Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Apr 2024 emeraldo lagassie. There's nothing quite like a massive storm's destructive capabilities. So many bodies floating in the water. Mangled body parts in trees and laying around everywhere. The silence of those who survived and humbled goes unheard for those sobs and groans of those grieving. Its really the best time to grill outside, everyones hungry, it will add some normalcy back to everyone. Besides, the electricity is out and you don't want the meat to spoil. So next time you are hunkered down hoping you don't die in the storm, remember its almost time to fire up the barb-E.
26 Apr 2024 octopus In the world there are people who get facial surgery that makes them look like a monster or an animated clown. They say that the way they look makes them happy. Have you seen how quickly some kinds of octopus change color? Thats what i want my skin to do. That wouldn't make me happy, but it would be cool. Imagine when you see someone in public you don't want to talk to... Just blend in and avoid a superficial chat session. With words.
24 Apr 2024 count chocula Mass hordes of stupid muther fuckers everywhere. Just go talk to one. A small piece of you dies inside each time.
23 Apr 2024 the quincy I felt so rejected when you closed my account. Like, wtf did i do that was so bad. I thought we were getting along swell? I was telling you about my dreams and nipple collection. New ways to defecate. Its like you got an online girlfriend and all your time went to messenger and texting. No time for suicide songs or poems. And just like that you hated me. Sometimes i like to go to what i call the freezer and wake up cloned monkeys from their sleep just to see if they can reproduce or do i have to clone more.
23 Apr 2024 li meemaws medication...
22 Apr 2024 Sasha Stop breathing, harakiri
21 Apr 2024 Charity ♡ Just kill your body, not your soul. ♡
21 Apr 2024 arastansia clement birthdays6 I met this boy in fifth grade- He had brown hair, olive skin, and a dimple on his chin. His smile persuaded me. His teeth looked so beautiful, so perfect, so straight- so white. He was nice to me. I tried out for track once, he was there. I ran alongside him for a second and he turned to me, ‘You’re doing track too?’ He asked. His voice genuinely kind. I saw him once more in middle school. He hadn’t changed. I found his social media- he looked the same. Better than before. He did varsity football this year.
My woes start:
I don’t think he has any memory of me. He goes to a different high school. The only thing I wish for is a chance. A chance to talk to him.
Please send a suicide kit if this doesn’t go well.
19 Apr 2024 keith weinerschnitzel
read the black butler manga and check out season 4 on crunchyroll~!
19 Apr 2024 Jeffrey jump off a bridge onto moving traffic or on a highway
19 Apr 2024 evy :3 I recently had a very strange dream, I woke up in a completely dark and empty room. when I got out of it and walked further and further, more and more blood began to appear. hands started coming out of the walls. As I walked further and further, I started seeing various monsters. when I walked through the entire corridor and rooms, I saw a door and I thought it led to the garden. then I wasn't wrong. when I opened the door I saw blood on the grass as if someone had just dragged some bodies there. these tracks led to the shed. when I approached it, I saw the bodies of my parents. there was blood and scattered organs everywhere. when I wanted to back out and escape from there, I felt someone breathing on my shoulder, when I looked I saw a monster covered in blood. he whispered something to me but it was in a different language and I didn't understand anything. I suddenly woke up and my mother was standing above me and told me that I was screaming in my sleep. I wish I had the rest of this dream so I could find out what this thing wanted from me.
17 Apr 2024 Пётр eat a queen card
17 Apr 2024 archie I am going to down a bottle of Prozac and vodka tonight
11 Apr 2024 Poop poop pp pp To go bang bang on yourself
08 Apr 2024 chatterbox jump
06 Apr 2024 Minea Call me
01 Apr 2024 Kylian Probably a shotgun
01 Apr 2024 Cesar an overdosage of pills is the most easiest and peaceful method to me (from experience) i recommend listening to music while doing it to distract you from the headaches or if you want some pain, finding your most important veins and cutting through your limbs to find them are also possible, just choose whatever you like
30 Mar 2024 Kailani overdose
30 Mar 2024 No. Hanging urself and suffocating or overdosing. The least painful methods.

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