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Les meilleures réponses en 1999 (5ème partie)
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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?
Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
101 ways
sister of vines Wait. Wait in your room. the time will come when you cannot wait any longer. the suicide kit can be empty. all you need is patience.
toyture You can buy one of those stuffed toy with a chip in it ! They use them in Asia for old people ! Then, you just hack the computer from "happy friend" to "maniaco-depressive" so it will push you slowly to suicide. Just keep him with you all the time, even when you sleep ...we don't want you to dream and voila ....time is the key to success!!
shanda steal moms car keys&sit in the garage w/thengine running
ur mom Why would u wanna kill urself anyways???? I mean ur only 13!!!
Ur dumb and immature and very scary
sherly there is no best way
just get the knife and stick it to your brain
razorback drink a lot of liquid before you go to bed and have a electric radio in bed with you so when you pee the bed you will be electrocuted.
ThreeJane The best thing to do is to dive head-first into a shallow swimming pool when no-one is around. You will fall unconscious and drown peacefully.
14 I read about a 12 year old boy who killed himself by taping pennies to a highly explosive firework. He stuck it in his mouth and lit it. It left many penny sized holes in his head as well as killing him.
Stephani Jo The best way to kill yourself is to drink a mixture of gasoline, bleach, and draino, then, sit in a cold room.
Corey take two wires and put them in an electical outlet and hang on for a ride
Nena crucify yourself. leave a note beside your body that says: "I wanted to be like Jesus Mommy."
kiki oven
drink shoe polish
walk in front of buses - one will work
lay neck on train tracks
toaster in the tub
lick dirty things-never mind that would just taste bad
Julie you can drink a whole lot of cleaning stuff
Marty La meilleure mani�re de se suicider serait sans doute un fusil de chasse...une balle dans la gorge... en effet la plupart des adultes sont r�sistants aux fusils et ratent leur coup dans 80% des cas, un enfant, par contre, pourrait facilement mourir sur le coup ou par la suite � cause de ses blessures.
Jezebel I remember back in the day when I was 3.. actually.. I ate a bottle of tylenol.. =) I had to get rushed to the hospital and they pumped muh stomach and gave me apple juicy stuff to make me vomit :) oohh yea.. So, I suggest eating tylenol.. Unless your over 10.. Then what you do is... take over 60.. of them..NON chewable... ok ?? Or jump off a cliff.. but leave a note. =)
PhuckU Please Look into the light
jake Put a broom "between" your legs and jump off a refrigerator.
Vincent A simple move, nothing too painful, however great that would be... A bite, something that can be done anywhere, at any time. A tear through your tounge, the wound never closes. Swallow your blood -- hide the evidence.
Jenny well it depends on if you want it quick & painless or long & tourchurous.
quick-go get ur daddy's gun, put it in ur mouth & shoot.
long-cut yourself in various places that have major veins & let urself bleed to death.
it's fun--trust me.
twiggy by eating precisely 89 paracetamol, drinking a bottle of aftershave so the alcoholic content and the pills will kill you hahahahahahahahahahahaha
joseph Hey Mouchette. You're web site is cute. Kinda nice. Refreshing even. Something to look at while is down.
Suicide? Well, any drastic measures like starving or drowning yourself tend not to work. This is because your body will fight back and try not to die. And pills don't usually work because you won't take enough and you'll just end up in the hospital - but not dead. I would recommend shooting yourself but as you're too young, I just slash my wrists - careful, you have to slash vertically up your arm for maximum bleeding. Cutting horizontally across your wrist might not be effective enough and the blood could stop and clot. But watch out, it's gonna hurt. Myself, I'd go for the painless injection. Hope that helped. Since you're in Amersterdam why don't you just OD on extasy or something? All right, goodbye and have fun. joseph
maggie Children's Tylenol.
maggie Well, as for 12 year old little girls, a promising dissapearing act is always the best... You want to scare the hell out of mommy and daddy, then when they find your lil ass, you will be a mess... Its as simple as some clorox bleach in your diet coke.
Eric I think it would be presumptuous of me to know this answer, seeing as how I've lived for 35 years. That means I have even less experience on the subject of suicide. Maybe if you asked the successful suicide... no, I guess that wouldn't be possible. And you wouldn't really want the advice of the people who've attempted it and failed - they couldn't get it right in the first place. Besides, the young kids here in the States don't really need a suicide kit anymore for they've already got the shining examples of countless peers with firearms walking into schools and shooting classmates before either killing themselves or hoping to be shot by the police. It's big and splashy and dramatic, and what else could one expect from the U.S.?
Scout Playing with pappy's gun is a very quick way out, or ingesting the contents of every bottle with a keep out of the reach of children label on it... But the best has got to be the home made electric chair, you pull the chord off a lamp, and wrap it around the legs of a metal chair, then your little friend sits down... and *bzzzzt* you flip the switch.
