Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Dec 2007 Kimberly Trosvik To answer the question, "What is a suicide kit?": Basically, it is the perfect storm. Any number of everyday items can become weapons, and these combined with depression are a suicide 'kit'.
How do i know this? My little brother, Tommy, killed himself at age 12 because of bullying. he never told anyone, least of all my parents. He was always such a happy, loving boy, always trying to put a smile on your face. He was smart, he got good grades, and was learning algebra in the sixth grade. Tommy's death shocked everyone who knew him. His whole grade showed up at his funeral. I will always wonder what he would look like, now.
To all of you pondering suicide: I'm sure you've heard this all before, "shoutouts" from other suicide survivors telling you not to do it. I'm not going to say that. Instead, think about this: The American Psychiatric Association ranks the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide as "catastrophic", as in, family members of suicide victims will go through the same psychological trauma as someone who survived a concentration camp.
There used to be "honorable" suicides in ancient Japan, but today, suicide is purely selfish. For those who think they hurt so bad that they can't keep living, I'd like to see you talk to someone who survived a concentration camp. Perhaps then, you might see that as much pain as you think you feel, if you kill yourself, your family and friends will go through ten times as much pain, and it will hurt every day for the rest of their lives.
So, if you are thinking about committing suicide, first think about how much pain you will inflict on the people who love you.

My father is a firefighter, and when he found my little brother, none of his training could bring him back. When i returned home for Tommy's funeral, I found my father, who used to joke that he was really Superman at his day job, laying on the floor next to his bed, sobbing, frail and broken because he couldn't save his own son. Even though I wasn't there the night Tommy died, every night I see the image of my mother at the hospital, holding my brother's body, rocking and crying, and I have to push that image out of my head so I can fall asleep.
the last time I saw my little brother was a month before he killed himself, while I was home for christmas break. Now the only time I can see him is when I'm lucky enough to see him in my dreams, where he is forever a 12 year old boy who likes to taunt me until I hold him down and tickle him until he can't take it anymore.
God I miss him.

02 Dec 2007   its almost christmas time. that means lots of poor kids will wake up and be dissapointed. i know i will. suicide rate increases over the holidays. im preparing myself for the dissapointment. even though i cant think of a single reason to keep living before the holidays. my life really blows.
18 Nov 2007 ian I'm a Christian, and we should all know what that means... to shorten my post... it means i believe in the bible. my girlfriend is contemplating suicide after i told her i was going to go offshore before college to earn alot of extra money for my college...i dont even have a car... she being manipulative? i dont understand and dont know what to do??
11 Nov 2007 Dan Garrett Live to a ripe old age serving the LORD Jesus Christ. This is the only and best way to die in perfect peace.
08 Nov 2007 lisa If you are seriously thinking of killing yourself, then you MUST talk to someone. I was very suicidal starting at age 13. In my early 20's I finally told my mother and she got me a Christian counselor. This counselor talked with me every week for 2 years. during the time I spoke to her, she had me tested to see if medication would help me. I went on the medication and I have been on it ever since. I'm now 30. I have not had one days worth of depression or suicidal thought since then. Some people don't have enough seratonin in their brains. If they don't, they will be very depressed and unable to cope with their problems. You may be one of these people. Don't kill yourself until you find out. Good Luck!
07 Nov 2007 Alex N hey, i guess this is gna b my last post here on mouchette =(, i sed in my last post that i would b dead by the 17th and i will b, but hupfully it will be as early as the 11th, thankyew for all of ur support although it didn’t really help. Does anybody have any good advice for writing wills?
Im finally gonna b leaving this planet on my 20th suicide attempt lol, well I have a powerful hand gun now, so hopefully it will be a pretty instant death,.
Ok I wanna say a few things to ppl,
Christian are gr8 ppl, I kinda am 1, but I h8 there view on it is wrong to b suicidal and that you will go 2 hell if you commit suicide. Dosent it say in the bible, there is nothing you can do to make god love you more or less?. If there is a god that loves us so much then y would he send you to hell for killing yourself just cuz u culdnt cope in this shitty world that he created.
thankyou mouchette for creating this site. I have known this site for almost 2 years now and it rules.
Right well im off now to right my will I spose. Has nyone got any good tips?
Email me

