6 Jan 2014 Nemuverus lol
26 Jul 2006 malandrovski because u a bitch!!!!
11 Apr 2001 Pho 88 I'm sorry. I only speak Russian. ............Waiter! ...Check!
19 Jul 2006 Oedipeca Because you are the soul of a dead fly.
2 Jul 2001 anne you're a computer bb
31 Mar 2001 jeremy you possesed another fly
7 Dec 2000 Marco Good Bye Cruel World!
23 May 2017 Qpidoremix How can one die, if one lives in another heart.
Maybe you can fly, as my touch wasn't hard.
Otherwise it's probably that you're too smart.
Bit by bit you live your life.
Virtually infinite ways to survive.
I bet you escaped crawling under a knife.
4 Jul 2017 Maggot Head You are not dead until you are forgotten.
16 Aug 2000 yowzer Actually I,m but a hatefull type of ghost known as a poltryghiest. What is a poltryghiest, you say. Well we are a hateful type of ghost that are also chicken so you can't see me.