Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Dec 2001   It depends on whether you live in a city or the suburbs. If you live in an apartment building 8 stories or more high jump off the roof. It will be easy to do even if the door to the roof is locked because all you have to do is go at night and tell the doorman you want to look at the stars and they will let you go up no problem. If you live in a house with a garage it's even easier, just steal the car keys, turn on the ignition and take a nap. (Carbon monoxide caused by the car exhaust building up inside the car and garage). If you can't use one of those 2 methods jump in front of a train. Carbon monoxide is really the best method but hey you take what you can get...

Serious note here: IF YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS DON'T DO IT. If there's anybody in this world who you care about and who cares about you, you have no right to kill yourself. The horrible thing about suicide is that it hurts the exact people you don't want to hurt, those who have been nice to you, those who like you. If you genuinely have not a single person who cares about you (and ask around because you may be more important to others than you think!)(pets count as people by the way, in fact a loved one's death can hit them harder as they have no way to understand why or how it happened) then go ahead and kill yourself.
12 Dec 2001 Andy All I have to say is I am not under 13 but I am very suicidal and i have tried 5 times before turned 13. There are many reasons to do that and I am not saying that you should I am just saying that it is normal but go get some help first or email me
05 Dec 2001 dingboy i'm not unhappy. life is fine. however i don't have anything wrong with suicide. granted, i think it's fucked up, and that suicidal people are weak, but i have nothing wrong with it. trust me though, i've been through shit. this year my mother and grandfather both died. i got through it.

know how??
because i know that suicide is nature's way of ruling out the emotionally weak. survival of the fittest, i say. and although i think killing yourselves is the wrong decision, i may be able to help..

first though, consider what you have to live for, and don't just say "nothing" like some sad and depressed textbook goth. think. is there ANYTHING YOU'VE GOT TO LIVE FOR?

if you can't think of anything, smoke a blunt and clear your mind of thoughts- then, put on your favorite non depressing music and simply savour being alive at that moment. don't think about how "everyone hates you" or "i'm a fat slut", just savour.

if you want me to help, email me. i'll listen, and helping will probably make me happy. honestly...

didnt work?

here's how to end your life.
pills NEVER WORK. ODing on sleeping pills will not make you fall asleep... you will pass out and spit up blood in the hospital a day later. slitting your wrists almost never works, even in a warm bath. you'll pass out and wake up in a cold, red bathtub. electrocution will be the most amazingly painful thing you'll ever experience, and most likely you won't die. if you jump, you WILL reconsider in mid air, garanteed. EVERY SINGLE person who has survived a suicide jump has said they reconsidered in midair, and people have survived drops that were thousands of feet high. drinking poison shit won't work either, and you'll be in extreme pain in the hospital for months, unable to die. even shooting yourself in the head might not work... instead, you could wake up braindamaged and unable to try again.

how then??
here's how. steal your parents car and drive to somewhere deserted. attach a vacuum cleaner tube to the exhaust pipe and bring the other end into your car through the window (make sure the rest of the car is airtight). drink a shitload of vodka, smoke a blunt, and listen to your favorite music. in 5 minutes you will pass out and eventually die, unconscious.

remember however, that you won't be "making anyone sorry" or happy if you kill yourself, nor will you make any impact on society at large... you'll merely drift off and be forgotten. keep it in mind.

if you are having ANY second thoughts or questions however, email me and we can talk it over.