If ur planning 2 commit suicide. Good luck. Bye xx
01 Nov 2007 ConqueredKing I can't tell you the easiest way to commit suicide or where we go when we die. I'm just here to vent(maybe I can provide some insight).
My father died when I was 18. Not that I blame her, but my mom fell asleep at the wheel while my dad was sleeping in shotgun. He was thrown from the vehicle and killed. Distraught, I stopped talking to my absolutely "perfect for me" girlfriend and my mother.
Now I'm 25 years old, out of work and live with my mother and step father. Everyday I wake up and wonder what the fuck I'm going to do for the rest of my life, or what the bullshit American standard of living is these days. Because of my lack of interest in regularity, I refuse to work at any retail store or swindle some idiot into buying an overpriced piece of equipment whether it be a car or a fucking copy machine. Bottom line: I made a promise to myself that I would not work to live and be miserable for the rest of my life.
When I was 13, my dad bought me a guitar for Christmas. Him being a drummer, maybe he felt music was in our blood. However, I didn't get into the guitar until 17 thanks to a horrible defect called rap music.
Since then, I have developed a love for music, mainly metal, and decided that's what interests me most. That doesn't tend to go over well with my family or my friends even though I gleam with musical confidence. Yet, everyone was so happy with me(American standard) 2 years ago when I was making 17 dollars an hour slinging concrete for a non-union company that refused to upgrade its technology since 1986. It was the toughest job I have ever had but I worked with friends which made it bearable.
At 3 different times in my life, I attended college. My hatred for high school rolled over into a hatred for college when I realized they were basically one and the same. Besides, I'm not social enough for that kind of action. Don't get me wrong, I have some of the best friends money can't buy but people, in my opinion, today have lost the code of chivalry and honor. Men think with their dicks and women fuck for money. As cynical as this sounds, I believe it to be true.
At 19, I became a Christian, or at least I thought I did. After 2 years of that nonsense, I started researching religion and science. Realizing that a majority of the Christian bible was plagiarized from ancient Jewish and Mesopotamian/Sumerian stories, I quickly lost faith and started to become more Jewish than anything(believing in "a" God rather than "the" God and His son). Today my belief system is a complex structure teetering on the brink of total annihilation. However, I have to believe in an Intelligent Designer due to the fact that our universe is too goddamn orderly.
They say God is supreme truth. Well I know of 1 truth:
No one on the face of this entire planet can tell you what God is because they know as much as you or I know, which is we know absolutely nothing.
So don't let people try to sell you the idea of Hell because they don't know a fucking thing, but if you decide to leave this shitbox world, I would suggest you leave with a sound mind or it might project you into darkness.
Die happy and thanks for reading.
25 Oct 2007 Imnotsayingmyname Um, well I'm 13 and I'm a girl. I seriously can't list all the reasons why I want to just end my life. I also wish people liked me more. It seems like everybody hates me. When I came into 8th grade this year people hate me more because during the summer i kind of turned emo. Don't hate me for it im trying to stop being emo, but nobody will let me. When I try to buy like a pink shirt my mom or my grandma says oh you don't like pink you like black, black looks better on you. When I told my mom about suicide a number of times she never listens. She even saw my notebook with all my drawings for christ sake. I didn't want her to ofcourse, but since she seen it i would expect her to say something, but no. I've been depressed for years. I don't even know when it started. People always hated me. Even all the adults hate me. I wish I could just start it all over. Every night when I try going to sleep, I try strangling myself, but as hard as I try it won't kill me. I just can't kill myself with a knife, because I just can't. I believe in God too, I pray to him all the time. But he just won't help me it seems. I'm Catholic, sometimes I doubt God. But now I'm trying to turn to him more than ever, I pray almost every second of the day. If something in my life doesn't change soon, you are never going to hear of me. If I kill myself will I go to hell? I don't want to die, I just want it all to be different. No one will help me. Please help.
25 Oct 2007 Kaye McClintock This is not pretend, this is not a game... this is real life situations!!!Why would you want anyone, especially children to play suicide games? You should be asking what is the best way to live not the best way to kill yourself! These people have severe emotional problems and they feel they have nothing to live for. They are hurting and your are not helping them. I am posting because I want to help these poor lost souls and because I care about them. Listen, all of you who feel like you want to die and you think there is no hope or anything to look forward to. Life is the answer!
There is hope for a better life and hurting yourselves and death is not the answer. God is your answer and your hope!! It is God Who can set you free from all your pain and sorrow. Turn your hearts over to Jesus Christ our Lord. He saved me and He will save you! The Bible says; "I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2 I also am putting a website on here where you can get professional help. There are more out there, like this one.....please, search them out! I do hope and pray all that I write gets posted on this website. I want all of you to know you are in my prayers. God loves you so much, please let Him take control of your lives and drive those demons from you. God will make your life worth living, He did mine! He saved me from killing myself, He saved me from continally hurting myself, He saved me from my sins!! Please let Him save you!! With Him, all things are possible!!

