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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Nov 2022 lol being depressed is fun. Obtain some scars, and cry and have sex to fill the hole
27 Nov 2022 Paul bunyon Long ago before the petrol combustion engine, there were men, real men. They were called timber fellers, loggers, and these were masters of deforestation only wielding an axe. To move the timber they floated them down rivers. Sometimes the logs would turn and cause a back up of logs called a log jam. These were deadly to clear so logs could be transported. Today we have a different kind of log jam. This is when you are desperately trying to make it in time, with your bum bum muscles clenched tight blocking the natural flow of logs. I experienced such a log jam this very morning. Once the jam was cleared the logs went from a dead still to a violently rapid flow that was so impressive it could have nullified any negative stigma engrained in the human psyche which could have changed the very culture of our society. Broken down walls even. So please, lettuce publicize our log jam clearing. Its a powerful force, from deep, deep down. 💩💩💩
26 Sep 2022 Зови меня Y
Хм...я конечно не задумывалась над этим вопросом.Мне это впринципе не нужно.Но..я считаю,что лучше умереть во сне.Тихо и спокойно.Можно перепить чего-то.Я определенно точно не знаю ответа на этот вопрос:_)
09 Aug 2022 4745 days. Not counting leap year days because I dont know when you were born but yeah, 4745 days is all the days you will have lived at 13 years old.

Thats not very many days. At 26 years old its only a little over 9k days.

Lettuce say someone lives a long life. Even that number of days lived is not super impressive. What can we say then? Life seems long to us as we live it out, day by day. But the truth is no one gets to live long. We tell our selves when I get old...
Truth is, you only get so many days. And 4745 days is just not very long.
23 Jul 2022 fliwer i did it wit blades. i dont want to die but many people think i do. in fact, i sometimes overplay it. its not good, i know(
i cant do anything with it and i think some ppl may understand me
12 Jun 2022 i can never be me, so... idc. Everyday, 2 times a day, I experience time warps. In the morning, there is an hour and a half I cannot account for. In the evening 3 hours ... Gone. The days do not seem as long either.
30 May 2022 dumbshrimp study without rest
29 May 2022 a lonely lonely telemarketer Life as a telemarketer. I live in constant fear. If people find out what i do for a living, well when I told a man at the supermarket, he punched me in the mouth. Turns out he was a boxer. Heavyweight class. I never saw it coming. I just woke up on the floor with lips split wide open and teeth in the back of my throat. I also live un fear that someone I call at work is going to track me down and kill me. So I use a fake name at work. One guy told me on the phone that I dont do anything useful for society to support my life and family. He also said if I had a family he feels bad for them having such a worthless waste of space on earth, such as myself, for them to look up too. And I have given it much thought. I do not do a single thing even worthy of being called a service to society. In fact, its a dis-service. No one wants telemarketers calling them, or even talking to them in the supermarket. I guess I should get a real job .
29 May 2022 the freaks come out at night. Remember the days before cell phones? Land lines, phone booths... Please deposit your pockets contents to make a call. And what about pagers? Ahh the demise of many drug dealers came from pagers. They thought they were so cool, the big baller shot caller, and then the cops figured out how to hack that shit. Now we have mail order pharmacuticals without a doctor having authorized it. You can even order humans to exploit any way a sick fuck might desire. Read the headlines, they are snatching up kids. Everywhere. Its mainly for evil poloticians doing their devil worship rituals and they pretend they are clueless but its really them. Globally. Taking childrens innocence and then murdering them, and drinking their blood.
22 Apr 2022 above average, but not by much, crack whore. This vvebsite has been around long enough for a 13 year old to die of old age. At least thats what my mumsie told me. When I was 13. But here I lay in bed, to old and brittle to get up. I need to take my low dose aspirin and take a nap. Have a great dae.
14 Apr 2022 kira what is being alive anyways ? what do you consider being dead ?? to me i am already dead.
but its not like my opinion matters!!!!
14 Apr 2022 kira the first time i thought about suicide was when i was 9
i wished i didnt wake up almost every day
29 Mar 2022 amory i hate it when people look at me
i feel threatened
i feel it will all go away if i die
i deserve to die
24 Mar 2022 g i wish u didnt die winona
23 Mar 2022 tele-scammer reverse psycologist ninja MF Step one. Try to become satisfied with any thing the world has to offer. Go out and fully experience the desires of your heart. Withhold nothing from yourself. You will be well on your merry way to self destruction.
16 Mar 2022 c.a hi this is c.a its been a while. much thanks to soup. i only just saw that message. its nice to know people care. i recently have been feeling better. but i think its cause i rely my happiness on other people because when im all alone all those dark thoughts come back. i recently met a guy. he makes me really happy. we just started talking. i havent fully opened up but im sure hell be ok with all my flaws. i think im finally getting over my ex. the depression that i usaully talk aboout here hasnt been to bad. i did relapse in febuary but i havent cut since. i havent been to sucidal. i hope ur doing well mouchette. whoever u r i hope ur okay.
24 Feb 2022 error code 1113 The truth must be told. No longer shall the false idea be a popular misconception. Taking pills and peacefully dying without pain... Maybe if you take pain pills, but when you overdose, you actualy feel extremely ill. And thats because you have been poisoned. Its very possible it will be one of the worst experiences of your life. But all this is not a deal breaker. Just watch the first episode of star trek deep space 9. You will be without a pulse in less than 30 minutes.
06 Feb 2022 Kill me I have my methylphenidate by my bedside and I await to overdose with my girl Anika, we've both been on suicide watch 5 times, and we want to end it for real. This may be the last anyone sees of me, so goodbye beautiful humans.
15 Jan 2022 cockman109 Make breakfast
07 Jan 2022 person when i was 12 i tried to kill myself by overdosing but i was stupid and just grabbed a random pill bottle, i took a bunch of melatonin which is to help you sleep. i did not die but instead just was asleep for like a day and when i awoke i just went on with my life as normal lol. if you read this pls add me on discord im lonely wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww#9873

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