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Les meilleures réponses en 1999 (4ème partie)
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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
pablo felmer im 13 (im not 13), and this age is very dificult, so first i fuck with all girls and then i go home and drink a lot of bad yoghurt then i get a diarreA and i die of intoxication sorry for my english
michelline people that are young are afraid of death, no child will "play" suicide with you.
Jim McCabe Eliminate your passion. This is most effective, and you can continue about an ordinary life without anyone ever knowing that you have killed yourself. Make sure you do it before you get a job. A hollow worker is a happy worker.
Katie Bryan I don't know if your serious or not about wanting suicide suggestions, but my input is to find some high spot, stick a broom stick between your legs (this only works if your a girl) and jump off of your high ledge, forcing the broom stick up into your body and out through your head.
Gabriel Spit into a bowl and drown yourself in your own mucus, or chop off your hand and suck out the blood until there's nothing left or you pass out, whichever comes first.
Gerald Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola. It'll make your stomach explode.
Ramsey jump off a bridge into that when you fall and hit the ground, you die not only from impact but also from cars running over you
spike well, i hear asphyxiation is nice, but living to see your own death is worth the trouble . . . death is the only great adventure
phill The first thing you want to do if you are going to commit suicide is dress up in your best clothes put on your makeup and make yourself as beautiful as possible (if your going to die you might as dress for the occasion). Next you put on some music something nice and relaxing maybe Kenny G. then you set up a video camera to record your final moments of life for posterity. Now with everything ready you sit on the edge of your bed take out a large and extremely sharp knife say your final words to the camera and eviscerate yourself. This is a painfull way to die but it will never be forgotten.
smackhead thirteen gauge wire, pair of pliers, thumb-screws, LSD, hammer, RAZoR BLADES, SSPIKED FUCKIN BAT, DUCT TAPE, BARBED HOOKS, hand cuffs, leather harness, cyanide, 5 lb. TNT, a lighter, 20 oz. gasoline, claymore mines, shotgun & ammo, axe, katana blade, . .......... cherry bombs, gallon of mercury, sharpened poisonous darts, a cobra, 12 dozen scorpions, whipped cream, nitrous oxide, helium, a bag of honey roasted pretzels and a congrogation of nude people, with jesus christ, a .45 , two blasting caps, a bag of anthrax spores, and a fake id...........,
Gérard Grodoigt Plusieurs possibilités s'offrent aux p'tits. Un exemple: s'allonger sur le dos sur une plage du nord de la Bretagne et attendre la montée des eaux. Nous savons que le sel mélangé au grains de sables provoque une érosion importante et donc à terme une usure mortelle. Il faut les voir tous ces pauvres s'entasser au mois d'août et attendre leur heure. Mais cela est bien plus compliqué. Peut-être aurais-je le temps un jour de tout vous dire.
laughingman Usually by wrapping your dad's belt around your neck and tying it on something in his closet. Then while you're in there, you can jump off an old box or something and hang yourself. That way dad gets a double surprise when he opens the closet, because not only have you hung yourself with his belt, while you were dying you lost control of your bladder and bowels and left a huge mess for him to clean up after they haul away your corpse.
Kris Your mother's medicine cabinet.
Kris Plugging in the hairdryer and bringing it in the tub with you. Then your mother can blame herself.
Joel Two handcuffs and a blindfold. A child must hide in a favorite spot where he/she does not think they will be found.
russell i say mushrooms found in the park
Kris jump from a building or tree and impale yourself on a fence with those pointy things on the top. for added gore, weight yourself down with bricks
dd Go to school and pick on someone.
Mya if you want to go with style make a posionus drink from various kitchen prducts fill your room with candles make your self all pretty then drink...
name: Afore Mentioned
email:You still have to unscramble it
Loose your verginity
Listen to Rock and Role
The day you were potty trained you died.
name: ZoE 
email: XChLdoFKoRnX
DoInG wHaTeVeR YoU wAnT To Do i.E hAvE SeX, Do DrUgS, TaLk tO sTrAnGeRs
miriam look at monica lewinski!!!
Nessa keep a knife under your pillow at night.
joe camel not to do it at all --to live is to die
Zoroaster Stop thinking... and then you are as good as dead... only when we create are we truly alive. Unfortunately, it requires years of training to stop thinking, ask any adult. So I suppose you'll just have to wait
apes eat rocks for a few weeks
kenny keck find a gun in you mom and dads room pount it to your head and pule and then you may or may not here it go bing
Becky The first thing you need to put in the suicide kit is a case of beer or malt liquor, or whatever you like to drink. Just make sure its enough to get DRUNK. Drink as much as you need to get good and Drunk. The other thing you need is about 24 Klonopins or other strong muscle relaxers. Now call up somebody of the opposite sex (or the same sex if that's the way you are, which is cool too, or both, which is really cool.) that is obsessed with you. Invite them over. 
