15 May 2003 Phyl Because you are sleeping. This is all a dream... But sleep is a curse and you are cursed!
17 Mar 2016 Valentina i think u can still do thing if your dead.
23 Jan 2017 Scare Maybe you are a ghost?
4 May 2018 Scout You're not dead. There is no such thing as death. You are a lie. Nothing is real. Stop crying it's gross.
23 May 2017 Darby dreary business, isn't it? You, that is.
29 Sep 2000 Spider You are not writing this at all. Your button is simply carrying out its function that you gave it while you were still alive, before I killed you. Your button served two purposes. To be a perfect suicide kit and to let the world know that you are dead.
19 Oct 2006 Jean-Marc Borot You can still write? Think too? So, death is not a big problem for you...
26 Dec 2000 JULIE I am wondering how you can write this at all considering you are a fly.
31 Jan 2002 Melba of Toast You're a vampire now. Go, child of the night, and feast upon the blood of your mortal fly kin!
21 Apr 2018 Nanami Because I love you