26 Nov 2001 marie et nat meme si c'est une question qui est tres d'actualité tout etre humain dont la vie est en peril a le droit a un secours.l e suicide n'est jamais une liberation. la mort nous cree a la vie en nous l'otant un jours... n'essaye pas davancer ton heure, elle arrivera quand il le faudra. le suicide reste un geste de souffrance par qqun qui est en perte de ses moyens! j'espere qu'on aurai de tes nouvelles! ne te tue pas, la vie est trop belle! on tient a toi ;) bizoux marie et nat!!
21 Nov 2001 myrh WHEN YOURE UNDER 13, U SHOULD B HAPPY, RIGHT?? WELL... THAT'S WAT I THOUGHT, ALTHOUGH I WASN'T, I'M ONLY 14 NOW, BUT I CAN REMEMBER DAYS WEN I WAS 7, AND ASKED MY PARENTS HOW I COULD KILL MYSELF. The truth is, is that some people are born with chemical embalances, and it's hard to see, and go through, i'm still suffering badly, and i've attempted suicide more times than i can count, because of all of this, i am addicted to pain, i cut and burn my legs and arms. i let guys abuse me, and i don't care, my father beats me, and my mum doesn't care. there are people who care, not just cause they're paid to, but i push them aways, i get in shit with the police all the time, and i lived on the streets for a while. There are soo many ways to kill yourself, but the truth is, is that more often than not, ur unsuccesful, and in many cases u can be left with many life ruining damages, which just make u feel worse. I know im being a hypocrit when i say this, but u should go get help, if ur thinking of suicide, no matter how much i hate talking, and it hasn't done anything for me, at least give urself a chance, u owe it to u! i hope u all understand what i mean, i'm sure u do, if any one ever needs to talk, or wants sum 1 there for them, i'll do my best, my email is and my name is myrh, thank you for your time
04 Nov 2001 Rhian I think it's a bit weird, this site, because you are all missing the point that you DON'T have to commit suicide. You feel you have to because when the pain you experience exceeds the resources or defensive walls you've built, you need to feel relief. But relief is a FEELING, and to FEEL you need to be ALIVE. If you wanna talk about anything, email me.
23 Oct 2001 IndoChine All I can say is this: I tried to end my own life when I was very young...12, 13, 14.... and thought of it all the time for a long time... I am 20 now and relatively happy, content, glad to have lived through all that pain and turmoil. I wish I could hold and heal and comfort every single one of you who has contemplated suicide. I know what a lonely place it is, the anger and the frustration and the pain... I wish I could look you all in the eyes and tell you how much I care about your well being. I wanted to email you each individually, but I couldn't, so instead I'm offering what quite a few others here have offered: email me if you ever want someone to talk to. I'll respond to anyone who writes. I only wish I could save you from the circumstances that have brought you to the edge of life... I sincerely love you all right now because I have been you... if you need me, write. or
08 Oct 2001 ArtistBeenThere Hey, you can kill yourself anytime. Why not hang around for a few more years and see what happens. The way you can do this is: pharmaceuticals. Really. Antidepressants (Prozac, bla bla) can change your perceptions. It is worth a try. When you feel a little better you can make some art and otherwise annoy the world. Get a tatoo. Pierce your nose. Shave your head.
08 Oct 2001 Feeling Better, thanks Doc! I feel terrible right now, but I know that things can only get better. Get this; I am good looking, have a University education, and think about "offing" myself daily since quitting my job, a close family member dying, and my fiancee becoming an ex fiancee (she was just a bitch anyhow), but I WILL NOT DO IT. Do not let the world win! Why? First, those who love you will freak. (YES THEY WILL) Secondly, those who dislike you will laugh. (FUCK THEM) Don't give them the opportunity to do so. If the pain is too great, it simply means that your pain has to decrease, or your coping mechanisms to cope with pain have to increase. Go see your doctor and tell him "I feel suicidal". He will do something to help you immediately, guaranteed. If he doesn't, fire him, he's incompetent, therefore go see another doctor. Don't surf the net, go see a doctor, a real HUMAN BEING.
27 Sep 2001 Martha read the article here:
You'll read why some ways are better then others
16 Sep 2001 sj hi guys,
I've spent the past hour reading everyone's message and their tips on the different ways to commit suicide. Let me say, none of them have surprised me since I've spent many hours contemplating the same things. However, I think that I've learned a few things in my 21 years on this earth. I know that this will sound corny but I've learned that things will get better and you can always start over. In my life, I've had a lot of unfortunate things happen to me and I've felt like killing myself many, many times but I try to hold on to my belief that tomorrow is a new day and I have the ability to change my destiny. All of you who are thinking about killing yourself, please listen to me for one more minute. Killing yourself is not worth it. You are precious and your life is precious. I know that most of you are young. Just think of what great potential you all have. You can go to college and become whatever you want. Or, if you don't want to go to college, there are tons of other things you can do that would make you happy. Please don't take the coward's way out. You are worth so much more than that. Remember, you have the ability to change things around. Just stand up and fight. Please don't give up. Also, please email me at if you need help, advise, or just someone to listen or speak to. Take care of yourself and each other and drink pepsi, not coke.
10 Sep 2001 ********** Hey, I do not think that suicide is some joke. my boyfriend commited suicide last month. he seemed so happy. the best way he thought was to hang himself. he thought no one loved him except for me then i am moving so his one support was living. I want to die to each day, I want to be with him but I get through it. I don't know how long i will live but any one who needs help to deal wth things can email me. I don't want anyone to go through the same pain as I. just hold on
08 Sep 2001 LalartuAkhkharu don't attempt to hang yourself, although everyone has access to rope it is not a good idea. I have heard stories of young children attempting to hang themselves. Their small bodies dont provide enough weight to snap their necks, the simply either get really bad rope burn and fall, or they suffocate, which takes a while
08 Sep 2001 Christy First of alll, let me begin by saying that this is not a lecture. I am not speaking "down to you" and I am not passing judgement. I also have been suicidal.

