Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Nov 2022 shrimpina shramina buy a bag of fake blood and a plastic knife, write a letter with anything you wanna say to piss people off, then perform your a dramatic fake death scene. That way when people come back, you say you have been resurrected by the antichrist, and everyone will leave you the fuck alone.
07 Jan 2022 Chris The best way is to not at all, if you have not died at birth then you are simply cursed to live
16 May 2021 rectal catharsis. The spectrum of human emotion is, when you give thought to it, likened to a volcano. Over time pressure builds until it is no longer possible to contain below the surface. Violent explosions of spewed hatred that melts everything it touches, and a smokey cloud of ash hotter than a match flame blanketing all that you can see. All in proximity void of any sign of life, and even those a far can feel the wrath. Suffering. Choking, blinded, sun blacked out for days, etc., Etc.

Because of this truth it would be wise to keep a pair of pilots goggles and some fire resistant fabric wraps for your head and face. Something to filter the ash out of the air you breathe. And maybe a few tubs of burn ointment also. Keep these close to you all the time. Unless of course you have a volcano in your back yard. Then you just get a hammock and some margaritas and some sun tan lotion spf 150 and just wait for vacation to be over and its almost hell on earth. And that reminds me, there are only two places to see a fire tornado. And that is hell and california, an ultra left wing, ultra socialist state in The States. And thats what is so awesome about life. Natural disasters make the crunchy granola types so fearful due to their constant fantasies of running for their life to escape a disater, but they only end up dying tired. I think these human emotions described are not like a volcano, but a sink hole. People swallowed up by sinking sand. And with such emotions running wild coupled with various other problems, such as the Orthodox Jews wanting to tear down the mosque on the temple mount and build the third temple and having made preperations already like corner stones cut, menorah and altar are finished and they are making grain offerings already, along with other problems like aliens, and also another big problem is how difficult it is to get an animal on the endangered species list with hunters coming from all over the world to bag the first bigfoot. And the next person to tell me to wear a useless mask, i am going to have an ocean of emotion for them when like a tsunami i wash them away, and wipe my ass with their mask and put it back on them. I hope its hot that day so i will be extra sweaty.
In fact, there are so many problems in the world today, emotions are running high. So if you feel overwhelmed with life its ok. Its perfectly normal. Because once israel builds the temple and brings back animal sacrifice the Antichrist will come and there will be so much genocide the nazis will look like a bunch of chior boys. And it should happen soon as the shot is the first installment of marxist of the beast six six six burned into your genetically modified soul. Patented and owned by big pharma. And just remember if you can not afford becoming a slave astro zenicuh may be able to help.
And look everyone knows that babies have a unique smell.
27 Jan 2021 susen ive finally found a site where i can tell my story so here it goes.

im 12 rn & the first time i tries to kms on overdosing was 10-11 , i was still mommys lil girl. im thinking of od rn bc of school , but then again im also christian & ik that if i od i go to hell , but i rlly do just wanna end it all, i cant take this fucking pain anymore
03 May 2020 Darnell Walker Cut yourself
20 Dec 2019 Christ Jump off the roof, drown
16 Dec 2019 baby hang urself w christmas lights
26 Nov 2019 chris lay in the dirt and let the earth re consume you
13 Apr 2019 xav ask for a lego deathstar for christmas then eat all the parts
03 Dec 2018 christian kid use no-no language on my good christian minecraft server
04 Sep 2018 Quincy It's a sad day. The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro has burned down. I had some of my greatest artifacts there. Pieces of ancient south america history. Objects i personaly found on expeditions and put there for the world to see. Artifacts thought to have been before the birth of Jesus Christ. The oldest predated the sphinx. They are gone forever. The royal family lived in the building before it was a museum. I think it was arson because there is a group of people who want to erase from brazils history everything about slavery. The royal family had many slaves some were used as sex slaves. Some were tortured. Yes Brazil has a dark past. But it's very dark now with the museum burned down.
30 Aug 2018 xxxMemelordxxx Comprehend the eternal abyss called life.

Or just stare at memes
13 Jul 2018 Chris Eat some tide pods
31 May 2018 chris climb to the top of a tree and tie your hair to it, then jump from it and rip out your scalp. it will probably cause you to die from blood loss
01 Mar 2018 Daddy long legs Wait around Christmas time when they are putting up Christmas lights make sure you are in a small town on Christmas day dress up as Santa Claus now I would set fire to a few house preferably an enemy but any house will do and not in the same area so the police and firefighters are distracted then call your local news station and say Santa is putting on a big show for everyone give them location and then jump if you want some extra credit I would take spray paint and Write Something funny but remember keep is short and simple I would probably say something about burning someone house down was a Christmas gift from me Santa
22 Jan 2018 Chris Watch memes until you get a headache and continue until you are dead
24 Dec 2017 Kamichan So its 1:40am on Christmas night. I got a 14 minute video of santa and my mom doing the nasty. I really hope they didnt get any love juices on my presents.
21 Nov 2017 chrisbenoit kill yourself
30 Oct 2017 teme So im gay and Chris doesnt love me back now I want to kill myself. somebody help me because this is really stressfull. No trolls no kappa no kappapride. Also all hail my filthy god brandon the toaster
16 Jun 2017 Fucking god damn what the fuck is wrong with you freaks shut the fuck up about Dank Memes for one second of your life and think about this jesus christ

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