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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 May 1999 sarah prositute yourself in a bad neigborhood
01 May 1999 sarah drink gasoline with pills from mom's cabinet..... maybe a little vodka to make sure it goes through
27 Apr 1999 Blancka Pour les autre, je ne le sais pas mais moi voici les choses qui mont servi lors de mes 9 tentatives de suicide:
1. Un pot de valium et de l'alcool 94%
2. Un couteau , pour me couper les veines au poignet
3. Un sac de plastique pour m'étouffer.
3. Un lac pour me noyer
4. Des produits chimiques pour m'intoxiquer.
5. Un couteau pour me couper les veines du cou.
6. Un mélange de médicaments (encore une fois)
7. Un température de -30*
8. Encore un couteau pour me coupeau les veines des poignets
9. Un corde pour me pendre...
Malgré c'est neuf tentatives de suicide... je suis encore là... mon heure n'était pas venu, et il y avait toujours un étranger qui me trouvait à la dernière minute!
21 Apr 1999 kate i go for the time-honored wrist-slashing, with blood everywhere, and absolutely no pain killers, so you feel it all...... record it on video for the world to see, along with commentary....not that i'm advocating suicide, though (sorry, i just really had to say it.....)
17 Apr 1999 Tine Vanhaelemeersch Jumping from a high bilding, minimal 15 meters high, rather more. Keep yourself as tense as possoble while you're falling. It seems to nog hurt because you 're dead as soon as you reach the grond.
15 Apr 1999 sara looking at television is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13.
13 Apr 1999 Rose I can only offer you the advice of how not to attempt suicide so you can learn from my mistake, mixing sleeping pills and alcohol (or any poison) does not work since the invention of stomache pumps.
13 Apr 1999 Helena Travail Block the wrong entrance side of a one way street at 5 AM in a small, suburban town where cars don't start coming in until six AM. Place a large pile of eggs on the street approximately 5 ft. away from a building with at least 3 stories. Go to the top of this building, carrying six chickens, a bucket of black paint, a brush, a large white placard, and a ball of twine. Take the brush, dip it in the paint and write 'SALMONELLA KILLS' on the placard and hang it aroound your neck with the twine. Tie the chickens to yourself by tying the twine to their feet and then tying the opposite end to your various appendages, i.e. 2 on your left ankle, 2 on your right ankle, and one to either wrist. Jump off the roof directly on to the pile of eggs, effectively killing yourself. Try to land on your back and avoid landing on the chickens, which might break your fall.

Take any bath salts named something like Rainbow Happy Dreams or Joyous Life or something like that (ironical, y'know?) and draw a hot bath, pouring in all of the salts. Arrange the package where it cannot avoid being seen by the discoverer of your corpse. Step into the bath, and after soaking your hands for 10 minutes (this will cut down on the pain) cut your wrists with a razor, taking care to open the main arteries, and sedately bleed to death. If you want to be really ironic, try rigging a CD player to repeatedly play "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows"
13 Apr 1999 …ric larouche L'écrasement
13 Apr 1999 Pascal Girard la pompe a biciclette
13 Apr 1999 MM The essential difficulty in killing yourself when you are so young, is that there are very few pre-teen death role models to follow in the footsteps of. Nobody is interested in romanticising childhood suicide in litterature. This is probably because childhood is so often a time that people look back to romantically.
At the age of about 25-26 they die, in that they stop living. Their lives instead are spent reminiscing about the past. Eventually they stop living in that their hearts stop beating and their bodies begin to de-compose. I therefore suggest that the most surefire way of committing suicide when you are young is to allow yourself to grow old very quickly indeed, to start reminiscing about the past and then to allow failing
bodily functions to push you over the edge of physical decreptitude until you rot and your brain dribbles out of your nose.
My kit to enable a pre-teen to complete this aging process without noticing any discomfort, or having to endure long years of struggle and the hardship envolved in living to adulthood consists of the following:
1). A Panasonic "Citizen" personal hand held television, with four AA batteries.
2). Dietary supplements and an intravienous drip supplying bodily fluids.
3). A home catheterization kit and enema (to prevent the necessity of hospitalisation when the muscles become too weak to void waste.)
Using this kit, the pre-teen can live out their life in total isolation, with all their bodily and intellectual needs on drip-feed.
In a short period of time (70-80 year maximum) this method will succeed. It has never been known to fail.
16 Mar 1999 LOLO Drole d'idee !
As-tu entendu parle du nombre de suicides chez les jeunes des 9 ans au Japon ? Leur societé leur demande un tel rendement scolaire (à la maternelle, math et science !), leur laisse si peu de place pour s'épanouir personnellement et être créatif que si jeunes, ils ont déjà envie de changer de dimension...
Je trouve cela bien triste : être enfant et penser no future !!!
Mais en Europe, quelle peuvent etre les raisons qui te mènent sur un tel chemin ? Est-ce seulement un jeu ?
Désolée de ne t'apporter que si peu d'nfo...
Amicalement, LOLO
15 Mar 1999 Marcus Manger des saucisses FEBO jusqu'à ce faire éclater les intestins, ou essayer de les vendre le Jour de la Reine...
04 Mar 1999 Brian wait till a truck is about to go under a nearby overpass then jump from the overpass on to the hood of the truck
25 Feb 1999 arno schipper bite mike tysons ear off
probably he kick tha livin shit outta ya.
check if ya can outsmart a bullit while pumpin tha lead in to ya head
25 Feb 1999 Hadrien rester en vie, ou rester enfant
stand still alive or be a simply kid.
18 Feb 1999 Wallace le salace Vas jouer aux billes sur l'autoroute Mouchette, tu verras c'est infaillible! Mais vas-y aux heures de pointe parce que sinon ça peut être long...
03 Feb 1999 David cascaro Se pendre avec la corde à sauter d'Alice au pays des merveilles
01 Feb 1999 danielle why don't you ask a dead 12 year old?
29 Jan 1999 paulo b Experimentar tudo até ao limite.

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