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Les meilleures réponses en 1999 (3ème partie)
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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
Bine the best way to kill yourself is to start a new life!
Fidla McDoogle

The best is to play hopscotch in the middle of a busy road. Either that or become completely full of alcohol (procured from parent's collection) and then do dome fire eating using garden railings and petrol (procurend form an elder person's garage).
Either that or drink Swarfega mixed with battery acid. That is sure to liven a boring day! If you want to torture yourself, use electric drills. Steal them from other people's garages and switch them on into your legs and arms, cover yourself with water and use a frayed electrical lead to kill yourself.

dmitri -hanging on whatevers in the medicine cabinet
alter me

eat some tiny toys.
You may get shocked.
If not, you can use the results right from the toillet and make more 'fine' art

cris eat glass
Mans If your a boy pretend your gay, and tried to get raped.
chris polyck The best place to kill yourself is at school. Hang yourself from the monkey bars during class so everyone can see you at recess.

The best suicide kit is a pair of shoes. You can walk into death.

Henry Faibyshev poison, knives, guns, hanging, falling very far.. listening to janis joplin and o/d'ing on heroin, there's nothing quite like that hot sticky now.. and best of all, pre-broken mirror pieces
pogolo jump off the roof (not interesting, but easy!)
Andres Lay under your parent's car, with the head under the wheel. When they take off without saying goodbye to you, they will finally remember you were there.
Steve Bleach. Imbibing lots of bleach. It's quick, easy, and quite affordable for a 13 year old
Nika Cut all your toys in pieces and eat them all.... Or my favourite...electrify your horse-swing and sit on it...
---->Electric Horsey
Doom Tu n'est d�j� que le reflet de la mort. Tout ce que tu feras, ils le sauront, et te demanderons de venir � ses cot�s. Ne crie pas , ne pleure pas, ne vie pas. La r�compense viendra pour ceux qui ne pourront r�pliquer.
Joshua Kennedy-Grant Suck to much dick!
A.S Why die when life and death are the same, one merely the extension of the other. We come in to this world from nothingness and we return to nothingness. Everything else is just out of reach.
The Unholy Grinch Jumping off a building and landing on a hellcycle that lacks a seat
Bill Jason the best way to kill yourself? well, that's simple. place 500 US dollars into a white envelope, and send it to Bill Jason, Box 782, Boonsboro MD 21783. Be sure to include your address, and what time you usually go to sleep.
Bob, Gary Gun's and Roses
TSCHOATSCHI The best way is to become grown up like your parents
Curtis I will kill you every way you like

Walking on thin ice in the wintertime, early in the cold cold morning.
Theres a book by edward gorey that illustrates children dying, many of them self-inflicted, in "the gashlycrumb tinies," you might want to look at that.

