Mouchette is a very young artist who is nearly 13 since october 1996! Here is her Wikipedia entry.
She has taken part in art manifestations, exhibitions and events in the artworld, and created a new part of her website everytime for the occasion.
Her website has become very well known, and generates between a hundred and a thousand visits daily. She maintains an impressive database of reactions to her webpages and participation to interactive narratives. She keeps contact with her public exclusively in a digital form, through her website and her email:
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Artistic events

Dec 11: Online Fan Shop, an online shop, part of Mouchette's site and run by a mysterious fan

Nov/Dec 11: Medium_Message 2.0 an infinite inventory, online exhibition at Year Zero One, presented in the space at Contact Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Oct 11: La Fiac 2011, online exhibition

July/Aug11: Guerrilla Fan Shop at SKOR in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Articles and photos of the event

April 11:
Turkmenbashi Mon Amour in Biennale de Montreal, Montreal Canada (online version of the work)

March/Sept 11: Precarious Identities , Identités Précaires, in Espace Virtuel Jeu de Paume, Paris

Oct 10: Grand Soir in LaFiac

June 10: Ville Fantome in RevueBleuOrange

Oct 09: Sharing Identity Workshop, Turn*on, Artivistic festival , Montreal Canada

June 09: WJ-Spots, 15 years of creation on Internet, Maison des Métallos, Paris France. View online video of my presentation.

*April 09: "Splashback", Rhizome's Splash pages 1998-2002

*Juin 08: Pratiques du Territoire, conférence de Martine Neddam au Centre Dare-Dare, Montréal Canada

*May 08: "Etre ou ne pas être Mouchette", online exhibition in ITEM, UQAM, Canada, présentation of Grand_Soir

*Feb 08: Swap, Use & Abuse your identity, in Beauty Parlour, Mediamatic, Amsterdam

*Sept 07: Knotenpunkte, exhibition of digital works in the Contemporary Art Museum of Siegen, Germany. See related blog and pictures of the works.

*March 07: artistic residency in La Chambre Blanche Quebec, Quebec, Canada

*June 06: Lecture on Virtual Characters. Net.kulturni klub mama, Zagreb, Croatia:

*March 06: DorkBotToronto ---- event and presentation at Interaccess,

*Oct 05: Conférence ICI, UQAM, Montréal, Canada

*Aug 05: Virtuelle Identitäten in Ladyfest 2005 Berlin, Germany

*May 05: Flash Festival "intime*10" Centre Pompidou Paris France

*August 04: KUNSTNETZNRW.DE, Virtuelle Galerie

*March 04: WEBeSCAPE, in Palermo, Italy; web room Mouchette

*March 04: Digitalia, curated by Michele Thursz, Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA.

*March 04: SYZYGY (the Human Remix), Art In Motion Festival, University of Southern California

*Jan /may 04: P2P[iece] Project, POSTARTUM, Long Beach California

*Jan 04:Medi@terra festival 6, Athens, Greece

*Dec 03: "Online Identities as learning tools", lecture at the Departement of New Media, University of Shanghai, China

*Nov 03: Tage der Kunstvermittlung, lecture and website presentation in Schöppingen, Germany

*Nov 03:The work "Squint" is acquired in the collection of the Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort, France

*Oct 03: "Identity-Sharing Interface", Workshop and conference in Zagreb, Croatia

*Apr 03: "Will you take over my website?" Event at Postmasters Gallery, New York, with the collaboration of AKairways and agent.netart

*Spring 03: Residence at Franklin Furnace, New York, Mouchette was recipient of the grant "The Present of the Future 2002".

*5 Dec 02: Digitales, cyberfeminist conference, website presentation, Brussels, Belgium

*16 Nov 02: Femmes d'images néerlandaises, presentation of website, Maison Européenne de la Photo, Paris, France

*Nov 02: La Compagnie, Marseille, Fr. "Mouchette prise dans la toile" , website presentation made by a local girl, Assia, public debate, and workshops.

* Sept 02: Copy Cult organises a support action against the censorship of Mouchette's website

*Oct 02: SOLD exhibition and sale at Christie's organised by Jim Beard Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

*Sept 02: "Lookalike, Barbie Lolita Lara Croft" at the Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

*Aug 02: Dialoque organised by an online show with works from their collection. Mouchette in Computerfinearts

*Jun 02: Break Festival, "Dead or Alive" , Ljubljana, Slovenia

*Feb 02: Splash page for

*Jan 02: the work "" by Mouchette is acquired in the collection of Computer Fine Arts, New York

*Jan 02: FilmwinterFestival, Stuttgart, Germany, finalist in the NewMedia award competition

*Jan 02: Featured at DIAN-network, Germany

*Dec 01: My_Last_Birthday_Party, event in De Balie, Amsterdam, created and curated by Mouchette, CDrom edition

