The original homepage. Like flies the links are difficult to catch.

"I commited suicide when I was 13"

What is Mouchettes fascination with this film? Perhaps because she was named after the staring young heroine.

Have you seen the movie? Click if you know the answers.

Mouchette transcends herself by engrossing the life of a tragic movie child. She has found a way to purge herself through multimedia

Participation of the viewer is paramont in this narrative, You are allowed to participate in the story.



In all of Mouchettes Internet fame, there is still a touch of sadness within her work.Look for the letters inside the French poetry.


Thank You !

Through the Internet we are able to see a European festival Mouchette participated in.

Six images from scenes throughout the film. Mouchette takes use of artwork by others. This is not uncommon within the World Wide Web.

The alternative ego? The use of these forms may be beneficial to You as well.

Mouchette takes her innovative website to another level by including works of poetry written using a computer generated language she devised. A language available in three different nationalities as well.

A detailed discription of the writing process. Due to her proficiency in at least three different languages (English, French, and Dutch), Mouchette has developed the ability to create and speak her own dialogue understandable only to those who buy the CD, an ingenious marketing strategy!

Listen to the narration.

Mouchette asking for user interactivity, this is a common occurance in her work.

Consumption and annoyance

An artists manifesto of sorts...

"little fly"...flies are known for their short lifespans. pictures of flies elsewhere will probably take you back here.


A creative use of a Java Applet. Again, Mouchette finds herself bound by her self made binary cage.

Everyone should have a home in cyberspace.

??? Symbolism or perhaps foreshadowing...???

Java powered scrolling allows the viewer to sit back and reach for a snack.

A political nuance in the background. Amsterdam is noted for its relaxed laws and the Internet represents a platform for free speach but is this angel trying to talk to us?

An apathy for annoying buttons tends to exsist in cyberspace.

Normally these images are only visible during a mouseover state. But thanks to Mark Americas "Surf, Sample, and Manipulate©" editing technique this thumbnail is viewable in its entirety. Digital manipulation was employed throughout this site by Mouchette. Various images were scanned or "ripped" from other websites. Mouchette does not see this as a problem as long as the images are royalty free or free of any copyrights.

A digital image from her far away bedroom.

Mouchette renders her plush friends for all to enjoy, but look closer; you find something that doesent belong...


This "guestbook" gives us a charming glimpse of the morbidity of exotic people from around the globe. Through the WWW Mouchette administers therapy to most first and second world nations.

"Eat nothing but candy for three months!"
A glimpse of the delicate flower.

Self expression through Javascript can be pointed.

A Flash´┐Ż movie.

An installation with permission by Mouchette showing how Cyberspace can be transformed into installation space.

"Free me from these browser walls!"

>A young girl from Amsterdam is making a name for herself within the >Internet subculture of digital artcreation. No less than a child prodigy, >Mouchette has stretched the hypertext boundaries of webdesign and >storytelling. In, one will experience the angst within the >mind of the creator and be allowed to interact with her strange mind >through the use of forms and cgi scripting. It is easy to become lost within >this realm but dont worry, Mouchette is friendly.

!?Adapt and Overcome?!


Because social norms constipated her creative genious in earlier years, Mouchette has learned to utalize every aspect of her environment.

Two layers of glass between us.

Sometimes the loneliness sets in especially strong. We reach out through the ways we know how: chatrooms, email, BBS. Sometimes these work, sometimes we are left cold like the surface of a scanner that has to warm up before it will operate.

Can you read the meat? Why do think the meat pulsates?

a closer look at the digital narrative