I experienced my first bout with suicide at age 12. As I type this, I just celebrated my 20th birthday--20 years of struggling uphill. I know what it is like to face odds seemingly greater than anyone can overcome.

What I would like to share with everyone is a little piece of wisdom that I have learned along the way. Sometimes even choked on it. Life as you know it today is not life as it is tomorrow. Things are constantly changing and the situations that you are facing now will not be the ones that you may be facing tomorrow. Our lives change with every breathe that we take, so then with that in mind, what is occurring in your life that you think can't change? What is making you think that suicide is the only answer?

If anyone out there ever needs to or wants to talk, please email me. I can assure you that I won't judge, laugh at you, or whatever. I am a person who merely wants to help you.

Sincerely, Christy
07 Sep 2001 hold onto life I've heard a lot of people say you shouldn't kill yourself because it would hurt those who are close to you. That is a terrible reason not to commit suicide. It's the typical sacrifice yourself for others crap which pervades so much of our society. I say, do what makes you happy, don't cater to the wants of others. Of course, if you're completely unhappy and want to end your life because all you feel day after day is this terrible pain eminating from your heart, I can relate to you. Sometimes I think the only way to end the pain is to take a 9mm to my forehead and pull the trigger. But I know things will be better in the future, if you take action and quit wallowing in your own sorrow. I think the best way to end depression is to find someone to fall in love with. Of course, getting your heart broken time after time causes many people to commit suicide, but hold on, there's someone out there who will love you and won't break your heart. And no, it's not Jesus or some bullshit fictional character made up by others to control you, it's another human being who will love you for your uniqueness and your individuality. It's just a matter of finding her (or him). There are a lot of resources on the web to help you find that person... write to me if you want to talk or need help in finding that special person who can pull you out of depression and make you happy.
03 Sep 2001 Lonely Guy Don't do it. It isn't worth it. Just hang on for awhile and seek help. Life can get better. Not matter what life throws at you, it can and will change for the better.
03 Sep 2001   Here's the answer... Wait a day, a week, a year. As a sufferer from major depression, I often deal with suicide thoughts. Often thinking about the pain for those you leave behind is enough to stop me from ever going beyond first base. Believe me when I was thirteen I had a pretty bad life. But not as bad as some. Abused as a child, learning disabled, and living in a bad home, I can sympathize with someone who might be contemplating it. Ultimately, though it's not worth it. I mean think about it. Your are a special person who has ever right to be here. One day you will be able to decide what your life is about and what you do with it. Right now there are many things opening up to one at 13. New friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, the onset of the teenage years, and of course your future. I am glad at 31, I am still on the this planet, even if I had at times not wished it so. Even if my life didn't turn out the way I might have liked it, I still consider myself very lucky to be here. So chill, stay around for a while, talk to someone like a friend or teacher, and if you really feel like you will try anything, talk to a suicide counselor at a hotline.
And here's some bad thoughts on it. I tried suicide once and nearly killed myself. No pun intended! Of course I ended up in an emergency room and stayed a few weeks on a psych ward. While not a terrible experience, I could have made more productive time wasted. Not only that I ended up reaping the rewards of 15,000 dollars in medical bills. Of course at 13 that might not be a criteria for not trying suicide. Besides causing horrible pain and suffering, you also might regret it yourself. Here's a more morbid thought.