Love in Christ, Kaye
23 Oct 2007 Faye Grzanich I just thought you'd like to know Miriam killed herself...
I hope now you will take this site off the internet before someone else commits suicide too.
My heart goes out to the family of Miriam, as she was a wonderful young girl who had a whole lifetime ahead of her. She will be greatly missed by me and her family.

Please I beg you who are thinking of committing suicide to reach out to
God and his son Jesus Christ. Reach out to someone you can trust and get help while you can.

God doesn't want you to take your life.
He wants you to live life to the fullest.

I'll miss you Miriam.
with love,
from your friend Faye
22 Oct 2007 Zach the only reason i dont kill myself is because i'm afraid of hell more than i am of earth. i disappoint everyone around me. i can never live up to my expectations. i hate myself so so so much and maybe this world would be better without me. i need help. not many people understand me because i am surrounded my a christian family and christian school and no one understand a THING that is going on in my life. i think i may just do it. it's all i have.
20 Oct 2007 Chrisy i dont know but i am Considering doing it and im 13 I cut myself several times a day I have bin doing it for the last 3 years it’s the only thing that keeps me from killing myself
17 Oct 2007 someone i've been depressed since i was 8 but i thought about commiting suicide until i realized it would'nt help me i asked for a punching bag for christmas when i was 12 to turn my depression to aggression and anger and turned the bag into a pile of sand and rags and became one of the best child boxers in the state...please don't commit suicide
11 Oct 2007 Mr Nobody sometimes we all wonder what it would be like, sometimes i do, like the sarvo, apparently the message i tried to post earlier did not get through as usual, but sometimes i cry when i try to think about it.. ending your life.. permanently when sometimes there is no need.

but its not always the way.

most studies show that alot of kids today have suicidal thoughts and are depressed, usually they just need someone to talk to, some one to relate to..
10 Oct 2007 WHY? I dont know whats wrong with me, i dont have a bad life, i have never been abused by anyone, i have been told im caring and trusting...

I guess i am just to sensative, i dont know but everyday is like, i dont know what to do anymore? why am i here? why do my parents never tell me they love me?...

i think about taking my own life but then i shudder and i think, what a waste of a life, i just want to e happy, but i can't be.

ive never been diagnosed with depression or anything before, im not a bad person.....

maybe im a coward? i do have friends, but i pretend to be happy, i keep thinking why does everyone think im happy im not?

but i just keep bringing myself down, back ito the same slum.

it makes me cry sometimes, how someone can take thier own life, just to shut your eye's and never be able to say anything to anyone every again never to be able to enjoy to taste?

sometimes i feel like i am failing eveyone, just failing at everything..
i dont know, but i think everyone think's i'm hopeless..

no one knows that i have these thoughts.. no one can help me? does that make me a coward...? i haven't tried?

