mar 2021 Manolo Chajon la mejor manera es enamorandose asi podemos morir sentimentalmente y volvwer a renacer como una persona nueva el suicidio no es la mejor manera por que el regalo es la vida y si lo vemos como una asquerosidad es por que no valoramos la vida e sentido la preocupacion dentro de mi como todos pero solo una persona de 15 se suicida esto no es bueno para las personas que amamos por que le hacemos sentir que en verdad la vida para nosotros no vale nada asi como tal algunos piensa enfoquen su ira en lago que les guste si no enfoca tu furia, ira, tristesa lo que sea en convertirla en paz.
14 Feb 2021 sue Nita, whoever she is... I wish I knew I would lead a worthless, parasitic life and suffer every second because I am unloved forever. I want all this pain to end so though I yearn for a painless death, I am okay if I can trigger someone to kill me instantaneously.
11 Feb 2021 mark overdose. been there done that
05 Feb 2021 A friend Before, when I was young, I didn't what life meant
To me I had no flaws, no dents

I saw the world with innocent eyes,
Not thinking whether one lives or dies

To me we were all the same,
Then the society slowly made me go insane

I felt emotions I couldn't describe,
Ones I didn't know how to disguise

It slowly came upon me how different I was,
And different meant inferior just because

I made some and lost some people known as friends,
Who made me feel the worst bends

Scrolling through social media I think she's pretty,
'Why couldn't I be like her?', what a pity

Then I realised it's all labels by society,
Who thought others as worse just because of anxiety

We are all selfish and single-minded and judgemental and small,
But at the end of the day, it wouldn't matter at all

Just enjoy whatever monstrosity we're living in,
Maybe in someone's dream or as someone's twin?

No one knows what this is and we can't change everyone,
Look out, there might be someone who would love you a ton
09 Dec 2020 marla let your past self die. become and grow into something new.
25 Oct 2020 XXXXX since i was 13 ive been looking up the most painless and effective way to die (thats actually how i came across this website over the years: found on oct 2017) 9 years later i have finally settled upon a method but its illegal and hard to get. its the only thing that is foolproof as well as painless but no one has lived to share. someone once said your last seconds being painful is irrelevant if you're already suffering

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