Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Feb 2009 Roz This is an absolutely cracked out web sight. First of all If your an adult, you know how to kill yourself, and any sensible individual regardless of age can figure out how to do this. This whole web sight makes you come off as a whiny 13 year old emo brat in which case you should kill your stuck up "the world hates me" attitude and do something more constructive with your time. Thirdly, wasn't there an idea like this in the 70s or 80s? That's how I got here in the first place, I was trying to look it up because of an argument I was having with someone over the topic. Suicide is a waste of thought unless you are really suffering from physical agonizing pain with no hope of recovery. I that case I would say have fun doing it. Over does on a really high dose of some crazy drug like Peyote, or jump off a cliff or something. Just don't jump off a building cause you'll hit someones car and make a big mess and just piss everyone off even more.
12 Feb 2009 Sasha a girl in my school hanged herself just last week. her little sister found her. it was unbelievable. i just couldnt believe she would do that. no one knows why she did it, but of course everyone is blaming her mum. i think suicide really leaves parents and family feeling guilty. but then again who gives a flying fuck about them. i wish i had the guts to do what she did.
11 Feb 2009 FayeLee Listen to Queens (rock Band in the 80"s) song "Suicide", and that should help you. The song says it all. The song helped me in my times of suicide. You are loved
11 Feb 2009 Joanna Last sunday I tied a thick rope around my neck, placed the knot in front of my right ear, and stepped down from Goethes Faust, and found myself hanged in the noose. I could watch my red face and bended neck in the mirror, while I was gently swinging in the rope.
Then panick got me, and I stepped back on the book, but for a moment I felt like Esmeralda in Victor Hugos Hunchback of the Nontre Dame.
An exellent sunday, but my throat are bruised, and my voice is raspy, and I might have been very close to death too.....WOW.
10 Feb 2009 Nolan Cunninghamton The best way to kill yourself under 13 is to take every FUCKING PILL U CAN, and drink beer with them. You will be dead in short order. DO NOT HANG YOURSELF, YOU WILL STRUGGLE AND ITS VERY PAINFUL. If you are going to kill yourself, tell all da people that you thought were important in your life sometin dat u never told them. Leave behind a legacy or story of your life and y you were angry and commited suicide and everyone who u r mad at. DONT KILL THEM!!!
10 Feb 2009 Amon Become a born-again Christian. It's not suicide exactly, but you won't be living your life, that's for damned sure.
08 Feb 2009 Friendly Fire Walk into a kindergarten class wait for them to stare at you pull out a shotgun say "this is what happens in 1st grade" blow your head off and make sure it sprays all over the kids. your dead 20+ kids are scar for life >:o
08 Feb 2009 carebear idk wat2 type. it dont matter. want2die. naw jk. i want you2die.

(pain is sexual. n-imhorany sohornay.)

all parents reading this know that your child is suicidal and probably going to self terminate. soon your happy memories will be deep scars and maybe you wont be able to take it either. all non parents reading this know many before you have done this. and its ok. the world dosent love you. or even care about you. it dosent even know you exsist. but if you do what im going to you can make others feel similar pain. and sharing is what its all about. sharing is caring.
07 Feb 2009 to BigAl I guess BigAl0h8 killed himself. he hasnt been on here helping anyone in ages.
06 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin stupid fucking, hell everywhere i look

kill myself

i hate you fucking little shits
" "


i know i can do it now, i could've done it the other day - it wasnt me that stopped, i just walked up and did it. so i know i can kill myself now.