im also sorry if i sound stupid i wrote this while in emotional pain..
08 Oct 2007 Lost, but now i'm Found i'm 13, and i've claimed to be a "christain" since i was 4. i've tried to comitte suicide 5 times, and i use to cut. nobody has ever trusted me or loved me (at least that's how i feel). this summer i met a preson who is now my best friend. he showed me back to the path of Christ, and i knew nobody cared about me, but as i read my bible and kept cutting and thinking about suicide, i realized that if nobody in this world loves me or trusts me ever, i know that one person will always be there for me and love me that person is GOD! i can claim i hate him, but deep down i know i love him, i can try to comitte suicide these days, and he'll still stop me, because he loves me and knows what's best for me. i can be a thieft, a murder, a rappiest, w/e, but no matter what i do, he'll never stop loving me. i have now stopped cutting, but i still think about comitting suicide, and i try to run away quite often. all this as led to, is my parents not trusting me. when i'm mad they wont let me go to my room, they make me sit out in the open, they wont let me have sharp things. what they dont' realize is that everything that i do have, i can still kill myself with it, if i wanted to i could kill myself with a piece of paper! my parents have never trusted me and this doesn't help one bit. there is only one person i know that loves and trusts me no matter what, that's God himself. i know if you are reading this or have made it this far, you are probably jsut reading it to find out what kind of crazy person i really am, but i'm telling the truth. you have to pull yourself together and move on or you'll never get over it, and one of these days you might actually kill yourself, when you could have another chance at life right now! BEFORE I WAS LOST, BUT NOW I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

plz don't kill yourself, it's ok to think about it, but plz don't go through with it! there are ppl who love you out there even if you don't know it, but GOD OF ALL loves you the most!

john 3:16 for god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, for whoever believes in him shall have enternal life...
05 Oct 2007 chris dont kill yerself rob a bank at least u can go and live yer dream
03 Oct 2007 Unknown. Okay so I believe in the Goddess and the God. (I'm wiccan).
I don't feel that my religion really affects the whole suicide thing.

I have a problem with some Christians. Not all. But I feel that a TRUE christian would not kill themselves. Christians see suicide as a sin.

But you know I don't care. If you wanna kill yourself do it, or talk to someone. Be that a preist (or someone from religion) or a counsellor.

Because just because you're a Christian (or other faith) it won't make your pain go away.

Just think about that.
25 Sep 2007 Chris Honestly, I'm not going to sit here and type about how all high and mighty I am and judge your point of view. Who am I to tell you to " get over it " or " grow up, everybody has problems "? I think thats not only ignorant, it's irresponsible. Someone who wants to commit suicide quite obviously doesn't need someone making them feel worse. I was suicidal from the age of 11, it's instilled in me a hatred for the number. Very recently, I have found the love of my life, and exponentially, my condition has gotten better. I never expected this to happen, but i guess that's the beauty of life. You just never know whats going to happen. So my only advice is this. Please don't try suicide, it's fine to think about it, but if you go through with it, there's no turning back. If i'm giving you this advice, me a total stranger, just stop and think about all the lives you would ruin with such an act. Please, fight for them, fight for us. And
13 Sep 2007 Kelly J its the same thoughts that run through my head everyday.. No i dont have "that" bad of a life.. but life it self sucks. I dont wanna be here. Not particular reason, im just sick of living. Im 16 and my parents divorced when i was 15. My life pretty much went down hill from there. I have ALOT of emotions, my mom knows im dpressed, she wont let me go on Anti-depressants. Why? take a good guess. Id be more than Happy to over dose on those... its pretty easy. Ive tried oving dosing many of times... no sucuss, id MUCH rather die by a natural cause rather than commit suicide. But i will do it when the time is right. I dont want help nor do i want smypathy. I want out. && When u do commit suicide make sure u do it right cuz u can damage ur self bad if u live. Im hoping to die in a car accident within the next 3 months. i dont wanna see this christmas. They say u can do anything u put ur mind to, so im putting my mind to death...

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