Clickable Mouchette
I committed suicide when I was 13, in 1967
An internet quiz about the film of Robert Bresson,
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The place I am heading for is: 1
the hut of the poacher who raped me 
home, where my mother just died
at the café, to fetch my drunken father
the pond where I shall be drowning myself


In this can I carry: 3
milk for my baby brother 
brandy for my father
the café au lait I refused to drink
a medecine for my mother who is already dead

check the film stills

2 This bundle holds:
the new dress in which going to drown myself
my father's dirty shirts to wash in the pond
my little brother's corpse
my mother's shroud

4 My shoe was found:
in my brother's cradle
near my mother's corpse
in the stream, by the poacher who raped me later
by my father who beated me up to punish me
 floating in the pond where I drowned

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