Jason Allow yourself to believe in the lies perpetrated by our 'society'. :)
Daniel B. Carnahan Jr. Jumping out a window. Drinking milk if you are lactos intolerant. Hanging yourself. Shooting yourself with your dads gun, that is fucked up. Riding your bike in to oncoming traffic.
When this game is made i want to be the first to own it.
Robert Loder The best way to kill yourself if your under thirteen is to go out and sit down on the train tracks nearest you and pray that your life be taken from you. Wish that you had never been born then if our father really subspises you he will take your life. But before you die ask yourself one question? Is this fucked up world worth your precious time and energy.
Corwin Take your parent's gun, hold up a gun shop with it, and take all the assault/automatic rifles you can carry. Then go to an NRA or other Right-to-bear-Arms (shoot somebody and take their car to get there unless you can walk) rally and spray everybody there with bullets. Save the last one for yourself.
Sarah Take all of those pretty little stuffed animals you have, douse them in gasoline, light a match and BURN baby BURN! It cheap and yet oh so effective
James 1.) Find a pedophile chatroom on the internet.
2.) Make a friend.
3.) Agree to meet this "friend".
SiE I suggest slow, highly painful and overly elabortate repeative motions, i.e. carefully insert one finger (id suggest the marriage-ring one, for sake of dramatics) topped with a sharply pointed silver tooth (fashioned like a nail ring), into that small delicate hole you claim to not have yet breeched. Make sure you reach far enough up (towards your womb, not bowles, as that could get messy!) and now using quick flicks of the wrist try locating your 'cherry', this is sure induce much bleeding. Now with the other hand enject your arm with "drano", for the last preformance was just that, a preformance (it wont actully kill you), to be captured on video (so every last one you left behind will wittness your legacy!)
p.s. make sure you keep the "drano" off camera, maintaining the glamorous illusion.
Simon Piss off the local peadophile so much that he rapes you and then kills you.
MonTon Des`Coup Study, become a nerd, the rednecks will make your life a living hell, then get daddy's gun and blow your brains out
Derth Goadly Go into your school. Fuck the hottest person in the school. stab yourself to death in front of everyone. blame it on everyone in a note
friendlybunny The suicide kit must come in an elaborately decorated and colorful box. It must be designed to make you want to kill yourself. Not many kids have the urge to commit suicide, so the kit must convince them. Maybe the kit could contain 100s of hours of news clips or political speeches...
Doc Cut your dick off. Prove you have the balls to watch yourself bleed to death
Richard Set up a website and advertise yourself as being thirteen and available for functions - bhar-mitzvah's and ritual child abuse as long as it is super super violent. After a year on the circuit, asuming you live that long, I'm sure you won't need any more suggestions. You will be a positive font of self termination ideas.
christoph selbach chocolate until you burst
Sir X Stop eating
jonny carson It would have to be a kit shaped like a cookie jar, a doctor death cookie jar. Inside it would contain a couple of cookies, the assortment that you wanted could vary, such as chocolate chip or peanut butter, but really they would be filled with arsenic, the kit would also have to include a nice big machette, and fake blood (this isn't real anyways), the kit wouldn't be complete without a notepad and a pen with the smiley guy:) on it, (how else would you write the note?) that would be guaranteed to freak your parents out, and if that didn't work ...just have a gun in it also!!!
G7oria When I was 12, I stuck my head in a deep fryer at the restaurant my parents owned. (Unfortunately someone saw me and pulled me out). Another idea is to clip metal onto your ears, then attach wires on each end into a 9 volt (or higher) battery or an electrical outlet
Emmy murder someone, and get the death sentence
kristin Jumping off of something. It is virtually free, unless you pay to go to the top of the sears tower, but most high drops could be acomplished with no cost. You get one last cheap thrill! And all you have to do is jump.

But if you procede suicide your visitors automatically will also disappear. whom should they visit?

Don't you suggest it to be possible, that anything we call reality is in fact the dream of a stranger-and when he/she wakes up we already stop to exist? (B. Comings?)