*Nov 01: CYNETart in Dresden, Germany, CYNETart award 2001 for "Lullaby for a Dead Fly"

*Oct 01: "Animations" in PS1, New York

*Oct 01: Impakt Festival, Utrecht, NL,

*Sept 01 :Design of a carrier bag for OIKIA, Almere, NL

*Sept 01 Pixel Plunder, YearO1, Toronto, Canada

*Sep 01 : Split festival of film and new media, Kroatia
New Media Award: Grand Prix

*Sep 01: I hate Mouchette, a virus alert (example)

*Aug 01 : Hello cursor curated by Kipark, in Seoul, Korea

*Jul 01:Stop the hate in collaboration with

*Jul 01: Connecting the dots, Web-Art and the bigger picture, website presentation at the Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

*Jun 01:I Hate Mouchette in collaboration with

*Apr 01: Faces of Laughter, female strategies in art, website presentation, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL, (letter sent to the mailing list for the occasion)

*Apr 01:Talking Pixels, Taos Festival, New Mexico, USA

*Feb 01:The Htmlles, feminist digital art festival, Studioxx, Montreal, Canada

An archive of in 2001

*Dec 00:"Trust me" at the New Museum, New York USA, (review)

*Dec 00 :"Détournement et simulacre" Interférences festival, CICV Belfort, France

*Oct 00:Festival Nouveau Cinéma Nouveaux médias, Montreal, Canada

*May 00: Nominated for the SFMoMa webby prize

*May 00: Inside Out, Impakt Festival Utrecht NL

*Apr 00: Net Affects, De Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, NL

*Mar 00: "Nuevapropiedadcultural.html" Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico

*Mar 00: A multiple for sale at Artcart

*Dec 99: A Splash page for Rhizome

*Nov 99: Net-art 99 Second Prize for Flesh&Blood

*Oct 99 until Jul 00: Member of the artists collective

*June 99: "Tijdbestek" exhibition of digital images, CBK Nijmegen, NL

*Jan 99: Question project at Candy Factory, Tokyo

*Sept 98: "Digital Flesh&Blood" (archived in the Rhizome ArtBase)

*Sept 98: Biennale de Montreal, Canada, Mouchette's presentation

*Feb 98: exhibition at the Candy Factory in Tokyo

*Dec 97: "A suicide kit for Christmas", Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, NL,

*Sept 97:Triple X festival, Amsterdam "Mouchette LIVE! at the festival"

*March 97: "Blind Shells" with Ben Schot, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL

*Feb 97:Audio-CD of Mouchette�s texts, produced by CBK Rotterdam, NL
Audio samples online --CD sold online at

*Oct 1996 Creation of the web site Mouchette
at (doesn't exist anymore)

Articles and publications

Dec 11: About the Online Fan shop at Year Zero One,

*July 11: A fanzine created for the Guerrilla fan shop, sold in the online fan shop. PDF version downloable here

*May 11: "How to be pink and conceptual at the same time", a conversation between Martine Neddam and Annet Dekker.

*April 11: A website created by a pseudonymous by Marialagskie

*Aug 10: "So what is it" by Figaro Girl

*Feb 10: Imaginary Friends in Effets de Présence by Paule Mackrous,

*Feb 10: Video archive of Mouchette

*June 09: Personnages virtuels et Web 2.0 selon Martine Neddam par Paule Mackrous, .dpi, Revue électronique du du StudioXX, Montréal Canada

*May 09: "In Search of the Unexpected", Navigating E-Cultures, Interview of Martine Neddam by Annet Dekker, Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*May 09: Revue bleuOrange, Martine Neddam au comité de publication

*Apr 09: Rants and Raves, "A website created by a pseudonymous author"

*Apr 09: The , "The Mystery of Mouchette"

*Apr 09: Beautiful Decay Magazine, "Who is Mouchette"

*Jan 09:,

*Dec 08: Sereneskunk

*Oct 08: Notes by Edo Muric, 1 october 2008

*Sept 08: Images mises au Net par Jean Paul Fourmentraux in Etudes Photographiques n 22

*Sept 08: La création au risque d'internet "Mouchette oeuvre et/ou artiste" par Jean-Paul Fourmentraux in Revue d'Ethnologie Française 2008

*May 08: Author Unknown in Theateramneumarkt

*May 08: Mouchette on MySpace Music created by an unknown fan.

*May 08: Labo NT2, Nouvelles Technologies, nouvelles textualités.

*May 08: Mafia Rose (in French) 30 Mai 2008

*May 08: ITEM, une interview de Martine Neddam for the online magazine, UQAM, Montreal (in French)

*April 08: by Fabricatorz and comments

*Feb 08: Mouchette... building a persona , by Improvising Systems, MFA curating, Goldsmiths, University of London.

