The best thing about being famous
is that you receive presents from your web-fans.

Anastasia (Fennel Dfl) has made this gif for me in November 2016

She created this capture of my website in video

This beautiful comic strip was created by Elena from

A diary page from an anonymous visitor

A photo of Richard Rust

Paul-Emmanuel found me at the airport

Here is Cafard, my new pet, a present from Sir ladybug beetle

Made by Grandbastard
(mouse roll over please)

Mauro Pereira sent me this photo of his son as a Xmas 2000 present

"you are the only one that has moved me to tears inside the web"
sent by C. Augusto Valdès, on the 19th december 1999


Mouchette wonderland saw it soon
cat a pillar on the 'shroom
That day it doodle ladle loom,
Drug poem bowem woem soon

A pen is mightier than the sword
A penis mightier than assorted
A song is songier than escorted
Soup is oopier than a liquid
You are goopier than a sidsquid

a poem by Myklos Legrady


This is a present I received from BTM for the occasion of my Solidarity Chain Campaign which helped me survive.

This pet was specially created for me by a real web-pet specialist: d2b
He gave my pet a name: mÖÜchÈttË
Feeding instructions are not needed because it lives on like this forever!


A fly swatter from Ian Campbell, with a pink background, exactly the sort of pink I use for my homepage (#FF6EC7)

Takuji Kogo made my shockwave portrait and wrote small texts in Japanese

HW Werther
She sent me her portrait and a message of love.
Thank you HW !

Marc Boon made The Prendickle talk

....without forgetting all the fantastic poems (in french) that Stephane Susana wrote for me to celebrate my name

There is more than one way to express me your love and admiration: all your gifts (as email attachments) are welcome !