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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jun 2022 i can never be me, so... idc. Everyday, 2 times a day, I experience time warps. In the morning, there is an hour and a half I cannot account for. In the evening 3 hours ... Gone. The days do not seem as long either.
11 Jun 2022 courior number 6 I went to a casino in vegas called the ultraluxe. They were all dressed so fancy, and they wore masks. One fellow named mortimer asked me to kill some big ranchers teenage kid who was locked in a walk in freezer in the basement. I told him i didnt have the stomach for it, and pulled out Maria, a tricked out 9mm pistol i got off bennys headless corpse, and i emptied the pistol in his chest. Every one was trying to kill me, but i killed everyone in the casino. But when i went outside the vegas strip police force, which are robots launched 25 missles at me in a second. I never had a chance against those robots.
10 Jun 2022 still alive No one actually knows how to poop. You just know when. Outside of that, its a crapshoot. A real live shit show. For someone in the military, they may say "its go time" or "Mission is live."
08 Jun 2022 k Find your favorite dairy farm. Once you have gotten close break out the binuks and scope it out. There will be a smaller building where they take dead cows by front end loader. They put a layer of dead cows then a layer of cow manure in this building. It will be left to rot and make compost. Climb on top of the pile of dead cows, now just wait. Soon enough the loader will bring huge buckets of cow manure. They will bury you. In cow poop. The weight alone would crush your ribs and spine. So it would be quick, and right as the bucket begins to dump moo like a cow . Your body would become compost, bagged, shipped and sold at your local plant selling hub. People will use you as compost to grow vegetables and flowers. If your nutrients are consumed... You will forever be apart of their life. And inevitably, the filth and wretched curses on your life will be the rich inheritance of some health nut. And at this point its also true you would end up as a human turd.
07 Jun 2022 juanito An extremely rapid decapitation. Works every time.
But, if you are just going to throw your life away, come here and make me tacos, wash my dishes, and laundry. I need fresh tacos.
07 Jun 2022 yourfavchipmunk just do it stop searching for answers
06 Jun 2022 Fae Lost jump! its easy, little brittle bones just barely holding onto eachother through being only so small... each time you fall into the concrete and scrape your knee at such a young age just breaks and breaks you more... JUMP!! jump like you can fly and life is a dream. jump like nothings holding you back and no one will miss you. jump like never before.. the highest building the tallest tree. jump mouchette jump
05 Jun 2022 олдукаргт& таспм ыакы
01 Jun 2022 Ace Eat paper and drink ink. Be one with your printer self. I know I already did.
30 May 2022 you are the center of my universe you are my pattern of orbit
30 May 2022 jupiter knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife
30 May 2022 dumbshrimp study without rest
29 May 2022 ............. Slit your wrists
29 May 2022 Vladimir Putin 13 or under? No problem. Sign up for Motherland military. And dont forget like me on facebook. 👍
29 May 2022 a lonely lonely telemarketer Life as a telemarketer. I live in constant fear. If people find out what i do for a living, well when I told a man at the supermarket, he punched me in the mouth. Turns out he was a boxer. Heavyweight class. I never saw it coming. I just woke up on the floor with lips split wide open and teeth in the back of my throat. I also live un fear that someone I call at work is going to track me down and kill me. So I use a fake name at work. One guy told me on the phone that I dont do anything useful for society to support my life and family. He also said if I had a family he feels bad for them having such a worthless waste of space on earth, such as myself, for them to look up too. And I have given it much thought. I do not do a single thing even worthy of being called a service to society. In fact, its a dis-service. No one wants telemarketers calling them, or even talking to them in the supermarket. I guess I should get a real job .
29 May 2022 the freaks come out at night. Remember the days before cell phones? Land lines, phone booths... Please deposit your pockets contents to make a call. And what about pagers? Ahh the demise of many drug dealers came from pagers. They thought they were so cool, the big baller shot caller, and then the cops figured out how to hack that shit. Now we have mail order pharmacuticals without a doctor having authorized it. You can even order humans to exploit any way a sick fuck might desire. Read the headlines, they are snatching up kids. Everywhere. Its mainly for evil poloticians doing their devil worship rituals and they pretend they are clueless but its really them. Globally. Taking childrens innocence and then murdering them, and drinking their blood.
27 May 2022 Cold If still a baby position yourself wrong making yourself be born prematurely then be too weak to eat
26 May 2022 dave overdosing with ur parents pills !
26 May 2022 Vlad hanging
22 May 2022 a lonely doll in a closet ..........

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