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English translation of this letter:


I appeal to your goodwill to authorize the use of photos from the film 'Mouchette' by Robert Bresson which are part of my work formerly located at http://mouchette.org/film/, and I offer my apologies for not having requested authorisation as I should have when the piece was created.

This was one of my online works that was appreciated by an internet audience in the context of the artistic site http://mouchette.org and whose purpose was to render homage to the film by Robert Bresson that partially inspired my website.

In no way whatsoever was the intention of the work to deride or pervert the spirit of the original work. I ask for your permission to reinstall my quiz in the website that gave birth to it, and to authorize the usage of images and references to the film just as they were in the work in question.

In the hope that you will consent to my request and permit me to to make reference to this film by Robert Bresson which I respect and admire enormously, I ask you to accept, Madam, the expression of all my respectful consideration.