*Nov 07: RitNit 2007/11/07/mouchette, Medialab (in spanish)

*Sept 07: Mouchette in Real Life in Poptronics (in french)

*Feb 07: by Marr

*Sept 06: Suicide Kit by Rutger Lemm in Spunk (in dutch)

*May 06: Mouchette in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

*April 06: New Media Art, book by Mark Tribe and Jana Reena, Taschen editor, Wikipedia entry based on the book

*April 06: Au delà d'un conformisme de la subversion by Paul Mathias

*Dec 05: Mouchette, by Luciana Romano in LucianaPoetica

*Dec 05: Fieldstudies: No ghost, just a shell (in german)

*Oct 05: NewMediaFix, interview with Peter Luining

*July 05: "Best of-Mouchette" by Luis Silva in Source Code

*June 05: Rape, Murder and Suicide are easier when you use a keyboard shortcut in Leonardo Journal, volume 38 (pdf), MIT Press, interview of Mouchette by Manthos Santorineos

*Feb 05: Mouchette interviewed by castTiNg (Italy)

*Nov 04: Performing Identity conference by Hanne-Louise Johannesen

*Nov 04: SAIC ArtistBooksWebArt's Archive

*Sept 04: "In search of Mouchette" by Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, in New Langton Arts

*Aug 04: "Über die Fliege, den Computer und die Identität in Zeiten des Internets" by Matthias Weiss, Shöppinger Forum der Kunstvermittlung, N.3 page 90/105

*Mar 04: Interview with Mouchette by Peter Luining published in Rhizome and Nettime

*Fev 04: Interview with Mouchette by Manthos Santorianios in Fournos Center Athens, Greece

*Jan 04: Mouchette in "Interactivity and Accountability" at

*Dec 03: "Le à travers l'interactivité directe et indirecte" par Mylène Cabana

*Dec 03: Interview with Mouchette in Gary Owens' M.A. Dissertation University of Lancashire, England

*Nov 03: "To/You/Only" a personal comment in Sally McKay's weblog

*Apr 03: Postmasters gallery event reviewed by MTAA with photos

*Apr 03:

Apr 03: "Cercasi nuova Mouchette", Random Exibart, Italy

*14 Apr 03:"Could you be the next Mouchette?" Net Art News Rhizome

*Feb 03: "Que la véritable Mouchette s'élève!" by Pierre Robert in Archee

*Dec 02: "A Critical Analysis of" posted in a newsgroup

*Dec 02: "Je vis derrière l'écran de mon ordinateur", at Digitales cyberfeminist conference, Brussels, Belgium

*Nov 02: "L'affaire Bresson contre Mouchette", Le Monde, Fr

*Nov 02: "Mouchette démultipliée sur le Net" Libération, Fr

*Sept 02: "Fiktive samtalepartnere", in FORM, issue 36, NO

*Apr 02: "Mouchette: fenomeen en fantoom", by Lucia van der Drift, in Kunstblad, NL

*Jan 02: "La communication imperceptible" par Pierre Robert in Archée

*Jan 02: Les ficelles du dispostif artistique "Mouchette" par J.P. Fourmentraux in Archée

*Jan 02 : Filmwinter: Webkunst in

*Nov 01 : Net artista a (quasi) tredici anni, Valentina Tanni, in Succoacido

*Oct 01 : "La communication imperceptible" by Pierre Robert, in Veillee planétaire d'art en réseau

*Aug 01 : New Media, New Narrative, text and interview by David Crawford

*Jul 01 : "Mouchette, it's a cyber thing" by Jenny Boulboullé in SIMULACRUM, NL

*Jul 01 : "Will the Real Mouchette please stand up" in Rhizome, Net Art News

*Jul 01 : CIAC Electronic Magazine, #13, Montreal Cananda

*Jun 01 : "Meisje van 13 (voor altijd)" DeTijd, Belgium

*May 01 :
Immaterial Girl (paper version) by Jane Harris, Artforum, USA, Immaterial girl (online version)

*May 01 : About 7 interactive songs, Kunstnett Norge, Norway

*Feb 01 :"A closer look at the digital narrative", (600k) by Lamborn,

*Sept 00: Mouchette: net artista a tredici anni ? Random, Exibart Italy

*Sept 00: "Specificities of Online Art, The case of Mouchette" in Rhizome

*Aug 00: Photo Net by Ricky Cox, in Photofile, Australia

*Jun 00: Les spécificités de l'art en ligne, by Richard Barbeau in Archée

*May 00: "Mouchette" by Annick Bureaud in ArtPress, France

*Mar 00: Tema Celeste, Italy

*Jan 00: El Pais Digtal, Lo artistas hablan

*Sept 99: Flesh&Blood archived in the Rhizome database

*Apr 99: Art in America, State of the (On-line) Art, by Robert Atkins

*May 97: The quiz around the film "Mouchette" by Bresson published in the dutch film magazine SKRIEN

*Feb 97: Publication of texts in the dutch litterature magazine: BZLLTIN