Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jun 2024 Oroku Gen Gun, or an overdosage,
09 Jun 2024 Credence Pills. Take all the pills you can, as many differnt kinds as you can.
08 Jun 2024 blue cat blue cat under sky
03 Jun 2024 vera no
01 Jun 2024 `Ц╦⌡▐ей?≈╣╙Q?▓⌠Ц╦═e⌡▐ей°`?╠b≈╣°`╙Q╛HейЦ╦╡С?≈╣⌡▐????╢√═e╙Q?²N я╡С 愫䉁%䅰䅃扁䉑䄵d䅃扁䉧䅨ぇ婁䅑䅧歇捁䅷䅧䵇奁䉑䅹ぇ婁s䉑s䅵䅃摁䉷䅰㑇捁䉷䄰啇奁䉑䅫䅃慁䉑]䅴䅃䵁䅑䄳䅃敁䉑䅹䵈&䥁䉁䅶gg睇婁䅁䅧歇䥁䉁䅨ぇ䥁c䉁䄲啇捁䉧䄵b䅃捁䉷䅰ぇ慁䉑䅨睇捁#䅧䅧先扁䅷䅧x啈䱁䅧a
30 May 2024 Damian Shoot yourself
28 May 2024 Artem Lullaby
for a dead fly or how shall I be reading
this, since I am dead?

by Mouchette
27 May 2024 Lex Cyanide. Put it in your food.
25 May 2024 Olivia overdose on pills
24 May 2024 Isobel (Pretty morbid, must I say, don't try this.) Get a razor blade, slit wrists your wrists gently, and get rope. Hang yourself with the rope and engrave some favorite words, or names on your arms before you hang yourself.
23 May 2024 Coochie queen Erm what the sigma...
22 May 2024 ebatelchyrok drown
22 May 2024 sean o pry simple, sneak out the house and go to the tallest building near you and jump off, good luck!!
08 May 2024 ł Regret
29 Apr 2024 emeraldo lagassie. There's nothing quite like a massive storm's destructive capabilities. So many bodies floating in the water. Mangled body parts in trees and laying around everywhere. The silence of those who survived and humbled goes unheard for those sobs and groans of those grieving. Its really the best time to grill outside, everyones hungry, it will add some normalcy back to everyone. Besides, the electricity is out and you don't want the meat to spoil. So next time you are hunkered down hoping you don't die in the storm, remember its almost time to fire up the barb-E.
26 Apr 2024 Ааа Если есть риск к сахарному диабету, наештся сладостей, а потом ещё и ещё пока не здохнешь
26 Apr 2024 octopus In the world there are people who get facial surgery that makes them look like a monster or an animated clown. They say that the way they look makes them happy. Have you seen how quickly some kinds of octopus change color? Thats what i want my skin to do. That wouldn't make me happy, but it would be cool. Imagine when you see someone in public you don't want to talk to... Just blend in and avoid a superficial chat session. With words.
24 Apr 2024 count chocula Mass hordes of stupid muther fuckers everywhere. Just go talk to one. A small piece of you dies inside each time.
23 Apr 2024 the quincy I felt so rejected when you closed my account. Like, wtf did i do that was so bad. I thought we were getting along swell? I was telling you about my dreams and nipple collection. New ways to defecate. Its like you got an online girlfriend and all your time went to messenger and texting. No time for suicide songs or poems. And just like that you hated me. Sometimes i like to go to what i call the freezer and wake up cloned monkeys from their sleep just to see if they can reproduce or do i have to clone more.
23 Apr 2024 li meemaws medication...

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