andrew carve the word love on your chest with a razerblad then kill you self with a gun in your mom and dads bed
Mary i think that the most creative way to kill yourself when you're 13 and not have any people be suspicious is to buy paint and paint yourself to death. Yeah...thats what i said. If you get the right type of paint, then you can say you want to make a body print of yourself. you can put paint all over your body and then the toxins will get into your blood stream and eventually get to your heart and brain, and then you will have painted yourself to death.
ade subject yourself to listening to the spice girls, backstreet boys, and/or n*sync. however this works for any age.
Silicon Jesus What is death but conformity to the system?
Jessica punch through a mirror and slit your wrists.
J-man just look in the mirror. your ugly-ass face is enough to kill anyone. jeez! die already!
Stix to watch your parents kill themselves then yourself
moodi fuck an elephant
Steve Run trough the ghetto naked with nigger written all over you body in marker saying you're part of a white supremmis group waving an unloaded pistol (optional).
Steve Try to rape an underfed pitbull.
Steve Mix toothpaste and pasta (the storebought kind, not homemade). Bon appetit!
smackho hang yourself with a backpack on an amtrak train while in your seat, still sitting down
smackho Provoke a rabid squirrel or a guido in a cheesey new york city club by hitting on his hoochie girlfriend in black spandex pants and when he comes after you with a baseball bat, provoke him more by running circles around him making him dizzy and convincingly telling him "I'm a Bunny Rabbit" while jumping up and down and making bunny ears on your head, eventually you will get tired, and sick of the bunny routine and you know those guidos, they have stamina cause they can dance all night baby, yeah.....
Alli-kinners I would think my life were over when I was just 13, then now... I am older and wiser. I would have to say, to kill myself, take a large knife, cut out my heart like the indians did to the spanish settlers, and then send it to my ex-love for v-day.
Gary Payton but they call me tha glove What you do is the a knife. Shine it up real nice. Oh no this aint singalong with the croc. Turn tha son-bitch sideways and STICK IT STR8 UP YOUR MONKEY ASS. If ya smellllllllllllllllll what the croc is cookin�!�
Guinevere I think some people missed your point? You are asking for toys to pretend suicide?
The box would have to be very beautiful itself... something medieval looking,with silver and intricate details... There could be bottles of poison, beautiful coloured poisonous insects (I guess like black widow spiders) and a variety of fantastic, jewled swords and knives. You could perhaps hold the spider up to your neck, while lying in a boat (a simple canoe) wearing a long, flowing white dress and hair undone ...and float, all the way down the river, in a misty beautiful land.
Death Easy. Make a web site like this one. Takes too long, you think, before you die? Guess again. You're already dead, in case you haven't noticed. You don't need a sui-kit anymore, Mouchette. It would be redundant.
Jennifer What do you expect to get out of 'pretending' to kill yourself and why do you think that would be different at an age under 13?
James Newton I once licked the end of a plug from my old spectrum computer. luckily it went through the transformer first. otherwise that could have been it
Hanna Perttula It' scientifically proven that a baby can starve itself to death if it loses it's mother under the age of 22 months. So I think that if you want to commit suicide the sooner you do it the better. Theres ne need to hesitate. Starve yourself to death right after you have born.
Maddy Well -- you could try making your own noose...
Or how about a simple guillotine? You could make something creative with popcicle sticks and tin foil.
Are you mechanically inclined? What about some kind of elaborate contraption involving electricity?
Or maybe, now that you are 13... you are onto something new.... like life?
Antony Widoff Just go through life as normal. That should do the trick.
Miss Elanius Find your parents prescription pills and wine, and consume them both. But thats only if you dont have access to anything like a knife. If you have a knife, get on top of an important building, (id say the new years ball in america, but youre french) and slice open your abodomen, then pull out intestines, and shove them in your mouth and begin to consume them, as much as posible, before you die.
Steve What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? = find some people that make snuff films and if you ask really nicely they might let you have your moment of fame on the silver screen. if you are lucky you can send the videos out as stocking stuffers just in time for the holidays.
Brennan Clarkson Go to public highschool, play pokemon, and be just like everyone else.
Caleb Stewart Probably putting some strichnine in a cold glass of mountain berry kool-aid would be best.
AxlCobain the best way to kick tha buggets is drinkin your favorite medicine untill you get unconcious
Robert Wood

Go to church. You will be reformed and no longer recognise yourself. You will become property of the church and the old would have died.
Saving all unwanted souls

zero branco
JennKNEEfur You can snore really loud and have your little brother or sister smother you with a pillow.
You can make your own milkshake with the liquid in all those shiny bottles under the sink.
You can see if you can make the swing do an entire 360 degree circle on the swing set.
You can see what electricity tastes like.
Matthew What the hell is wrong here? I dont want my kid to pretend to kill himself!
kel When you are under 13, you may try pills or a razor blade, but these are all too common. I think that the thing to do at 13 is to drink something sweet and put on a favorite outfit, then go to a highway overpass, spin in circles until you are so dizzy it feels wonderful, then jump off the overpass in the line of oncoming traffic. it will probably hurt, but the spinning should remove some of the sensation.
kel There are so many ways to kill many of which are faulty with our medical technology. For the slow and painful death, I would suggest obtaining some nitric acid and injecting it into your stomach, head and heart. not pretty, but it will disolve all of your majors... for a less painful way, i tend to find the idea of the american refrigerator romantic as coffin like, and you can arrange flowers about you for a truly romantic discovery...and aromatic too.
Darlane Darling child, simply anger your mother!!!
David Hill To walk under a ladder, broke a mirror, and kill a black cat. =)
gloria Get a gun and carry it down to the local police station. Tell the chief that you have a serious problem: that you have a gun going off in your head. Wait for the confused look, then the look of comprehension. And right before it's too late remove the gun from your pocket (make sure you're standing far enough away so he can't grab you) and pull the trigger while aiming at your head
Matt Ridenour

Growing up

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