When the person is on their way over, take the pills. Then drink another beer or two. When they get there give them some beer and proceed to seduce them. It doesn't matter how you feel about them because you will be pretty horny by this time. Now you can enjoy your sex for a while because it takes a while for you to get unconcious (trust me. I tried it but then I chickened out and went to the hospital). When you finally die, the person will flip out because they're drunk and they'll think they f***ed you to death. Then they can decide what to do with the body. If you want to have a bigger audience, you can videotape this ordeal. 
Well, sorrry that was so long. It was pretty creative though, wasn't it? 
Also, all you people that are against suicide shouldn't even be on this page. 
Mouchette, you seem like a pretty cool little boy. I will e-mail you some time. I hope you don't find me too sick. I better see this on the list next time I come back. 
P.S.- This is also a great way to lose your virginity!!!!!!!! 
mike hang yourself. under 13 you dont have access to certain things
Joe insert rods of steel in any bodily openings that you may have till u bleed internly and fall over from the shock that over takes for frail body
Big fly Very gently, with a large pink feather. (Eventually you do kill yourself around the age of 75 from feather whipping exhaustion.) You get RSI in your wrist, and all your neighbours know you as "that strange old woman who whips herself with that large dirty pink feather." 
belinda steal all the yucky tasting m&m's from mom & dads special cabinet, jump head first off the trampoline, swallow barbie's leg/head/torso, see what a fork looks like up close... real close...
brian Education is the death of the imagination.
M o r p h e u s Climb to the top of a huge tree and let all your limbs go limp
nick Eat too many sweets.
super rigolo tu te fais sodomiser par un elephant!
Lovre one way is as good as any other 
but PLAYING suicide'll never get you there 
and then again, actually COMITTING suicide won't get you anywhere
anywhere i know that is
Ally Get an old revolver gun and play russian roulete till you blow your brains out. Quick, exciting though a bit messy I know.
Why? By growing up and getting a life. Or just doing drugs, whatever love.....
Lionel Auroux plusieurs petits trucs a mettre dans ton kit: 
1> burbi la poupee qui tue petite poupee tres mignone, enduite de poison... la fillette cherchant reconfort (et voulant se suicider), se blotira tous contre elle...le poison penetrant la peau la tuera a petit feu sans douleur au bout de 3 - 4 jours d'utilisation, la fillette s'endormira pour...nulle part, car il y a rien apres la vie, c pour cela qu'elle est precieuse! 
NB: pour les garcons la version robot, nounours et autre est a prevoir. 
2> Killmaster, le jeu dont on ne se releve pas (pour un suicide collectif) c un jeu de role dans un univers contemporain mais ou il n'y a pas de gestion de point de vie, pour les combats chaque joueur prend une seringue, un pot de poison (encore) dilue pour chaque coup recu le joueur S'injecte une dose non mortel mais le rend malade... si le joueur meurt dans le jeu, il meurt dans la realite...cela permet de se tuer en s'amusant entre amis...evidement le maitre sera une personne saine ne voulant pas mourir (sinon la partie s'acheve) 
3> le costume de canard et un billet pour l'ouverture de la chasse. La il est vrais ce n'est pas la personne qui se suicide mais bon! c drole.. 
4>DUUM le jeux video pieger qui kill sous forme de CD en Plastique (l'explosif) l'enfant qui veux se suicider dit a c parent: -heuu la je vais faire une partie de DUUM, alors si vous me chercher chuis dans ma piaule.. -ha DOOM, j'aime pas vraiment ce jeu, il est trop violent... enfin bon te couche pas trop tard.... la version on joue a plusieur pour le suicide collectif est envisageable...... 
bon pour l'instant za suffit, si tu aime, tu me le dit! 
Mepain One word,,, Sudafed, contains high quantities of enphederine, A.K.A Speed, it is what biker gangs use to make crank,, take a bottle of Sudafed, easy enough to come by easy enough to do just swallow with a glass of water, and boom a few minutes latter you go into convulsions twitching and shaking might not be to comfortable but who cares in a few minutes you will be dead and the discomfort will no longer matter,, sincerly Mepain
Kymberlee Davis Having your favorite toy come to life when you are sleeping and slash you -kind of a murder suicide thing going on- people will think you killed yourself and wouldn't expect that your toy did it!
PARISITE huffing large amounts of glue
yomutha Bite off your own TONGUE and BLEED TO FUCKING DEATH!!!!!!!!!
Lorelei Simple. Go out into the country, into a vast, rolling plain, put on some Celine Dion, stare at the horizon and die of boredom.
Or, for something a little more....... appealing, you could dress in velvet and gold, carry around a really big purse filled with money (fake or real, it dosen't matter), go to New York and flaunt it.
jp fall under the spell of a handsome devil who will make you so unhappy & sad that you die
Howard Refuse to think. Refuse to laugh.
bryan a plastic bag over your head with a really big rubber band holding it in place would work, but a razor run diagonally across the wrist and up the arm toward the elbow is more guaranteed to be effective
matt I'd have to say the best way to kill yourself when your under thirteen is to grow, lose your innocence, lose all desires, fall into a hole, and just die into your twenties, the most painful thing is the one that takes the longest to kill you. A whole life of pain is the worst thing, and nothing hurts more than mediocrity.

updated the 11 dec 1999

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