Jane Suicide is an intesely private and personal experience, and one must look into one's heart to find the method that reflects their personality, feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a way that is both fulfilling and meaningful. For example, if one was to simply drink poison, one would have to be comfortable with the possibility of mussy hair (due to convulsions), vomit, blood, and all of the other side-effects. One must ask oneself, "Do I want a beautiful death, or do I want to leave a death scene which will make others wretch, vomit, and/or want to commit suicide themselves?" If all of these issues are taken into account, suicide can be a positive experience for everyone involved.
HeLLBoY6 give a gun to a friend and pretend he shot you by accident
monster strangle yourself while masturbating, using a plastic bag
katrina get a rope, find a tree with a really strong branch. Climb the tree and tie the rope around the branch. Then tie the other end around your neck and jump.
cliff Hang yourself on a spinning ceiling fan until all the blood rushes to your feet and the internal pressure of all the bodily fluids seeps out through your toes in a random fashion showering your putrid liquid and bowel secretions onto the surrounding public.
radar bootle of booze, joint, sledges and high mountain....
1.get drunk
2.get "jointed"
3.take your sledges and climb on a mountain... take all of your close, and try to fall asleep...when you are....just GET DOWN! hmm....
Dave I must emphasize creativity Mouchette... This is important even if you are only practicing. I recommend drinking a bottle of glycerine, followed by nitric acid 98% pure {used for developing film} two small bottles, a few small jumps, and kaboom... nitroglycerine
jed eat rat poison, failing that, eat that slug & snail killer stuff
if you can't get those things, try sticking your hand in the in-sink garbage disposal... make sure you do this when no one is home, so that pesky "she's dying! we gotta help her!" thing doesn't happen
Astro Take some super glue and pour it all over your asshole, then press your ass cheeks together to make a tight seel. Then go to the store and buy a about 6 or 7 boxes of laxitives. I think there is 10 per box, take all 60-70 of them at once, drink a glass of water to wash'em down and stand the hell by, if it dont kill you in a couple hours you wish it did. ha ha ha I love your site, keep banging.....Astro was here Dec/9/1999
pitch shifter The very best way for an under 13 person such as your good self to commit an act of suicide is self crucifixion. This may require a little help from a friend, but it would be a wonderful way to make a statement about the loss of innocence in your life. Good luck!
Joey Use daddy's gun. Take mommy's pretty blue pills
soufian celi Se tirer une balle dans la tempe ou se jetter du haut d'un building ou prendre du tranxene 10 miligrame ou encore faire une over dose d'heroine. Tout simplement se passer a la guillotine, se taper contre les murs. Mais laisser moi vous dire que tout ce je viens de dire ne devrait etre dis a des enfant de 13 ans. Et je trouve tr�s inconscien de votre part de mettre ceci dans votre site, sachez aussi que je n'ai aucune honte a vous dire ceci et que je vous laisse meme mon address e-mail au cas ou vous auriez la brillante id�e de me r�pondre. Excusez mon impertinance et aussi les fautes d'orthographes.
thom Believe everything your parents tell you, without questioning a bit of it!
Chew your food twenty-six times!
Do as I say; do not do as I do!
Smedley Gershwinkle Tatoo the words: "You made me do this." on your forehead. Then walk to a bridge and throw yourself over the side of the bridge, into a windshield of an oncoming vehicle (This will take some practice, but you should be able to calculate the trajectory of your by tossing watermelons off the bridge prior to your leap), sending the driver of the car careening towards the supporting poles of the overpass, and eventually causing a such a horrendous crash, that, if the driver survives, he will blame himself for the loss of hundreds of lives, including yours.
Tyler Walk down the street until you find yourself raped in an alley, where once before you remember yourself playing with time.
alexia take all ur moms valium at once
deny stay alive and get older
Brandt It is sad you feel this way life is too precious to waste on thoughts of death, death comes soon enough and is in all likelihood permanent. At least for the current state you exist in.
Kelly cut off all limbs and have someone throw you in a pool to drown!
matt draw a warm bath and play some calm music and cut your wrist long ways so you will calmly end your existence
Dean Alex (Id, ikanlolw) Maurer messy is best (it gets the most attention) perhaps a buck shot to the head
Zanthia Work in a sweatshop for
pacman drink drana. naked. it doesn't work if you have clothes on.
Master Take a nice hot bath to losen the blood flow and then break an old record in half and the edges will be sharp enough for you to stilt your wrists up the veins.
matthew horton

Swallow a box of upholstery tacks with the cherubic animosity of captain crunch.

Taylor Jewell Hensley Stand on the ledge of a 100 story apartment building while pigeons peck at your head in -10 degree weather for 2 days in your boxers/underwear. If you dont fall off the ledge, you will either get your head pecked off or you will freeze to death.
Taylor Jewell Hensley

My friend Julie & I came up with 101 ways to kill yourself. :)

updated the 21 dec 1999


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