When most people try to kill themselves, they usually take the action of attempting to finish themselves off only to suddenly realize what they have done. I had it happen to me. After jumping, taking pills, pulling a trigger, or swimming, many people, who have survived of course, tell of terrible feelings of remorse and terror of leaving loved ones behind. When faced with death in a litteral sense, one's depression and hatred of life suddenly fade away. Only the most important things in life remain. Your loved ones and friends. So just think about that.
Besides many people do survive their attempts and that is terrible in itself physically. While good that they didn't actually die, chances are that you might end up disabled for life. What to be blind? Paralyzed from the neck down? How about living on a respirator and life support? It happens a lot. At 13, you really don't want to spend the rest of your life in a bed, paralized.
Here's something else for thought. If you feel that people or family are terrible to you and you don't care what happens to them, you might think about the consequences still. After all if you find yourself in an extremely abusive situation at school or home, killing yourself means they win. Whoever it is, an abusive parent or school child.
So think about the future if the present does not seem livable. Think about yourself first, love. Or the fact that your life will change no matter what in profoundly wonderful ways in the next couple of years. At 18 you can do whatever and be whomever you want to be. While life won't be a bed of roses, you will be able to remove yourself from any negative situations and move on. Believe me no matter what your life will change to what you decide it can be. So hang in there.
In ending, don't be afraid to seek help. Counselors and therapists are not scary people. They are there to help you. And believe me, they have seen and heard it all. If you find yourself in need of medication, don't fret. These days antidepressants are much, much better than they used to be. I have taken them for some time and my life would be far worse without them. While I don't recommended overdoing it with them, they can aid the most desperate situations. And don't be afraid if you actually try to commit suicide but decide to change your mind then. You can. Don't be afraid of checking into the emergency room for help. It is never too late. Even if you have severely harmed yourself. It takes a lot and then some to kill the human body. You would be surprised how much a human body can heal. So try and get help from someone if even a friend or classmate, seek professional assistance if you are severely unwell, and don't be afraid to allow others to help heal yourself.
26 Aug 2001 Kevin For the sake of yourself, fuck everyone else, and take a nice vacation. You are loved and there are individuals who care about u.-- O' my Jesus forgive us of our sins save us from the fires of hell, lead ALL souls to Heaven, especially for the most needs of Thy Mercy.!--IF u need someone to hold on to the other end of the rope and pull u out, don't be afraid to talk to me or anyone else.--I love u!!!!!!!!!!All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 Aug 2001 Mr.X I'm not saying it's ok to kill yourself, in fact I escaped death many times, only to find out that my life is starting to fall into place, although I haven't completely found the answer to why
I'm here, it's starting to come to me, I just want certain people to understand that these people who want to kill themselves need to hear down to earth answers, not this petty " you're stupid for trying to kill yourself, or God said not to commit suicide........ These people need to be comforted by others helping them find away out of their deep depressions, like I have, only I had to do it on my own...... IF ANYONE IS THINKING ABOUT COMMITING SUICIDE FOR WHATEVER REASON AT LEAST GIVE ME AN E-MAIL, I'M NOT HERE TO PRESSURE ANYONE, I'M NOT HERE TO CONVINCE YOU NOT TO, BUT I MIGHT BE ABLE TO REALLY GET YOU TO THINK ABOUT YOUR SITUATION, AND I'M EXPERIENCED IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW, BUT MY LAST MESSAGE THAT I POSTED, HOPEFULLY I CAN HELP YOU TRY AND FIND SOME ANSWERS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! MY ADDRESS IS

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