thats good

05 Feb 2009 need to know to dead inside: are you still around? please let me know. thanks.
05 Feb 2009 gentlemen I'm always in an out of some existential trance, (it's such bullshit, really) that or I'm at the other extreme of emptiness. meh, brief traces of apathy barley line the stomach of the hole in my head. It's never a middle ground or a moderate phase with it, just a passing felling of reality or fury(not anger, not that at all. though it does allude to it i guess). I'm not in some funk though, it's just the world, the world is the one in a funk.(and not the music, though I wish it were, o james brown) really I don't matter, in all honesty, and If i wasn't such an asshole (as she puts it ) I would try and help people in the world and join the peace core like i dreamed too one day. i have too much to think about over these sleepless odysseys of night. eh, a few more years till my body has caught up with my own stupidity...
farewell my decaying youth.
04 Feb 2009 i wanna die... I wanna die
Maybe I'll get angel wings
So I can cut them off
Cook them up
I have some helly wing dings
I'd take my hallo off
Get myself a ladder
Hang it on the wall
Maybe you'll think it's a gold record
Everybody follow my hearse
Why does everybody always gotta go and die first?
Before their homies are missing them
Family members kissing them
Everybody even enemies stop dissing them
I want to die
So I can haunt my buddies
Stand behind them in the mirror with my eyes all bloody
Stick my long, black, cold tongue all in the ear
And be like, "I'm only playing"
And disappear
I wanna die
And have everything answered
What happened to my father?
Why was I a bastard?
What is thunder?
Is it really God bowling?
And nightime's a blanket
And all the stars are the holes in it
04 Feb 2009 maniac it isn't very artistic to call yourself by the name of a movie character.

in fact it shows the lack of creativity.
03 Feb 2009 SkiTsO ANd FrenIA SKYE LAureNCE SHRiVER the best way to kill yourselfe is to go on a killing spree Kill Anybody you see Till YOu ARE MOst WANted by the authorities aqquire a gun first .....if you are weaponless at first try grabbing a knife or do an inverted choke hold on someone......................if the cops find you pointing a gun at them they have no choice but to shoot you................besides you can have some fun for awhile when waiting to die
03 Feb 2009 SkitsO AND Frenia I rather be dead than insane period ....i had a good life but i dont know what im so depressed about it suCKSS!!!!!!!!
03 Feb 2009 SkiTsO ANd FrenIA SKYE LAureNCE SHRiVER I Was Searching for pills online for my adhd i came across this site my parents dont know i have adhd and skitso so i just kept quiet thinking about killing myselfe recently because this world is so fuckin full of shit its harder being alive becauze of the pain and stress i tried killing myselfe with WD40 but i was afraid of puking up to
death ............... Life means pain death means peace there i no such thing as heaven or hell but there is death....... Ok guys i just found away to make mustard gas and its verry easy u need bleach and bathroom cleaners the key ingredients are ammo and chori so mix them up till the gas shows up and expose yourselfe to it ...its gonna take awhile but youll suffer from mere inhilation u know its working because of the head aches and stomach and head pain
03 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin If your hurt,
Why dont you tell someone,
Dont feel bad,
Youre not the only one, yeah,

Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,
Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,

If you were abused,
Find someone to help you,
I know you were used,
What are you gonna do?

Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,
Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,

Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,
Dont go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade,
Hiding, hiding, dont go,
Hiding, hiding, hiding, in the shade,
Yeah, in the shade, in the, in the shade,
In the shade, in the shade, in the shade.

~ Silverchair
03 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin I dream about, how its going to end,
Approaching me quickly,
Leaving a life of fear,
I only want my mind to be clear,
People, making fun of me,
For no reason but jealousy,
I fantasise about my death,
Ill kill myself from holding my breath,

My suicidal dream,
Voices telling me what to do,
My suicidal dream,
Im sure you will get yours too,

Help me, comfort me,
Stop me from feeling what Im feeling now,
The rope is here,
Now Ill find a use,
Ill kill myself,
Ill put my head in a noose,

My suicidal dream,
Voices telling me what to do,
My suicidal dream,
Im sure you will get yours too,

Dreamin about my death, dream,
Suicidal, suicidal, suicidal dream,
Im suicidal,
Suicidal dream,

~ Silverchair
03 Feb 2009 Hopeless_i see hope a girl...wht made u stop a girl mike?
ya r too young girl is something makin u more and more darker...k for every body see u in other life..big ball of shit

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