27 Aug 2001 Becca ~Because you're a ghost...
10 Apr 2001 Al It isn't you. You are dead. Your memory remains and recreates the scene to play again and again for other 'killers'. Who was the first to 'kill' you? Maybe your memory can tell me that.
17 Jul 2018 nikka69 rick and morty is the best fucking anime mouchette and you know this shit
27 Nov 2018 Anni from the woods Yeah created such kind of interface witch is spread ur mind no matter id u are still living or not. Ur upload ur self to ur own interface, girl. Good work lets say hy to eternity
3 Jul 2006 china because your a ghostwriter... you can contact the dead when you have something important to tell them ....
30 Nov 2002 Sariah it is a government conspiracy!!!! they make you think you are dead, but you really are not......
29 Aug 2018 cat Maybe you're a ghost?
I'm sorry for your death. I didn't know what would happen.
29 Jan 2017 Ninokz You have super power!!!
10 Jul 2016 Broogard 'Cause you're an idiot
14 Apr 2003 anna maggat being dead is the same as being alive